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my thoughts.14:

(01 Dec 2011 - 08 Dec 2011)

Last updated: 08 Dec 2011/11:30pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart... 

01 Dec 2011/11p

hello and good evening.

just a very brief update considering that I relabled my original mt.14 page because of the personal nature of the original entry, plus an additional update that was also something I thought better off... 'not to share'.

sorry to disappoint some of you 'hound dogs',

but I'd rather not venture into other areas of my life. alrighty then; back to the normal boring atmosphere

that is currently my existence.

had a very interesting day to say the least;

didn't do much as far as getting out and about, just baby sat my hangover from last nights country bar episode,

and reaquainted myself with an old friend.

besides staying inside from the severe cold front that has made it's way into the las vegas valley, I decided to be domesticated and cook dinner with fresh ingredients that Jessica had purchased at a local grubbery;

stuffed shells with a light pinot sauce, roasted garlic mushrooms, and assorted greens w/chopped veggies in a balsamic vinegar.

*the shells were stuffed w/ricatta, parm and mozarella cheeses in a creamy tomato sauce.

and since we both had a very high intake of alcoholic beverages last night that lasted until almost dawn,

we decided to drink water, lots of water.

and since my kitchen had been depleted of it's normal 'working parts' because of my move south,

I constructed the meal next door at Jessies house.

it's a strange thing for me to eat a sit down meal and have none of my kidz begging for a morsel of food.

jeesh, this is seriously some boring drabbles of shit I'm wasting your time with.

sorry, my mind and thoughts are elsewhere right now.

so the weather here in vegas is going to delay my/our trip back home to southern cal until perhaps saturday or even sunday. and with the forecast of snow in the mountain passes looming, who knows what then.

I am not at all comfortable with leaving the rig here in my drive for even a few days.

no one here I absolutely trust to watch over things.

alright it's nearly 11p and I wanna catch the local newscast to see what's what, and then watch that gappy toothed letterman, I love that schmuck!

g'nite, talk tomorrow... it will be a new day.  

02 Dec 2011/10a

good 'cold' morning from las vegas, nv.

I've been awake since about 5a this morning,

finally just getting up at around 6:30a with the kiss twins being a little rambunctious on the bed.

so it appears as if the high winds that have been tormenting the valley the past 36hrs have all but disappeared to this moment. but the snow accumulation in the surrounding mountain passes have delayed my exit plans until at least 11a, just to make sure the roads have been cleared properly. I am so ready to go home.

I miss my child, my petz, my everything.

hopefully I will be back home in time to watch the beating that may lay ahead for my bruins when they play

the mighty ducks of oregon.

coach rick's last game, incredible.

alright, it's 10a and I want to get a bite to eat before we leave, I'll check in with you guys later.

happy friday everyone.


after driving into friday afternoon LA traffic coming down the hill, finally made it home after only 6hrs.

I had a friend following me in another vehicle,

and I'm sure she could have gotten here sooner,

but she was a sweetie and stayed behind me the entire way. there was an abundant amount of snow atop the passes,

but the roads themselfs were clear and running lean.

I always loved coming home to my petz when I traveled,

but having your child's hugs awaiting you when you walk in the door is a total new experience for me.

and one I hope to enjoy for many, many years to come.

the palacios army was here, along with some neighbors who cheer on the bruins. even though I just wanted to relax and and hear about my child's week, I had another semi-party happening around me so I just grinned and was a good sport about the whole thing. yes, the ucla bruin lost their 7th game tonight, but at least scored 31 points in a losing effort.

no matter, I guess there is next year.

after the game, most everyone had already left;

and now as I sit downstairs in the media room with

my daughters head on my lap eating popcorn, her mother,

her grandmother, and Jessica all watching the movie;

'the bridges of madison county'95

I really do appreciate the quiet times when they arrive.

I am barely keeping my eyes open; so very tired,

I hardly slept last night.

(I've had alot on my mind these past couple of days) sometimes, things just happen;

and you can't really control what you do when your emotions are overflowing with an abundant amount of mixed-up feelings you have kept hidden for many years.

