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my thoughts.11:

(11 Sept 2011 - 30 Sept 2011)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

11 Sept 2011

*please make sure you read my thoughts.10...

good morning.

it's currently 5:15am and everyone is up to watch tv and observe our nations rememberance.

the dogs are all excited right now, as usually when I'm up this early it means roadtrip with the rv.

so I decided to take them for a early morning walk, which is always an adventure in the early morning hours as they bark, talk and just make all the noise they can muster. hopefully my newish neighbors won't castrate me.

it's rather chilly out, 56' and hazy or maybe it's fog;

I don't know the difference yet.

ok, coffee is ready and we all are going to begin our own personal tribute by watching the tv...


we all watched the dedication of the wtc site memorial/museum, listened to the speeches, and the personal tributes during the roll-call of names.

very touching.

it's now just past noon, and I had to take a 90min nap to get rid of my headache. we all are going out for lunch to p.f. changs (lettuce wraps anyone?) and then if it clears up by early this afternoon, take the horses out for a ride.

I'll let you know what's-up a little later.


getting ready for company tonite, the palacios clan is coming over for dinner tonite and to watch the

cowboys/jets game.

I have absolutely no idea how many of the

crazy west covinains will be showing-up.

I will plan on 25.

the thing with this family, they bring everything; burgers, hotdogs, side-dishes, guacamole, chips, beer, tequila.

and then when they're here, I don't even have to cook, clean-up afterwards or what-ever.

these people are the best dinner guests ever.

not that my house is ever dirty or such,

but whenever grandma p. and her daughters leave my house, it always seems cleaner.

also, somebody somehow ends up in the pool fully clothed. so the horse ride thing isn't going to happen today, and even though the p's bring more food than we'll eat and then leave the leftovers here; I still need to make a grocery store run. hope you all are having a fantastic sunday.


omg; what a fantastic football game.

I was cheering for the nyjets because of the entire 9/11 rememberance. and the 31 palacios party was cowboy rooters; made for an excelent gathering.

had a wonderful time tonite, until my huge husky a.j. ran out the front gate and I had to go after him;

it's all good though, he always gets in the car...

just finished watching the entourage series finale.

I loved that show.

perrey reeves (mrs ari) is the sexiest woman in the universe. ok; let me publish this thing tonite before it gets too late;

good nite all, have a safe week ahead...

13 Sep 2011

hi, hopefully everyone had a better day than I.

this morning after my daily chores were done,

jackie (Ash' auzzie grandpa) and I decided to take the 2 four hoofed beasts out for a walk/jog to give them some over due exercise. so while on this bit of an adventure, we were riding past an elementry school when the recess bell rang and about a zillion screamin kids came out from every door of the buildings. that was enough to get jack & jill (their 'new' names) abit startled, but when about a dozen kids came running towards the fence which we were riding next to, my beast jack reared back twice and I flipped backwards on the second one rolling of my ride and hitting the grassy area hard separating my left shoulder again.

(the 1st time was feb '99 when my malamute knocked my off my feet while I was walking downstairs).

I had forgotten how much the pain was, fucking hurtz! anyway, not knowing exactly how bad I was hurt, we rode home and then jackie drove me to the hospital where this young doogie howser doctor rolled my arm back into it's socket, wrapped my arm and now am currently in a sling until at least sunday/monday. won't know about any damage to my rotor-cuff for a couple weeks, hopefully there won't be.

ok, so I never claimed to be a cowboy,

or even a horse man of any sorts.

I'll tell ya, when Ash got home from school she came running up stairs here to my bedroom and woke me up to

ask me if I was ok...

what a sweet kid I have, but I 'was' sleeping.

thank goodness her grandparents are still here.

I'm not sure what I would have done/do about everything if they weren't here to help.

so I'm on this pain killer but it's not even touching the throbbing ache I'm currently experiencing;

so I am currently drinking a bottle of 2007 castle rock cabernet sauvignon at this very moment.

I also took a tylenol pm and am starting to feel the effect of my wine/pill cocktail, so I will be ending this abruptly.

ok, I just re-read this mini-update and corrected quite a few mis-types, I'm going to sleep now as it's just past 10p and my eyes are starting to tear up.

so good-nite everyone. talk soon...

