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'my thoughts.12.7'

(27 Dec 2012 - 30 Dec 2012)

completed: 30 Dec 2012/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

27 Dec 2012/11am

the girls, the kidz, and myself are just about ready to leave for 'not exactly sure where' in about 30min.

the trip to las vegas became a bust when no one really wanted to go.

and I have to agree with the fact that no matter what the commercials now say, vegas is 'not' kid friendly.

grandpa jack is going to stay here along with the mexi-godfather, grandma p, and a few others.

I have 6 tickets for tonights ucla football game in san diego, but I'm doubtful if that will be in our plans.

a few destinations have been suggested,

but waiting until the last minute to go may have something to do with the fact that quite a few places do not have adequate rv accommodations 'currently' available.

ok then. I have a few things I absolutely need to do before we depart, I'll see ya later.

28 Dec 2012/midnight

'Plans Changed...'

well, we decided to come down to san diego for

the ucla football game after all.

not because we really wanted to see the game,

but mostly because we couldn't decided on where

to go for the night.

we had 6 tickets and I couldn't believe how hard it was to get rid of the additional 3 tickets, for free.

after standing in the parking area and just being

ignored by everyone,

I finally stood over by the ticket window and gave them away almost immediately.

the game itself was entertaining enough;

if you were a baylor bear fan that is.

final score:

Baylor 49 UCLA 26

the game wasn't as close as the score shows.

(sportscenter: '17 UCLA CRUSHED')

at least the pizza and garlic fries were good.

omg! I have to tell you what happened at the costco

in carlsbad on the way down here.

considering the fact that I hadn't planned on taking the rv anywhere till maybe next month,

we were a little 'light' in the supplies department.

so stopping-off at a costco that was near the I-5

was a given.

the place was packed and I had to park a long ways away which was fine,

(I always park the rig away from the cars)

but as we were locking-up and starting to walk towards the store, security came driving-up in his little suv w/flashing lights screaming at us that we couldn't park where we had. and when I asked 'why',

this unprofessional 'little man' said and I quote;

"because I fucking said so!."

I was in shock that this individual in a uniform whose primary job entails the safety of the patrons of the store who hired him would use such language.

and especially in front of two young girls.


when I started walking towards the vehicle and said

"what did you just say?"

the asshole rolled-up his window while he drove away.

so not wanting to leave the rv & tow car in the watchful eyes of the parking-lot security guard,

I decided to change tactics.

and had the girls get the dogs on their leashes and stay outside, near the rv.

and to NOT engage in any conversation with

security at all.

(pussy boy never came back)

once I got inside I made contact with what I believed at the time was a store manager and he really didn't give a shit about what I had to say because 'outside security'

wasn't his responsibility.

and he told me he was 'very busy' and tried to palm

me off on someone else.

at that time I just decided to get my shopping done and get the hell outa there.

also, the store-staff wasn't exactly 'service-first' with their demeanor and lack of customer service skills.

I'll be disgruntled after I get back home next week,

and write a few letters and make a few phone calls.

*I don't care if you're having a bad day;

if you work in the public eye/customer service,

than you get paid for assiting your customers.

not treating them like shit.

ok then. I'm done 'bitchin' for the moment.

we are currently 'set-up' at a very nice rv park with a beautiful view of mission bay.

our plans for tomorrow include driving north on pch/highway 1 going thru torrey pines state park,

the military training beaches for the marine corps base camp pendleton. (maybe they will be having maneuvers)

and then stopping for lunch in laguna beach.

will try to stay on pch all the way until malibu,

where we have 'successfully' attained a reservation for friday & saturday nights.

have to vacate the spot by noon on sunday though.

after checking-in the rv park,

I will be going to

the ucla basketball game tomorrow night,

but both girls want to stay back in the rv w/the dogs.

I won't be going to pauley alone though,

grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather are going

to meet me there.

not sure 'exactly' what our plans are on saturday,

as the weather is forecasted to rain.

so we will have to see what's what.

ok then. it's nearly midnight and I'm pretty tired,

I'll see you guys tomorrow.

good night.


greetings from laguna beach, ca.

this is one of my most favorite places on earth,

I love this beach city.

if you've never been here and ever have the chance,

you really need to visit.

I think this place used to be an artist's retreat back in the 70's and quite a few of them made this little sleepy beach community their official home.

lots of artsy gift shops, galleries and such line the street. also one of my favorite restaurants are here;

las brisas.

they've tweaked their menu abit over the years,

and I've even had terrible service a few times,

but I still keep going back.

today's meal was flawless;

spicy tuna nachos and huge prawns for apps,

the girls each had a seafood salad,

and I had the salmon salad. excellent service also.

can't believe they started to charge for

soda refills though.

oh well, your paying for the ambience of the place.

I do recommend sitting out on the patio when you dine.

ok, the girls have just returned from walking the dogs,

so we're off.

will be inland now, going to drive by my two former bases; mcas eltoro, and mcas(h) tustin.

then onward to malibu for the next few nights.

I forget how much I love the smell of the ocean...


we're all set-up here in malibu.

only a few spaces were available when we arrived,

but we took one at the very end.

seems to be a very standard rv park,

with the exception that the beach/ocean is right here.

the park-manager said that we could stay till monday,

so I 'think' we may just do that.

I'm going to be leaving momentarily to pauley pavilion to watch the bruins play a 'top ten team' in missouri.

I just hope they don't get blown-out.

the girls are staying with the rig/dogs and

will be watching movies.

grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather are already

on the ucla campus.

I think they were looking forward to going to the game

and 'getting out' of the house.

ok then. I'm outa here. will 'check-in' after I get back.


I came back to a dark rv half an hour ago.

both girls are already asleep in the bedroom.

the dogs were also napping when I came in the door.