I hope everyone had a wonderful friday,

and have a pleasant weekend planned. good-night.    

-03 Dec 2011/10p-

good evening all.

had a very normal day (for me anyway).

after the poop-chores, drinking almost 2 pots of coffee,

and making a mcdonalds breakfast run,

I spent the rest of the morning playing with the pupz

(inside, as it was freezing out)

and listening to my daughter's stories of 'school week'.

she is so excited about her grades coming out on monday;

she 'thinks' she got 4 A's & 2 B's, so we will see.

so after listening to her stories of the week,

we all started to get ready to go to the LA sports arena to watch the ucla basketball game.

decided to take the rv today, as we had a fairly large party (20+) all meeting there.

I hate to say that the mini-tailgater we had was the best part of the game, but it was.

bruin basketball is 'dead' this year, sad... but true.

I should have known after the lights went out in the arena during the game this afternoon,

that this was going to be another bad day for

the bruin nation.

afterwards, there were multiple boo's being vocalized by the disappointed sparsely packed fan base. it was terrible.

most of us ended up going over to the palacios castle after the game, and had a very nice birthday party this afternoon for one of the mexi-godfathers great-grandsons.

so once again, I am parked in the west covina driveway.

Ash, her mom, and Jess are sleeping inside the house,

leaving me entirely alone out here in the rig.

and yes, we will be attending church in the morning. grandpa jack left a couple hours ago via taxi back to the house, I'm surprised he didn't stay longer.

it's about 9:50p right now,

and I'm getting ready to go to bed.

grandpa palacios will be coming outside during the night to check-up on me thru-out the night;

even tho I tell him I'm fine out here, he still comes out.

I think he uses the 'rig-check-thing' as an excuse to smoke an extra puff or two on his cigar.

not really much else to share. I have been reading alot of your emails while I've been writting this;

hence the reason it has taken me almost 90min to compose less than 5min of drabble.

I do have the information on toys for tots,

and will relay that to you within the next couple of days.

and thank you to those of you who have sent me

'christmas e-cards',

I will try to reciprocate as many as I can.

ah, the mexi-godfather is once again pacing around the rig, I should go out and have a chat before turning-in.

good night all.

04 Dec 2011/7a

good morning from

the hustle and bustle of west covina, ca

just woke up as Ash and her mom came into the rv with fresh muffins, and some hot coffee.

so thinking they were both being nice and sweet

for taking care of 'the old man',

I get up and smile, say thanks girls; but instead of being the 2 little sweethearts I thought they were, I come to find out they both just wanted to use my shower here in the rig.

omg. the little shit's are now using all my 'stored' hot water, and they bribed me with muffins, coffee and kisses.

no biggie, muffins are good, the coffee is strong.

Ash is in the shower now, and her mom is on the phone talking with her parents. it's just past 7:30a,

and we all will be leaving to church in about an hour.

after church, we will come back here to the palacios-casa to have lunch, and then the girls want to go to a mall before going back home to agoura hills.

so my day is once again pretty much planned for me,

and I don't mind either.

I am going to try and get in line for the shower,

before someone else lays claim to use up all the hot water. talk to you guys later this afternoon.


hey ya.

hope everyone had a fantastic sunday.

mine was pretty awesome,

except I got into a little trouble at church... again.

this time, it really wasn't my fault.


I'm not blaming my kid, but;

as we were driving to church, Ash was playing a driving game on my 'htc evo' and she had the sound turned up to listen to the music as she played.

well, before we all walked in to be schooled with

'the good word', she gave me back my cell, and I just put it into my pocket. no, I didn't check to see if the sound was off, or even if the phone was even on.

and then, about 20min into the schooling;

one of my agoura hills neighbors decided to call me and ask if I was going to have a get-together for

the 49er game this afternoon.