15/16 Sep 2011

hi and good evening...

I really appreciate 'all' the 'get well soon' emails from you guys; and yes I did feel like an idiot falling off my horse,

but felt even worse when I hit the damn ground.

my shoulder feels better, but has an ache that is deep inside. I stopped taking the pain meds that I was perscribed, was making me dopey and groggy, so I switched to advil.

the palacios' came over today and we all went out for dinner at the olive garden. grandpa p, grandma p, and a nephew are staying thru the weekend to help out around here while I'm laid up, and also grandpa p will be driving the rv to the rose bowl for the ucla/texas game on saturday.

I just love that old man.

actually, the entire family is just beyond wonderful.

ok, listen I'm going back to bed; I just wanted to give ya a quickie and say thanks for all the get well wishes.

will update in the morning when I wake up... nite

17 Sep 2011

good evening my friends.

well I've had a fun and exciting couple of days,

and this damn arm in a sling is really hampering

my life right now. I can't even type this up normally,

I'm sitting here pecking each key tab one by one.

and trying to even do my daily chores the last couple of days, has been met with strong resistance from the force.

*the force being my daughter, her grandparents, the palacios', my dogs, cats, etc, etc, etc...

so the ucla 'game' was anything but;

it's a shame that we are always going to be second fiddle in the LA area when it comes to football (to that 'other' team); but what really pisses me off is the choice of individuals we have made our head coaches with the last two hirings:

karl dorrell should have been the last coach we hired for the next 20 years, but his recruitment suffered with the constant stealing of recruits by the carrol team.

also, even though coach dorrell was a fantastic leader/coach and a wonderful human being (I met him twice),

he had absolutely no 'balls' when it came

to game-time decisions.

if he would had taken a chance at least 3-4 dozen times with 'our' team, he most likely would have still been the bruin coach to this day.

and this current former-bruin player we have at the helm is nothing less than a cancerous tumor on the ass of joe-bruin. watching coach 'bad-attitude' screaming at the players today, grabbing their helmets and just being a total asshole was enough to make me want to go down to the sidelines and scream and punch him. believe me, no-one. NO-ONE in the entire area of the gold section where I was sitting likes this arrogant schmuck. actually, we all agreed this will most likely be his last year, thank goodness.

hopefully our esteemed board of directors will spend a little more money and get a proven winner this time.

ok, enuff of my belly aching of ucla football.

my shoulder feels pretty good right now compaired to the massive pounding going on inside my head. I am currently drinking a remedy drink from grandma palacios which tastes 'not bad' and eating some chips, salsa and guacamole.

the palacios group came over thursday and will be staying thru wednesday to help out with the back area fence line that we are replacing/erecting.

plus, they wanted to make sure I was ok.

ya, I'm just a dumbshit that doesn't ride a horse very well. but give me credit, I got back on the beast,

hurt shoulder and all.

so anyway, it's nice to be reading your emails again;

I realize that some of you had sent me quite a few lines during my 6wk hiatus, I will try to read as many as I can to catch up, but it will take some time.

I have a list of birthdays/anniversaries/engagements to post; will try to catch up on that in the next couple of days.

I'm still trying to finish up with my famous quotes.2,

I'm thinking of just posting what I have done so far;

I have a few individuals especially interested

in this part of my site.

apparently, 'my stalker/friend' is coming back to the LA area in a couple weeks and I am almost ashamed to say that I am really looking forward to seeing her again.

sometimes I miss the younger 'me' days of just dating and having so many friends to hang with.

not that I don't have friends, (I consider everyone of you who read this mess my friend, even if I have never heard from you or met you), it's just that having someone who really knows me, all my 'everythings' has been missing for quite some time. thanks to my former spouse, I had to let go of almost all my friendships after we were married, and then only had work-friends around. and now, well thank god for the palacios family for their friendship, and of course my daughters grandparents. which leads me to my bestest friend ever, my daughter Ashley.

but my concern with having my young daughter as my 'buddy' may cause me to reley on her for things that

I should never ever consider.

