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'repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech),

typically with an indication that one is not

the original author or speaker...'

send me your favorite quote,

and I'll post it...

*be sure and let me know how you wish to be 'immortalized'...


"Quote" of the Day:


"First you wanna kill me, then you wanna kiss me.


Ash/Bruce Campbell

Army of Darkness/1992


"Stupidity is a talent for misconception..."

Edgar Allan Poe 


"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem,

and smarter than you think..."

A. A. Milne

Author, Journalist, Story-teller


"Focus on the journey, not the destnation..."

Greg Anderson



"The ones who say 'you can't' or 'you won't'

are probably the ones who are scared 'you will'..."



"Sometimes you forgive people simply because

you still want them in your life..."



The trouble with eating Italian food is

that five or six days later,

you’re hungry again.




"The time is fast approaching when the internet bully

(also known as a Social Media Troll)

will finally meet his/her demise.

You can only stay hidden for so long,

without someone who has been pushed to the edge

finally taking retribution and push back.


Social Media Trolls beware.

You may think you are untouchable behind

your keyboard sitting in your little appartment

laughing at your inappropriate remarks.

But your not..."

Leslie Simmons



"The greatest gift you can give another

person doesn't cost a penny,

it's called friendship..." 



"See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.

Have no fun..." 


10.21.2015/late entry

*today is known 'around the world' as

Back to the Future Day...


Where we're going we don't need roads..."

Doc Brown/Christopher Lloyd

Back to the Future/1985



don't procrastinate.

Don't leave your dreams for later.

Relish your energy, your passions.

Don't waste your spare time reading about

other people's achievements,

make your own mark so others may read yours.

Do something with your life,

don't let others dictate what they want you to do.

It's your life, live it..." 


'Facebook entry'

upon learning his wife had been having a 10yr affair...


"Playing 'Twister' on a 1st date will help you

determine a few things;

how limber she is,

her willingness to play a touchy-feely game,

and if you try to cheat (you know you'll try),

whether or not she is color blind and/or

knows her right from left..."



"I'd rather have a root canal..."

Al Michaels

Sports commentator 

*made the comment after viewing a replay showing a broken little finger

on an NFL player...


*a friends response during a text conversation we were having earlier this week:

"Ah, should make for a fun time.

Better than me getting hit-on outside of Waffle House

the other night..."


Baton Rogue, Lousiana 

*in all my days,

i have never/ever had a conversation with anyone

where a 'Waffle House' was mentioned.

too funny... 


"LSD makes you lose weight.

No shit Sherlock!

It's kind of hard to get to the fridge,

when there's a fucking dragon guarding it..."



"Real knowledge is to know the extent

of one's ignorance..."




The difference between a good life or a great life

can be the outcome of just one day.

One damn day..."



"After Tuesday,

even the calender goes W T F...! 



"It has been said that something as small as the flutter

of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon

halfway around the world..." 

Chaos Theory


*Movie: St. Vincent/2014;

"Everything has a price.

You're an adult, you should know that..."

Bill Murray



"If you knew you had a limited amount of time to live;

where would you want to go?

what would you need to do?

and more importantly;

who would you desire to spend those last

precious moments with?

live every day as if it could be your last.

as one day it will be..." 

the 'g. a. kiss' journal


*lyrics from the Disneyland ride, 'It's a Small World':

"it's a world of laughter and a world of tears,

its a world of hopes and a world of fears.

there's so much that we share

that is time we're aware,

its a small world after all..."

the Sherman Brothers


*we're spending the weekend at Disneyland/California Adventure...

"All our dreams can come true,

if we have the courage to pursue them..."

Walt Disney

American Entreprenuer  


*from the movie, Citizen Kane/1941:


Charles Foster Kane

'Orsen Wells'

**i'm sure a 'few of you' have never seen this movie,

so i won't spoil the 'meaning' of this quote...


*in honor of October being

Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

"Giving up is not an option..."



"Be fearless in the pursuit of your passion

and your dreams..."



"Care about what other people think,

and you will always be their prisoner..." 

Lao Tzu

Ancient Chinese Philosopher 


*was listening to ESPN Radio on the way home from the game;

"The UCLA Bruins were out-scored, out-played,

and out-coached today..."

ESPN Radio 

*thank-u espn for your stunning & insightful analogy.


*i rate this flick 10/10 stars;

"Love is a wish you hide in your heart,

that no one else knows..." 



"You never really know what someone means to you

until they are no longer around..."



All 'quotes' and/or conversations by myself and/or friends, family, strangers, enemies, acquaintances are protected by the copyright. 

*original quotes protected by original author/copyrights...

Copyright © 2015 G. A. KISS

All rights reserved.