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my thoughts.10:

(26 July 2011 - 31 August 2011)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart.

special supplemental update...

9 September 2011

good morning everyone.

yes, it's been awhile (6 1/2 weeks) since my last update here in this forum. I would like to mention though that my twitter followers have almost doubled in the last 2 months because of alot of you now following my daily rants on that social media stage.

so to get this party stated,

I will briefly touch on my past 'doings' and maybe share a thought/feeling with you along the way:

alrighty then; when I last updated my daughter and her grandparents had accompanied me to washington dc,

as I had a couple security seminars/functions to attend

and to also give a presentation to a selected

group of individuals. after my 'work' was completed, we all visited the monuments again, tours of the smithsonian and my kid and I even broke away from the elders and stayed at a bed &breakfast near annopolis, maryland. while there, my kid saw these commercials for the atlantis resort in the bahamas and stated she would like to go there someday. so... I decided 'someday was today'; so we went

(had to take her grandparents),

I had never been, even though my ex-wife and

I had always wanted to go.

and even though our stay was cut short a couple days by hurricane emily's impending arrival, we all still had an incredible and fantastic time. snorkling, swimming w/the dolphins, the waterslide tunnel thru the shark lagoon and just the overall beauty of paradise island.

now, let me do say that the weather was not that

tourist-friendly the entire time we were there. it would be sunny/clear one moment, and then cloudy/windy and raining the next. that was some crazy shit.

one thing that really did make me reconsider ever going back was the customer service, or the lack of.

the atlantis resort is beautiful inside and out and has many amenities to offer to their visiters; but pretty much the entire staff was rude, inconsiderate and just acted like they didn't really give a crap about anything.

so after finially realizing that complaining was a losing option, we just decided to do our own thing and have fun anyway; if they can be asses, so could we.

actually, we weren't rude or anything, but we just didn't put up with the attitude anymore; and the tips were drastically cut after the 2nd day.

I think I got thru to some of them after not throwing 5 dollar bills at them for a job not well done.

some, including our personal maid/purser and travel services changed their attitude immediately when it was discovered that I wasn't going to just be a tourist doormat and just adjust to the lazy way they do things.

if I ever do go back with that 'someone special', I will most likely stay in the surrounding area at a much smaller resort or even a private residency.

sorry, I'll stop being a man-bitch; I just despise customer service jobs who don't perform...

after we decided to depart the area early because of the impending storm, the old folks flew directly back to california, and Ash and I (along w/a travel companion I have intentionally left out of this discussion) stopped over in granby, co for a few days to meet the family of my travel companion who no longer matters.

(you lie to me and your gone... forever)

so after this waste of a stop-over, Ash and I finially made it back home on wednesday, 10 august.

I love traveling, and seeing/doing new things;

but I enjoy being back home also.

the following day, I took Ash to her future high school for her to begin tryouts for cheer-squad (spirit team) which really isn't a cheer-leader, but more like the pep squad.

as long as she enjoys it, I'm happy.

with her gone for a couple hours a day gave me a chance to get the house in order and still unpack and get

some more rooms organized.

even though I bought this house fully furnished,

there are still some changes and some personal effects I want to include into my household.

most of my furniture from my vegas house was left there, but I did bring quite a few pieces down here,

and have not completed my move-in.

there are still boxes and such in my garage that needs attention, but as you can tell...I'm not in that big of a hurry. I had to take Ash to her school a week later to finish up her registration and encountered a couple issues we had to work out with immigration/shots/parental custody before she could actually begin school.

so even though her school year was to begin on 23 August, she didn't go to her 1st day until 6 September.

all issues were resolved, thank goodness her grandparents were still here to assist me with these matters.

they are actually going to stay here until the end of the holidays and head back to australia mid-january 2012.

my daughters mother is partly to blame for the issues with the school district, but I will not proceed to publically bash her in this type of forum for all to read.

she knows what she did was wrong.

so being home has the normal chores and daily activities to upkeep the house. we all have things that need to be done to keep everything running smoothly.

I alone have the responsibility of cleaning-up the cat/dog/horse shit.

not that I enjoy picking-up fecal matter from other living creatures, I just don't feel it nessasary to have others cleaning-up after my animals.

when I was young I was the one who scooped the cat/dog shit. and living with my dad and step-monster, I also had the joys of shoveling 'her' horses shit into the wheelbarrow twice a day, plus the pig pen, the chicken coop and when we had jobie the calf, his also.

not that I'm complaing (ya, I am) but none of these animals were mine, yet it was my responsibility to clean the crap, water them, feed them and so forth.

so when I got my animals,

I felt it my duty as their owner to care for them.

my ex-wife/step-daughter never lifted a hand

(not that they never offered) in caring for our pets.

and when we parted, that is the partial reason I kept them all; even dude the cat that she had a few years before me. and now that I have my daughter in my life,

I remember what is was like doing menial tasks as a teenager and thinking 'what the fuck'?

and even though part of the deal in buying the horses was that Ash keeps the stalls clean, I decided that she would not have to do it after the first day. she will have other duties to keep her busy; her room clean/straightened-up, her personal laundry, 'her grades and school activities,

and light housework always.

my daughter is a wonderful young human being,

and if her and I are ever lucky enough to find a woman to share our lives with,

Ash will be the most loving step-daughter to my wife.

ok then, I'm thru bragging of my kid.