I need to have a great relationship with her,

I want her to have the kind of relationship with me

that I never had with my parents.

you know those people who go back to visit their folks and just walk in the house, have a bedroom that is always theirs and never feel uncomfortable with their family?!

that's what I want for my daughter,

that is what she will forever have with me.

and if it is just me in this house for her, so be it.

maybe someone will come along and make my heart feel special again, not sure if I have unwillingly just cut-off all feelings or not since my discovery of my child.

sometimes I feel as if I am putting way too much pressure on this little girl, so I just try to relax and take

everything in as it comes.

well now, I just read all the above, and it just seems like mindless dribble and bounced from here to there.

but, true to my word, I am not going to edit

(minus the misspellings) and let you the reader try to understand what is going on in my mind/heart.

I'm not sure I even know right now.

sorry, for being so deep... have a great sunday everyone. 

19 Sept 2011

just wanted to touch base with you all to let you know I was thinking about you guys.

to begin with; I realized the date today but wasn't

going to mention it,

but some of you emailed me to remind me of the

history of this day: yes, I was married 12 years ago today. which is all well and good, I gave almost 9 years of my life to that woman, no regrets.

it also was a year ago today that I met my 'new' family;

the palacios clan unexpectedly came into my life via ucla tickets and a grandson looking for a deal

(see my thoughts.1 page for details).

my life has not been the same since, I love those people.

and I know they couldn't love me and my daughter any more than if we were ourselves born palacios.

I couldn't imagine any other name than 'kiss' though,

and Ash really enjoys the name also. she says it's the 'coolest' last name ever, yep... that's my blood in her talking.

so anyway; my day started out at the dr's office,

besides a slightly elevated temp, and my weight being less than I want it to be from the lack of working-out,

I checked-out pretty good.

the good doc said I no longer had to wear the sling/wrap on my left arm and she believes that my rotator cuff was not damaged due to this injury.

after leaving the dr's office, me and the herd (9 people) visited the dollar store and then had lunch at the olive garden/northridge galleria in chatsworth.

lunch: grilled chicken florentine panini, a bowl of salad,

3 bread sticks, 4 glasses of iced-tea. (ya, I was hungry)

oh, let me tell ya; went to pick my kid up after school in a 2 seater, and she had some friends with her to give a ride home to. needless to say, that didn't happen.

I informed my child to call me next time when I am suppose to give 'rides home', so she doesn't embarrass me,

and make herself look like a stooge.

so let me tell ya, tonite while watching mnf and

eating snacks one of my neighbors came over and invited 'the house' over for bbq and to watch the season premier of dancing with the stars.

ok, I had some problems with this;

1. who buzzed the gate to let this guy in?

2. I had yet met this guy, who are you again?

3. it's monday nite: FOOTBALL!

4. dancing with the stars??? fuck me!!!

alright, I admit I've watched 'maybe'-'maybe'

120 total minutes of dwts since it was birthed,

but am not a fan, nor would I ever plan a night

around such a thing. (just my opinion)

but seeing how, this neighbor who doesn't actually live on my road took the time to come over, and did invite not just me but everyone in my house (12), so we went.

had an excellent time, great food and fun company.

it's a damn shame the show came on and ruined

the entire nite. we stayed for about an hour into the show, and then we came back home. I was going to pretend that I had a headache, but by that time I really did.

well, that was my day in a nutshell. pretty boring eh?

I am looking forward to watching the dvr tomorrow:

2 1/2 men, the sheen roast, and the playboy club.

speaking of which; did any of you ever have one of those playboy keys back in the 80's? I did.

mine was silver,

got it with my playboy subscription in 1984.

I never used it, but I had one.

alrighty then, it's nearly 11p and only me, grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather are the only ones up.

grandpa jack is constantly on my facebook account

playing all the games.

he loves playing the poker games, loves it.

and pops palacios is out back walking the property with a flashlite, shotgun in hand.

we've been having problems with some critters lately coming down the hills and causing the horses and dogs to act up in the middle of the night. and I can't put traps down as I don't want to have one of my dogs get caught nor do I really want to be cruel to a defensive critter just looking for food. ok, I'm tired now...good nite all.