I heard the first ring coming 'loudly' out of my pocket

(ringer level HIGH), and got it off in the middle of

the 2nd ring. well needless to say, my face was 'on fire',

and everyone, EVERYONE was looking at me.

as I stood to get the phone out of my pocket;

I appologized to all, and was hit on the back of my head by grandma palacios, who also grabbed the cell out of my hand and put it in her handbag.

*which brought loud laughter from nearly everyone,

including the priest who said;

"I'm sure Mr Kiss did not intend to interrupt us today,

or to be swatted by Mrs Palacious. God forgives you."

which also had laughter attached.

I'm not sure when I will be going back there again,

maybe never. just kidding.

after church, we all headed back to the home of the

'keeper of my phone' and had some wonderful marinated chicken with tortillas and all the fixin's.

omg. have you guys ever had blackbean cucumber salad?,

it's incredible and spicy with the green chilis.

after lunch, and getting my phone back;

Ash, Ashley, Jessica and myself drove to the glendale galleria (I've never been) to do some shopping,

and of course look at the holiday decorations.

the mall was pretty crowded, but wasn't nearly as noisey as other malls this size. something to do with the ceiling or something, who knows.

I did finally find something special for my daughter,

sorry can't say what tho;

as her, her friends and others read this site sometimes.

and her friends would tell her in a minute.

(hint: it's not a fly rod, sleeping bag or tent: private joke!)

after the mall, we came back towards the house and had dinner at the olive garden, where grandpa jack and grandma joe met up with us. and because jack was there, I was able to have a couple drafts, and a few glasses of wine.

I did eat some stuffed ravioli, and almost a whole bowl of salad also. but, I do have a little bit of a

headache pounding right now.

I missed the sf49ers play the rams on tv today,

but was constantly checking the score this afternoon on my now 'damned' cell phone.

congrats to the boys from the bay for clinching their first division title since 2002, unbelievable.

oh, and another tidbit of sports knowledge before I sign-off for the night; the ucla bruins were selected to play in the 'kraft fight hunger bowl' against the fighting illini of illinois. ucla (6-7) against illinois (6-6) should actually be a fairly decent match-up.

and I can't say anything what-so-ever about the 'bowl' they've been selected for

(formerly the emerald bowl/played in sf, ca)

because as I just read; this is the only college bowl game that dedicates most of it's proceeds from the game to go directly to fighting hunger in the united states.

actually, it's a honor to have ucla play in this game.

this would be an awesome game to go to with my little kiss entourage, but plans have already been made to spend new years eve in las vegas, nv with most of everyone going.

ok, so I have to go now;

the temp is supposed to be around 30' tonight, and jack and I are taking some precautions for the freeze.

now I can see why the mexi-godfather had me purchase a air conditioner/heater unit with two blowers to keep the barn temp regulated.

I never knew that the temperature ever got this cold here,

I wonder how much vegetation, if any,

may be harmed tonight.

and why do you water the garden and flower boxes 'before' a freeze? that sounds weird to me, but grandpa jack seems to know his shit, so whatever. ok, gotta go now.

have a great monday everyone, talk to you tomorrow.

good night.    

05 Dec 2011/11a

good 'cold' morning.

it's 53' outside, but this morn when I let the pupz out at 5:15a it was 33' on the patio.

normally I just walk around in gym shorts and a t-shirt, but today I had on sweats and a flannel, oh.. and the dreaded white sports-sox and soccer slides.

(just around the house, as that's not a good look for anyone) so I got quite a few emails and such from alot of you telling me the reasons why you water plants/trees/flowers, etc before a freeze, and I appreciate all the words of advice; burlap sacks eh? there was some frost on the vegetation this morning, but grandpa jack said everything looked good. and the barn was kept at 65' all night.

speaking of which; my 2nd riding lesson is in just a couple minutes, I can't wait to see what happens today.

talk to you guys again soon.

06 Dec 2011/1p

good afternoon.

this cold weather shit has got to stop. it only got down to 35' last night, but tonite they are calling for something called a 'hard freeze'; could get down to as low as 28'.