I actually do have something to share with you all that happened while I was neglecting my web-site here.

but first, I just can't believe how many visits/page views this web-site has accumulated since I first

published 10 may 2010; I currently have over 950,000 visits and 2,677,000 page views.

I have said thank-you before to my visitors,

not sure what I'm thanking you all for though;

maybe if I made a penny for every page view ($26,770+)

but seriously, I have made some very good friends and also maybe more, let me explain:

Ash and I decided to take a quik-trip to vegas on the 18th before she officially starts school, and to check our house and also check-in on my former mother-in-law.

while there, we did a bbq/pool party at the house with my old neighboors, visited/walked the strip at night, and just relaxed in the nevada heat.

so while in vegas, I receive an email on this web-site from one of my readers saying she would like to meet me.

usually, I'm very skeptical but did call her up.

we talked for awhile, and she actually flew out to see

me the following day.

with my daughter at my neighboors house,

I had a couple hours to meet/greet this young lady once she arrived in vegas.

I thouroghly enjoyed her company as we had lunch and just 'visited'. we never really discussed her 'home' life nor did I really want to pry.

so after a couple of hours we said our goodbyes

(at the airport) and she departed vegas back home

(or so I thought).

the following day, the 25th August, Ash and I drove back home to california. and once I arrived and 'tweeted' my arrival, I received a call on my cell from this woman I had just met the day before in vegas, that she was here in california only a couple of miles from my home.

my first thought on this was quite honestly,

I have a creepy-ass stalker in my life.

after the shock of this call,

I told this woman I would call her back later

that night to talk.

I did not call her back that night,

I turned my cell off and enjoyed my night with my family. the next morning I turned my phone back on to notifications of 7 messages, I was worried.

only 1 voice-mail was from her (j.t.), thank god.

so after calling her back, talking to her for nearly 2 hours,

I decided to meet with her again in her hotel coffee shop.

we spent nearly 4 hours talking and her telling me everything about herself.

it's not my place to share with you what this woman told me, but I did do some 'poking around' to check to see if what she told me was accurate.

everything, 'everything' checked out completely.

now, as far as her falling for me thru the pages of my site was a little bit much for me to grasp. she stayed out here thru labor day, and then went back home this past tuesday.

but currently we are getting to know one another,

thru phone calls, emails and such.

her private affairs are what she is dealing with,

and if it is meant to be that she is out here and our friendship continues, so be it.

now knowing she will be reading this along with you all,

I just want to say that there are alot of unhappy people with there current life situation,

but sometimes just leaving is not the answer.

but 'sometimes' it could be.

example: I had developed a phone friendship with a 30-something young lady thru social media that expanded to calls almost daily just to visit and share our thoughts with.

this had been going on for nearly 6 months,

and the both of us shared nearly everything private about ourselves. in fact; the reason we started talking on the phone to begin with was because of exactly the same situation j.t. is currently experiencing.

I never once made any judgement remarks regarding this womans predicament, all I ever did was listen and give her support throughout.

but as I started to explain to this woman about the situation with j.t., this woman (who I have constantly been there for) just threw me to the wolves and said she

couldn't 'support me' and didn't want to hear my thoughts on this matter I was experiencing.

well, I haven't had a fair-weathered-friend since my reno days (20 years ago), and I'm not going to have one now. regardless of what becomes of j.t. and I,

I will never talk to this other woman again.

I am so tired of the me, me, me attitude these days. 

which leads me into my next topic of discussion;

why are so many people so self-centered and trying to be something their not these days?

and these damn reality shows are not helping matters any with peoples over-inflated egos. I admit my last couple of months I lived in vegas I semi-enjoyed watching the kardashians and their obnoxious antics. but now that I'm living in the LA area, I am so damn sick of hearing about this family, I really believe that kris jenner is the devil.

(talk about over-exaggerated egos!!!)

and that farce with the 'kim' wedding was beyond stupidity. I predict she'll be divorced within 24 months,

and you know what, who cares!

it's people like the over-rated, no-talent, money hungry kardashians that are ruining are youth, and making the slogans 'greed is good' and 'ignorance is bliss' infecting

our young.

I hate self-absorbed, ego-inflated people who don't do anything in their lives except bitch, complain, make asses out of their selves and make a living at it.

could you imagine anyone of these little princesses having to get a real job?, put up with real boss assholes,

and working 60 hours a week? they all would die.

now that I am a 'real' father with real adult responsibilities, I have to take into consideration what my young daughter is exposed to: be it women I am friends with or date,

the television programs she watches, the reality of getting a education to better herself, and the hard truth that not everyone can act life a asshole on tv and get paid. 

wow; I just re-read this mess, it seems as if all I have done is bitch and complain myself... sorry about that.

that 'thing' with j.t. and the lack of support from my previous friend is really bothering me still,

and considering the fact that I no longer have anyone to 'let-out' on, your the lucky ones.

ok then, back to format.

I will not be able to answer all your past emails,

but will try to read most of them (6000+).

I thought maybe my personal assistant would be able to assist me, but since my dc meetings she has been totally consummed with my next business venture.

so, unless I hire a '4th employee' to my current company that has yet made dollar one, I'm on my own.

well, I actually have alot more to share/say,

but since I want to get this published for you guys to read, my rants will have to wait.

I promise to find the time to update at least a couple times a week. the daily updates may be gone forever,

I just can't find the time.

we'll 'talk' soon...

*to be continued on my thoughts.11...