(well, elles and beverly were excited to see me...)

I knew Ash and Elli were going to 'hit the wall' sometime soon, they both have been going full-blast all week long

and staying up way too late.

alrighty, so here I sit in complete darkness using my new laptop with lighted keys, so cool.

ya I know, I'm like years behind everyone else tech wise.

so the game tonight was awesome,

the crowd was loud & proud at pauley.

and the place was packed.

I even saw the great bill walton there during halftime.

and yes, the bruins won, it was great.

as I mentioned above,

grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather met me there,

and both of these senior's were totally into the game and all the cheering going on.

the game went into overtime,

and I don't think they were going back to the house immediately following the game. damn party animals!

they did ask me to join them for a beer afterwards

but I declined.

I wanted toget back here to the girls.

I realize that I shouldn't be so protective, especially with all the dogs here with us.

but I am, and probably always will be.

theres' alot of pyscho-fucks out there in the world.

in fact, I've got some emails from a few

that read this site on a regular basis.

no worries.

that's one reason why I don't try to 'broadcast' exactly where I'm going to be ahead of time,

and just 'fill-you-guys-in' after the fact.

I have heard a few stories about 'online' pyscho's before, and even have been accused of 'such' myself.

that's a reason why I try not to 'judge' so fast,

sometimes misunderstandings happen.

and an appology does go a long way.

*except for the 'readers' who go beyond the 'norm'.

I'd rather not receive naked pics ladies, thanks anyway. even though its' clear outside right this very moment,

it's supposely going to rain tomorrow.

so our plans are still 'up in the air'.

I did get some input as we were driving along the coast today, so we'll just see what happens.

ok. I'm going to try to relax and fall asleep now,

even though I'm still very much awake.

see you guys in the morn.

*11:15p - been trying to publish this entry. no joy.

**11:25p - still trying. not sure if it's vista or

my wireless service.

29 Dec 2012/10pm

good evening everyone.

we spent the morning/early afternoon here

in the rv while the rain was coming down,

and then after the weather cleared,

we took the kidz for an extended walk,

and then the girls and I went to the santa monica pier.

I was told the shoppes and such would be closed due to the 'wet weather', but everythingw e saw was open.

the wheel and coaster were down for a while though.

I won't list all the garbage-food we ate today while

we were 'out and about;

let me just say I've had my fill of 'crapola' for awhile.

so, we've decided to leave tomorrow for morro bay,

stay a few days and then travel to san simeon

to see hurst castle.

Ash was telling Elli about the time we drove to

san francisco and visited these places during our trip.

so I guess our next week is now 'set in stone'.

we are watching the movie 'horrible bosses' right now,

such a funny movie.

ok then. I'll update tomorrow after we get to morro bay. hope you all are having an excellent weekend...

30 Dec 2012/5pm

good late afternoon everyone.

just thought I would give you a 'quickie' while I wait for these girls to get ready for dinner.

the drive here was uneventful, but long due to traffic.

it took us over 4hrs to get here, and we left early.

once we got here, it was a little difficult to find a spot for the next 2 nights. but we're good now.

the weather was beautiful when we arrived,

but is now totally overcast with the possibility

of rain tonight.

no worries.

we'll have a good time tomorrow, rain or shine.

it's just keeping the dogs from getting too restless from being inside all the time.

ok, I was just 'told' it's time to go...


good evening everyone.

it's so clear and beautiful outside right now,

but is damn cold. 40'

had a fun evening with the girls.

we started with dinner at 'windows by the water'.

the food was pretty good, but the service was lacking.

they were fairly busy, but not 'slamin-bamin' busy.

I won't bore you with our entire dinner menu,

but the crab cakes app and alaskan halibut entree'

was worth the sloshy service.

is it really so hard to hire someone to fill water glasses,

or have your server bring you a drink refill

in a timely manner. (10+ minutes)

not bitching but,... well maybe I am.

for the price of the meal,

and 15% tip (that they graciously added themselves),

you'd think you could get a soda refill,

or even some water.

ok then. I'll quit being a little bitch already.

jeesh. did I mention to you guys it's fucking cold outside? both heaters in the rig, are running constantly.

once again I guess I should not complain;

after so many years in las vegas,

it's actually refreshing to be chilly sometimes.

and the dogs are loving it.

after dinner we found a video rental store and picked-up

a few movies;

'shark tale/2004', 'house of wax/2005',

and 'good will hunting/1997'

we watched 'shark tale'

and just finished 'good will hunting'.

the girls just went to bed,

and I'll be pulling out the couch-bed very soon myself.

I can't believe that I didn't watch a single nfl game today, but do have sportscenter on while I'm punching this out. tomorrow we are planning on visiting the aquarium,

taking a boat tour,

and walking the main street to visit the shops.

I think we are doing breakfast here in the rig tomorrow,

but the girls want sushi for lunch.

and for dinner we will bbq steaks outside along with whatever seafood we pick-up near the marina.

we can't really go anywhere for 'new years' as the dogs get very excitable when fireworks/loud explosions go off.

so we'll be here in the rv park with whoever else is here.

I never really found out if there will be fireworks over the bay or anything like that. guess I'll ask tomorrow.

new years day we will travel up north about 30miles to

san simeon and stay a few days.

if we didn't have the kidz with us we would most likely just keep the rv here and drive back and forth the next few days.

even if it's 10-15 miles closer, that's fine with me.

anyway. not much else to report on.

we probably won't be home till friday, or saturday.

I really don't know or even care right now.

I have the girls and the kidz with me, all is good.

ok then. I'm starting to get tired,

and I have yet to take these fur-balls out for

their nite-time pee.

shit. it's going to be cold out there.

good night.

to be conitinued on 'my thoughts.12.8'...