23 Sept 2011

hello; and good morning.

it's 4:15 am and I've been up the past couple of hours

with my daughter,

she has some stomach virus thing that apparently is making it's rounds this time of year.

so here I sit drinking my coffee and typing away on this laptop and listening to my daughter breath.

and to think, a year ago my only concern/responsibilities of another living creature were my pets.

and now I have this beautiful little girl that I am responsible for, I just love her so much.

and with her being sick, I just feel terrible that she isn't herself right now. ya I know I'm just going on and on about her sometimes, but take a moment and put yourself in my shoes; if you had just recently discovered that you had a child that had been brought up believing that you were either dead or didn't want anything to do with them because the mother didn't ever want you to know you had fathered her child;

you would be 'very emotional' at times also.

so you guys are going to have to allow me moments of being a new dad every once in a while.

this entry may be just a ramble by the time I finish, so I will appologize now. ok, my shoulder is feeling a thousand times better, I start re-hab on monday; a physical therapist will be coming by in the morning to give me a strength test and inform me of my work-out plan. I can't wait to start working out again on a daily/weekly basis. actually was happy about shoveling animal shit yesterday morning, that sounds pretty strange doesn't it!? I guess you shouldn't say 'happy' and 'animal shit' in the same statement.

strange thoughts creep into one's mind when one has been up since 2am and only got about 3 hours sleep.

the kid and the pets are sound asleep though as I sit here in the studio adjacent to Ash' bedroom.

I will say this about my pets though, they are loyal; all 7 are here in Ash' room, the floor, the bed, the bath tub. ya, siberians like cool areas to lay down on; tile floors, bath tubs, garage floors, patio areas...etc. even the cats are around in here somewhere, I have such good critters; I think they always know when their family is sick, hurt, or just upset at something and I think that they try to make us feel better no matter what ails us.

on a personal note; 'my friend' is back in town and is looking for a place to live and a job.

not really sure what to think of her,

(I know she reads this site, so I will try to remain indifferent) everything she has told me about 'everything' is the truth, but I am still cautious about just throwing my heart into this whole situation thing. I am so ready to have a meaningful realationship again with someone, but must not jump into something 'dick first'... (pun intended).

maybe having sex with her semi-immediately was not the proper thing to do, (I'm not kissing and telling M.) but the attraction was so strong, the situation was stimulating, and I'm not going to lie; I really, really wanted to have sex.

it had been so long since my last encounter,

I had almost forgotten what went where and why... not!!!

ok enough smut talk, this is a pg web-site.

anyway, it's semi-foggy/hazy/smoggy outside right now,

at first I thought it was misting rain as it's still dark outside, but it's just normal early morning weather

here in the hills area.

I think I mentioned before that we are having a little bit of a problem with critters coming down from the

cheeseboro/palo comado canyons area, which is basically right across the street. we had a slight situation/incident yesterday morning when the dogs when outside and there was what I thought was a huge cat near the barn/loft area, apparently it was a california lynx or bobcat snooping around. well, needless to say, all the siberians took off immediately barking/howling and so forth. even beverly with her long ears flapping near the ground took chase. I was so sure that the entire pack was going to jump the fence chasing this animal, but they stopped at the property line and just continued to make noise as that 'cat' scurried away. hopefully with the dogs startling it, the creature won't be back.

my kid just woke up and asked me for some fresh/cold gatoraide, so I will get this mess (I warned you) published. talk to you later.


well farts-breath; I forgot to publish my writs from this morning, so I will do a quickie add-on and get this out to you guys. my day was pretty norm, but I'll bore you non-the-less. Ash is still in bed, but did get up this afternoon and sit outside while the sun was overhead. I have only been in the presence of a couple people while they are 'getting' sick; a good buddy in the marines, my former wife, and now my little girl. I still don't know what to say or do while someone is shoving their head into the comode to empty an upset stomach; so I just sat behind her lightly rubbing her back as she did her thing, telling her everything would be alright.

is crying normal during this act?, never experienced that before, but she was a crying, poor little girl.

so after I left you this morning, I did my chores, showered, shaved, got groceries, made a pet co run (always) and did absolutely not much the rest of the day. I still have to unpack quite a few boxes in the garage, but I guess the importance of that task is not on my 'do-list'. this weekend is looking as if it will be a lazy one also; my assitant will be driving down from vegas on sunday with her husband as we have a business meet/greet to do on tuesday, and that is really all I have on my agenda. bruins are in oregon this weekend, and I'm betting that the palacios godfather will be here tomorrow to watch 'our' team go thru the motions of playing football.