I think we are going to lose some of the tomato's,

and some other veggies in the garden.

we do have some burlap sacks ready to go though.

it was always this chilly this time of year up in vegas,

but I never had the variety of plants, garden and outside animals to worry about like I do now.

so yesterday was about as normal as it gets around here;

as I last left you, I had another 'riding lesson'.

by the way, why is it called a riding lesson anyway?

that is like the very least of it. sure, you have to actually stay on the creature and not fall off, hang on to the reins, secure the saddle properly, bounce in the saddle, watch the horses head, and so on, and so on...

I did better this time, only slid off once.

why didn't I take these lessons as a child?,

oh yea, cause I had a bicycle!

afterwards, I learned how to 'lunge' these guys,

to even confuse me more. a whip? seriously? no thanks!

ok then, after changing out of my stinky clothing,

I took my instructor to lunch at chili's (yep, big spender),

and was surprised to find out that she had a relative that was an alternate on the 1984 usa olympic esquestrian team.

very, very cool if you ask me.

so after lunch;

I decided it was haircut time, and did the supercuts thing. then hit the grocery,

picked up some day to day essentials:

beer, box-wine (lol), chips, dips, whips

(ya, I bought one for this lunge thing, not at ralphs tho)

and a variety of 'bad for you food' that I have been told repeatedly I shouldn't have in my house for

teenagers to eat/snack on.

too bad. sometimes these kids need other things to 'snack-on' besides carrot/celery sticks, natural grains and

bland tasting iced tea.

besides, everything is 'ok' in moderation, isn't it?

maybe I am once again reverting back to my younger days when I hardly ever had certain things at my disposal

on a continued basis.

I agree that you should not let kids eat

'junk food' all the time; but jeesh, a light snack once a day, or ice cream for dessert every once in a while

is fine with me. another thing; just because it's in the house doesn't mean it's going to be gobbled-up immediately.

but if my child, or one of her friends are hungry; I want any of them to feel comfortable eating whatever they want. *note; these girls eat more nuts, apples/oranges, avacados, and peantbutter w/crackers than anything else.

but having chips/dips, hostess products and a variety of cookies is always a nice break from the norm.

(one of the few things the elders and I disagree about) whatever, I say. also, having 'a home' that family members and close personal friends can just 'walk-into' is something I've never had. always knocking. I like the walk-in thing,

as long as they have the gate code, or an opener.

security first, always!!!

last night was suppose to be monday night football, but the 2 teams playing did not spark the interest of anyone around here, so it turned into a free-for-all.

mostly, christmas presents were being wrapped,

and everyone just watched whatever. I tried watching the show; '2 broke girls' with Ash and her mom... nope.

so considering we now have quite a few gifts ready to be placed under a christmas tree;

we are all going to go out this afternoon after Ash gets out of school and go tree shopping.

never really was excited about buying a tree before,

but this year is special.

speaking of Ash and school:

P.E....... A Biology.......A- Trigonometry.......A

US History........A- Spanish.......A- English.......A

 I knew she was going to do well, but this is unbelievible.

if I had brought home grades such as these

(I wasn't that great of a student), my life would have been different around report card time. it's wierd to just get on the 'net' to see your kids grades now-a-days. very cool.

ok, one more thing before I go out and exercise the horses; toys-for-tots. this year there are plenty of drop-off areas for anyone to donate a 'new unopenned toy'; toys-r-us, babies-r-us, and walgreens are taking donations immediately.

if you don't have any of these stores nearby,

just call a local marine corps recruiters number to get a drop off area or see when they are picking-up in your area.

also, I read a tweet by one of the LA peeps I follow, and she is also taking toy donations for the holidays; so if you live in the southern california area, and you can, please help out. twitter: @judiearonson of

locations: manhatten beach & redondo beach areas.

I'm sure she would appreciate anything that is given,

I don't know her at all, she was an actress in the 80's/90's and that's how I listed her.

