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LAST UPDATED: 26 Oct 2013/1am

18 Oct 2013/11pm

today is my grandfather kiss' 112th birthday.

and as much as my 'pops' was

hated, loved, feared, and even admired,

I can guarantee you that I am 'most likely' the only one

who remembered that

'Albert John Kiss' was born on 18 Oct 1901

in new york city, new york.

and with that piece of knowledge now known by you,

I would now like to share some thoughts on this.

why is it a man/woman can have such an impact

on so many people and/or situations

during his/her lifetime,

but then when they have died,

it's almost as if they had never existed

in the first place.

*I'm not talking about the famous/in-famous

or well known individuals.

I'm just taking about all the rest of us,

the normal non-essential people who live day by day,

paycheck to paycheck.

all of us live a 'life' that hopefully we can be proud of.

do we all enjoy it to best of our ability?, doubtful.

do we make bad decisions?, absolutely.

but 'life' is meant to be lived.

'life' is a strange animal;

'it' can't be trained, or told what to do.

you can only let 'it' lead you where you direct 'it' to go.

'it' makes mistakes daily, some 'it' learns from,

others 'it' doesn't.

you can feed 'life' many things,

but love is what 'it' endlessly craves

and desperately desires to survive.

'life' can indeed exist without love,

but once 'it' tastes the sweet nectar

of this particular emotion,

'life' changes... forever.

how 'it' changes depends on the outcome;

the rollercoaster-love-machine can

either make/or break 'life'.

'life' only has one enemy,


'death' will end 'life',

and 'life' never knows

when or where 'death' will occur.

but eventually, 'death' happens,

'it' is evitable.

what happens after 'death' is anybody's guess.

depending on what you've been taught to believe,

there is either 'total enlightenment',

'massive suffering',

or absolutely nothing.

*I won't mention the possibility of coming back again.

ok then. now that I have your attention.

(that was pretty thick wasn't it?)

so the past 37days have been crazy for me.

(since my last update)

*which is an understatement.

I have recently made some 'live changing' decisions

that will have an effect on not just me,

but others in my 'family circle' forever.

sometimes you have to think of what would be

the best for 'everyone involved',

and not just for yourself.

so be it.

in other news:

since the beginning of this year,

I have had 'almost' every person I knew

while growing-up turn 50yrs old.

*school-mates, ex-girlfriends, etc.

actually. it's kinda crazy.

the 'half-century' celebrations began back on 13 Jan,

and will continue til 24 Dec.

(my 'current' relationships w/people)

some of these people I haven't heard from in nearly 30yrs, but w/my 'social media' presence,

I've reconnected w/quite a few.

which leads me to my next subject of discussion;

is it a 'requirement' to try and grasp the whims of a friendship that barely existed at all so many years ago

just because 'someone' from your past has re-entered

your life thru one of the many portals we have

currently created for ourselves?

I'm not trying to sound like an ass,

but just because we knew each other for 5minutes

doesn't necessarily mean we should try

and 'get together again'.

chances are,

if it didn't happen 'back then',

it's most likely not going to happen now.

anyway. that's how I feel.

besides. we've all changed dramatically during the years, and sometimes 'feelings can get hurt' by the smallest

of unintended 'word-choices' because we simply

don't know how the other will react to such.

*I really am not a huge fan of texting to

replace normal conversations.

somehow. somebody's feelings are always going

to be trampled upon.


as far as everything else is concerned;

everybody's fine.

Cat Dog SPA is not exactly measuring-up

to our expectations thus far as I/we had hoped it would.

but, there is still a chance everything will eventually

come together as I had planned when I was working with my previous business associates.

(you remember them, the thieves!)

anyway. the 'old men' are going to ensure that construction doesn't fall behind our 'completion timetable' again.

I am once again perplexed as to what to do

with this web site.

as I've stated many, many moons ago;

when I first fired these pages-up 3 1/2yrs ago

I was just exploring the realms of having my own web site. mostly using it as an extension of myself,

to tell my past stories and then to use a daily-log.

but the times have changed dramatically for me

since those days.

my only basic responsibilities back then

were my cats & dogs,

and really not much else.

now. I have a little more on my plate to deal with.

I've read many emails from some of you requesting I

start back with my dailies again,

I'm sorry but that just isn't an option any longer.

even updating 'today in history' is proving to be

a pain-in-the-ass lately.

*not that it's difficult to paste info from one page to another,

it's just not feasible for me to continue with such trivial updates.

anyway. I just thought I would respond to some

of your questions of late.

I am indeed still planning on 'activating'

my 'mr kiss' page with videos,

but I'm currently deciding as to what

my 'subject matter' will be.

*I have made a few videos all ready,

but nothing worth posting.

ok then. I won't have time to 'update' til after monday,

so I'll be back then...

26 Oct 2013/1am

ok then.

it's been a week now since 'my last update'

(see above)

that apparently caused some controversy

with 'a few of you'.

well. I'm not going to apologize for what I wrote,

but I will admit that (for the most part),

I was just speaking as a 'matter-of-factly' more so than actually referring to anyone in particular.

I did receive 'more than a few' voice-mails, emails, texts,

and even a handwritten letter (that I just got today)

from a few of you that took a 'particular interest'

to my words.

*Get over it already!!!

Seriously. I am very content with my life right now,

which includes having all of you as friends.


I currently 'still' have a girlfriend

(unless l.g. is not telling me something).

and will never again succumb to the life I was subjected

to during my second marriage.

*yelling is no longer accepted as a form as communication.

so. are we all ok now?


in other news;

the house is 'almost' ready for

my 'halloweenie' party tomorrow.

grandma palacios and others

will be here in the morning to 'help-out' with 'food-prep',

and Ash & Elli will be home by noon to

'silly string the shit' out of this place so we

have cobwebs everywhere.

which brings me to my next bit of info;

for only the second time in a year,

'Daddy-Date-Night' was cancelled because of the girls having 'friday-night dates'.

*and then spending the night at a gf's house.

so not wanting to go do the l.g. thing w/her kids,

I decided to solo-it this evening.

*Jessica wanted to stay-in tonight.

so. I did the beer/bar food thing,

and then 'totally enjoyed' the movie "Bad Grandpa".


Johnny Knoxville killed-it as the 'old man'.

I know a few of you 'tight-asses' don't enjoy such ridiculously immature humor;

so I suggest you wait to rent the dvd,

or watch it when it hits cable-tv in 6mo.

*OR you could 'but-plug-yourself',

and go see the damn thing now.

it was ferociously awesome, seriously.

ok then. I did watch something earlier in the day that

was rather heartbreaking;

a documentary called "Blackfish/2013"

that I'd dvr'd thursday night off of cnn.

the docu has to do with 'killer whales'

(one named Tilikum is the primary subject)

and SeaWorld's apparent problems

dealing with the beasts.

I realize there are 'always' two-sides to 'every story',

but the director makes a compelling case against having these 'huge mammals' being kept in captivity.

*and even though SeaWorld did indeed release a few articles today regarding the documentary,

they refused (according to the docu itself)

to be interviewed during the making of this film.

ok. I just looked on my 'cable guide',

the next showing is this sunday at 6pm pst.

watch this show.

alrighty. it's almost 1am,

and I need to get to bed very soon.

I'll check-in again in a few days or so

and let you know 'whats-what'.

goodnight/good morning...

to be continued...