(I'm a huge fan, just so disappointed where the

team is not heading).

I talked with ms.east coast tonite for awhile,

and she pointed out that my spelling on this site is not exactly what it should be, so I appologize for that. not that I am a complete idiot, but I guess I just want to type this stuff up and get it out there as soon as possible. so for the rest of you, don't judge my mis-steps and just enjoy what I have to say; even if it is not 'propperely speled'... ha ha ha

I'm not slammin' ms.east coast, she knows how I really feel about her. right L.??? anyone I still have in my life after 20 years and I'm not related 'by blood' with, I feel I can flip some trash-talk to every once in a while...

oh, by the way ms.east coast;

I did have bahamas and not bermuda in my entry,

you crazy old lady with the hot azz and do-able bod!!!

she's only 1 year older than me, but still that's older.

alrighty, the sfgiants ae getting ready to start their game tonite with that team from arizona, and I smell dinner being done, so I guess I will wrap this up.

good night all, and I'll catch up with you guys

sunday or monday.

26/27 Sept 2011

hi kids...

I know some of you are older than me,

just felt like saying this.

so listen, I am currently watching monday night football with my kid and won't be updating tonite.

early call tomorrow morn,

Ash has to be at cheer practice by 6am.

so that means dad is up at 5am doing the

coffee/breakfast thing.

I will 'fill-you-in' by noon tomorrow.

further more; terrible officiating tonite on mnf!!! nite guys


good morning...

I thought I would get in a paragraph or two before I officially start my day and get my dailies underway.

it's 6:15a and I just returned from taking Ash in to school

for 'early' cheer squad practice.

apparently, there is no school this thursday & friday for reasons unknown to me; I guess I need to start being a little more involved with her school calendar to be aware of what is going on and so forth. *like I have nothing else going on. but anyway, so with a 96hr pass from school, Ash and I are going to take a trip 'somewhere'.

we might as well take advantage of having her grandparents here to watch the animals and

secure the home.

ever since I've started the site and put information of my life on the net; I have had a few instances of personal intrusion issues, including someone trying to open

an account of credit. there are some very untrustworthy shit-heads out there, and apparently I have attracted a few to this site. I have taken quite a few precautions with my personal/business information ever since I had an account violated by a family member a couple years back.

but that doesn't mean there won't be other attempts of thievery, but be fore-warned, I will hunt you down, find you, and depending on your home of origin; prosecute,

or just make you disappear.

I'm tired of dishonest fucking pieces of shit!!!

and if you are reading this asshole, I will find you and totally destroy you. ok then?; if you have no idea of what I'm talking about, don't worry about it; it's someone else I'm directing my hatred to. enough of that.

on a brighter note; I have another meeting with my korean associates next week, getting excited about the possibilities of what is currently on the horizen.

and to think; you all are going to say "I remember reading his web-site blog when he was a nobody, and now he is just a notch above a nobody". ha ha...

seriously, in the sucurity/protection industry it is better to be discreet and intentionally unobtrusive.

if you all knew what was on the horizon as far as

'big brother watching', you may reconsider some of your daily activities/habits.

alright, once again I'm a rambling onward;

so I will post this and continue later.

oh, is it just me? or is anne hathaway becoming better looking and more talented as she gets closer to 30?

I was never a huge fan of her choice of movies,

but after seeing 'passengers' (2008) the other nite;

I was so impressed. not to mention her wonderful and outwardly performance as the oscars hostess.

ya, I think I have a little somethin'/somethin'

for ms.hathaway.

by-the-way; just one more thing before I go.

who was your first 'movie/tv star' crush?

email me some of your answers.

as for myself; I have to say that my very first celeb crush was melissa sue anderson.

I remember seeing her as 'millicent' on the brady bunch when I was 9 or 10. right when I started to notice girls.

and then when she starred on 'little house', my life was never the same. yep, 1st crush!

I then moved on to: phoebe cates, heather locklear,

paula abdul, crystal bernard, pamela anderson, reese witherspoon, sarah silverman.

yes, I'm a celeb-crush-whore.

