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thought I'd share a few of my favorite 
 music videos from my 'you tube' account...   

 *unless otherwise noted, 
 I do not claim ownership of any of the following videos, 
and borrowed them from my personal 
'YouTube'TM account; 

now playing on Kiss Vidz 2017...                      

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"Gravity" by John Mayer/2007
home-made video...

'KISS VIDZ' tid bits of INFO

and is featured on three of his releases: 
the 2005 live albumTry! by the John Mayer Trio
and his 2008 live album; 

In 2007, 
the song was released as the third single from Continuum...

Music Video

home-made video...


G.A. KISS info:

not a big fan of John Mayer, 
but i do like a few of his songs... 


previously played:

02 Jan - 14 Jan
 "I Want Your Sex"  
George Michael/1987

15 Jan - 21 Jan
John Mayer/2007


Kiss Vidz 2017...                                               
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