I think I'll have Ash pick-up a couple gifts the next time we're out and have her donate them this weekend.

ok, I've wasted enough time,

I gotta go deal with the big petz now, see ya later.


I had quite an exciting an interesting evening.

to begin with; after we picked up Ash from school,

we all (Ash, her mother and I) went and picked out our first christmas tree together. we only looked at a couple, and picked out one within 10 minutes.

did you guys know all the different types of trees:

balsam fir, douglas fir, grand fir, among others.

we picked out a colorado blue spruce.

nearly 10 feet in height.

a little more expensive than I remember for a real one, normally with the dogs I always had an artificial tree.

but since everyone wanted 'the real thing',

and we have an enclosed room to set it up so the dogs/cats don't get sick, make a mess or anything else;

I agreed to the additional holiday cheer. actually, after buying the tree, tying it down to my 4runner (the dog limo),

and bringing it in the house and setting it up in the fancy-dancy stand we got; my duties were done for the night.

Ash, Ashley, Jessica and grandma jo all had a fun time decorating, and laying the presents tonite.

as for myself and grandpa jack;

we were enjoying the visual show, played disc jockey with the holiday music,

and kept my secret eggnog recipe drinks flowing.

*not 'really' my secret recipe, but a favorite of mine:

6oz of whole milk, 1 fresh egg, 1tsp of powdered sugar,

2-3oz of your favorite rum, ice, and nutmeg.

combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker

(except nutmeg), shake and strain into a holiday glass. sprinkle nutmeg, serve. delicious. I promise.

*for a richer drink, use 3oz milk, 3oz of half & half.

for alcohol variations: bourbon, brandy, creme de menthe, jamaca rum, apricot brandy, kaluha.

no alcohol was served to my minor child, as far as I know. also, it was taco-tuesday courtesy of taco bell.

ok, I guess I've bored you guys enough for tonight.

I didn't sleep to well last night,

so I'm going to crash semi-early this evening.

we have already done the watering,

and covered the flowers with burlap in anticipation of the temp being below 30 tonite.

oh, and another tid-bit of information for you;

since I have been doing the riding lesson thing,

and spending almost 1000% more time with the horses,

they all have been so much nicer to me,

especially that brute jack.

(no relation to grandpa jack, in case you were curious)

my plans for tomorrow are not set in stone,

so anything is possible.

have a great night everyone.

stay warm wherever you are in the world.

*a special shout-out to my new readers from kiev, ukraine and the couple from heythuysen, the neatherlands.

was very nice to hear from you.

07 Dec 2011

"A date which will live in infamy"

said by President Franklin D. Roosevelt

on 8 Dec 1941,

the day after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Battleship row; 7 Dec 1941 @ appro 7:55am...

Photograph taken by an invading Japanese plane at the begining of the assault on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. 7 Dec 1941

at approximately 0755hrs on Sunday, 7th of December 1941 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by

the Naval and Air Forces of the Empire of Japan.

353 (some say 423) Japanese planes flew over 230 miles to descend out of the clear blue skies over Hawaii and inflict the following damage to the United States of America:

2,402 Americans killed

1,282 Americans wounded

188 U.S. Aircraft destroyed

16 U.S. Navel vessels were damaged w/4 being sunk, including the U.S.S. Arizona

the U.S.S. Arizona takes a direct hit. 7 Dec 1941

the U.S.S. Arizona is hit by 8 Japanese bombs, with one ingniting over 1,700 pounds of stored gunpowder in the forward section of the hull.

the final moments of the U.S.S. Arizona. 7 Dec 1941

the U.S.S. Arizona is starting to sink into Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on 7 Dec 1941.

the U.S.S. Bennington shows the Arizona its respect.

the U.S.S. Bennington passes the U.S.S. Arizona on Memorial Day 1958.

*Note the temporary Memorial structure on top of the Arrizona 

the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial today. est.2009

the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial today. est 2009

the Memorial was created to honor the rememberance of all the lives lost

on the attack of Pearl Harbor, 7 Dec 1941.