I love to admire from afar, but seriously some women out there in starz-land really do touch my heart. ok, gotta go.


good evening all.

thought I would wrap this up today with some shout outs:

4 july

happy 50th anniversary to harry & sarah young

medford, or

17 july

happy 1st anniversary to davon & chivie johnson

ny, ny

26 july

happy 21st birthday to misty reynolds

akron, oh

31 july

happy sweet 16 birthday to jamie granderson

perth, western australia, au

3 august

happy 1st birthday to aaron childers

belen, nm

12 august

happy 10th anniversary to craig & yolanda hastings

montreal, quebec, canada

14 august

happy 50th birthday to gerald c. washburn

las vegas, nv

11 september

happy 1oth birthday to dereck jackson

detroit, mi

19 september

happy 75th birthday to gladyce harrison

little rock, ar

27 september

happy 21st birthday to jeannie foster

los angeles, ca

*just thought I would catch-up on some of my well wishes from some of my readers. I'm sorry that I was late on most, and that I cannot post all your requests.


so here I sit in the living room with my daughter as she is watching the elimination round #2 of

dancing with the stars tonite. ugh, this is brutal. but I did tell her I would watch what-ever she wanted to tonite.

she normally doesn't watch reality tv,

and we both share the same opinion on such,

but she is curious about this chaz bono.

as I'm sure much of tv-land is.

as far as my belief on a woman wanting to become a man,

or visa-versa; hey whatever floats your boat.

the same thing goes for 'alternate lifestyles'.

I guess you really can't help who you're attracted to in this world, and you just have to follow your heart and go with it. the only 'thing' I am against is people who believe their way is the only way and try to push it down

everyone else's throat.

but let's get back to this dwts thing; why doesn't the show get some real 'a list' celebs?

let me give you my personal list of whom I would love to see: john travolta

tom cruise

bruce willis

charlie sheen

robert redford

sidney poitier

ann margret

reese witherspoon

gina gershon

drew barrymore

angelina jolie

kate winslet

now with the list above, you could call the show what it is currently titled; dancing with the stars.

could you imagine the viewership/ratings this group

would bring in? I'd be willing to bet 100 million a show. alright the show is going into it's second hour, time for me to take the dogs on a walk.

hope everyone is having a great week. good nite.

28 Sept 2011

good morning. just finished my daily chores and now will be pretty much busy until I pick Ash up from school early this afternoon. since she has a 4 day w/e, we are going to take a rv trip up to lake tahoe. her grandparents will be staying behind to watch the house and animals.

we are taking the kiss twins (cats) and 2 of the dogs,

aj and chloe. I would prefer to take all the pupz, but it is so crowded with 2 humans, 2 cats and 8 dogs in the rig.

when I told my daughter that we were only taking 2 dogs,

her response was 'maybe we need to buy a bigger rv dad'.

ya, she is definately my daughter.

so, I have to fuel-up, hit costco, and then petco and then pick the child up from school and then we will be on our way. another trait I passed on to my child;

she can pack a suitcase in 15 minutes.

it will be about a 9-10 hour drive to the lake (500 miles),

so I am only planning on driving 350-400 miles today,

we'll see how the traffic goes.

it's too damn bad that the sfgiant's didn't make the playoffs, could have caught a game in the city also.

we may come back thru yosemite park, I think Ash would enjoy that. alright, my coffee intake is starting to work,

gotta go. talk later.


I am currently parked in the side lot at Ash's high school waiting for her to be dismissed for the day.

which gave me a chance to walk the dogs, test the generators, and just make sure everything is running correctly before we begin our weekend getaway.

food will not be an issue, grandma palacios and Ash's grandma have both provided enough completed meals and snacks to last us a week or more. plus, I had to get some specific items for the 'little girl'; mixed nuts, bananas, cottage cheese, diet dr pepper, almonds, and some hershy kisses.

this will be a alcohol-free weekend for me,

even if we break plans and drive to the bay area and attend the ucla-stanford game.

(which I doubt, but who knows what the future holds)

ok, I can see her and her friends walking out of the buildings area, so I have to wrap this up.

take care all, and I'll check-in tonite when we

stop for the night.


good evening from the sierra nevada mountain range.

we didn't quite make it to the big lake just yet.

stopped over here at a rest stop about 90 miles south west of tahoe, there are roughly a dozen trucks parked here for the night. I talk with a couple of these guys via cb radio earlier, and was told this area is safe and secure. not sure what kind of trouble could be encountered here in the middle of the mountains, but there are crazies everywhere.

not that I haven't been in more secluded area's,

but traveling with my daughter now I like to be in a

controled and safe enviroment... at least safe.

so we will be up fairly early (7am),

and be at the lake by breakfast.

the drive up I-5 was totally uneventful, and the traffic was smooth the entire way. and of course Ash was telling me via her travel guides what roadside attractions were near and all the points of interest that we came up on.

*not much in the middle of no-where.

alrighty, I'm going to call it a nite;

besides I have a blog I was just introduced to earlier today that I want to read a little bit before I go to sleep,

it looks to be an interesting read. good night. 

30 Sept 2011

good evening from the shores of lake tahoe, ca

arrived here yesterday, mid-morning.

we (Ash, myself, AJ, Chloe & the kiss-twins)

have been hooked-up on the cali side of the lake, and have just enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

today was all about whatever Ash wanted to do;

so after my nutrious breakfast of '1' cup of coffee

(no creamer, no sugar),

a granola bar crumbled into a plain yogurt,

a banana, and a handful of mixed nuts;

we started on our nature walk tour.

now my thoughts of a nature 'walk-tour' meant we walked a couple feet, take a picture, talk, walk another foot or two,

sit down, stand and repeat. no such luck.

why it's called a nature walk tour is beyond me;

the only nature I saw was trees and brush along this narrow dirt trail that went up 1oo,ooo feet to and fro, the walking part was an outright lie, (more like a steady brisk march-along), and the kicker; what tour?! my meaning of the word tour is someone who shows & tells about what your looking at or at least of what is going on. nope!

we get to this place of biz that my daughter had heard about from some of her friends at school;

(they don't advertise, word of mouth only)

as we sit in a briefing room area and sign in and pay our $35. fee (each), we are given a map in a plastic sheath, a compus, a backpack water holder thingy,

a small sandwichbag w/bandaids, ointment, tape and some other first-aid stuff. we all (17 of us) are shown on overhead display of the 3,789 miles we will be hoofing today and shown where the rest areas are located, along with a couple of porta-potties. (forgot to mention in the plastic water carrier thingy also has 2 plies of toilet paper to be used on the 'tour') we are also told it will be a very brisk pace today, and we all need to keep up.

we will be following the tour leader, and the team leader will be pushing us from the back.

what the FUCK has my daughter gotten us into???

half-way thru the presentation she looked at me and mouthed 'wtf', and I just stared at her unblinking like.

the last time I had gone on a 'forced march' was during marine corps boot camp back in the fall of '81 and

about 20-30 pounds ago. so after listening to the drill sergeant, er I mean 'tour guide' we went outside,

filled our water backpacks from a water buffalo

(boot camp) and all of us were shown how to stretch and

get ready for this 'tour'. moments before our leader blew her whistle to signal the start, I asked Ash "are you sure you wanna do this?" her reply: " we're here, might as well".

that was about the last convo we had for the next

2 1/2 hours. ok, I admit, tahoe is beautiful

(what I saw of it when I wasn't looking at the ground so as to not trip or stumble, or fall into a pit of some sort).

the air was clean but thin; the day was clear but chilly, and my ass was barely keeping up ahead of everyone else.

and since this was my kid's idea, she wasn't going to be bringing up the rear either, and she did in fact keep pace with me the entire way. so after the breaks, the mini shout outs of 'this tree is..." and 2 people actually leaving their huge breakfast that they had eaten a short time earlier on the trail for the critters to eat and the rest of us to smell,

we all finished (some reluctantly) our 6.2++ mile 'tour' in just over 2 hours, the tour leader said we were one of his fastests groups he has ever had... ya, sure, whatever!

so, after that whole ordeal, my day consisted of the following; nap, lunch, nap, dog walk, store, tv, beer, dinner, dog walk, more tv, web-site update and now bed.

was playing with the thought of driving to the city

(san fran) tomorrow to watch the bruins get their asses kicked by that stanford team, but I may not get outa bed til after noon. and as far as my kid EVER arranging another father/daughter event of any sort, that will be discussed 'before' the plans are made.

ok then; me and my tired legs, swollen left ankle, and overall exhasted body are finally going to lay down and not move for the next 8-12 hours. good-nite my friends...