And of course to preserve and commemorate the final resting place for 1,177 Americans who lost their lives on this once magnificent Battleship while serving their duties

in protecting the United States of America.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. 30 Oct 1941 Battleship row...

a photograph of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. 30 Oct 1941

as taken by a U.S. surviellence plane.

*notice the rows of U.S. Battleships.

for just a moment out of your busy day today,

pause and think of the 2,402 Americans who lost their lives 70 years ago in this senseless attack on U.S. soil.

a recruiting poster from the early stages of WWII...

may god forever bless the United States of America.


good morning.

just a brief hello and how ya doing before I get out and do my morning wheelbarrow duties and's still pretty cold outside 34' and was told it had gotten dwn to 27' here. now that is freakin' cold.

so I really don't have much planned today,

so I'm not sure what is going on.

but I will keep you informed in case I do anything

worth sharing. talk to you guys soon.


good 'semi-warm' afternoon.

for not having much planned today, I have actually been keeping myself pretty busy.

this morning I was out in the garden w/grandma jo inspecting the slight damage to the veggies

(some tomatos, beans and herbs didn't make it),

afterwards I did some weights, treadmill and then had a light breakfast of warm grape-nuts cereal with apples & cinnamon on top. the 'old man breakfast'.

then grandpa jack and I took the pupz to the dog park.

while there, we met a couple who are getting ready to move overseas and have to give up their

2yr old german shepherd.

yep, you guessed it; I may be 'adopting' yet another dog. her name is 'emily' and is asweetheart, and was having so much fun with my pack of fur-balls.

I don't know if I have to contact the county or not for permission/notification of another mouth to feed,

but will be looking into that in the next day or two.

I text'd a friend today of the possibility of

getting another dog,

and her reply was 'your crazy'.

ya, like I've never heard that before.

after the dog run, I went out and did 45min with the bigger pets, that lunge thing is some crazy shit.

standing their and having a horse run around you in a circle guided by the extended swivel-leash you have attached to them.

jack is pretty damn good at it tho, and taught me a few tricks; like keep shuffling your feet while you are turning, always keep your eyes on the running beast,

and if you fall, don't let go of the lunge-line.

all good tips, I'm sure.

alright, just a quickie for ya.

it's 2:30p and I'm going to go pick-up girl-6 from school,

and then go 'somewhere' and have a snack.

I'm thinking, arby's.


good evening all.

I'm sitting here in the family room with everyone watching 'jingle all the way'1996 (yes, again!!!).

arnold is always cool,

but sinbad is one crazy moutha-fucka in this movie. if you've never seen it; buy it, rent it, you won't be sorry.

it's a little hokie-pokie, but has it's moments.

a more 'adult' christmas movie is 'bad santa'2003

or the even raunchier 'badder santa' dvd.

billy bob thorton is classic.

never seen it?

it will shock you immediately. and I will admit to you,

the first time I saw the movie in the theatre,

I was not impressed.

but after buying it on dvd and waiting to watch it again the following christmas, I loved it, LOVED IT!!! ok, that's enough drivle for a while, eating popcorn now.

"I'll be back..."


ok, not much to pass on.

just wanted to end the day by telling you guys good night.

I had a couple 'chit-chats' tonight;

one on twitter (funny lady) and a few on cell-texts

(1 old friend, the other... hmmm?).

what the hell did we all do before artificial contact,

and the social media?

I'll tell ya what we did; we watched commercials on tv.

now, you can watch a tv program and then

when a commercial hits the screen;

boom... text, internet time!!!

you can always tell when your texting someone

who is watching a tv show;

you get your texts answered every 11-15 minutes. seriously. alright, going to bed.

everything is once again water and wrapped outside.

and the barn is currently a stiffling 65'.

the temp tonite is expected to hit

a low of 25'... shit! good nite...

08 Dec 2011/11:30p

Hi guys.

I've decided to take a little trip the next couple of days,

and won't be updating until either sunday or monday.

be safe... 

to be continued on my thoughts.14.1...