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'my thoughts.1.1'

(01 Jan 2013 - 03 Jan 2013)

completed: 3 Jan 2013/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

01 Jan 2013/12am

I wish ALL of you a very Happy New Year...

today is:

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 12am

just want to wish everyone a

Happy New Year...

we were going to take the kidz for a walk,

but a few people are doing fireworks,

so we're just going to stay inside.

it sounds as if big fire-bursts are going off somewhere,

(or something that sounds like it)

but we can't see them from where we are.

ok then. I think our night is coming to a end,

so I'll 'see you guys' later this morning.

sweet dreams to all of you...


good morning.

just took the kidz out for their early morning walk.

it's overcast outside,

and looks to be a little misty over by that huge rock.

we all didn't shut down til almost 2am,

so I'm sure the girls will not be getting out of

bed anytime soon.

in fact, I may just lay back down for awhile.

we'll talk again soon.


good afternoon.

I've been up since 11a and I had to wake the girls up at noon. and we've had our coffee and sweet rolls already.

just sitting here with the windows open listening

to the wind/surf pounding outside.

the girls took the kidz for a walk down the road,

and when they get back we are going to go have lunch. (they want sushi again... again!!!)

and then we'll go for a drive.

according to some other rv residents,

there was indeed fireworks here last night.

not sure if they were 'privately' or 'professionally' done,

but we missed it.

no worries though,

I still had one of the best new years I've ever had just being here with these guys.

sorry. I have been talking to ms east coast for the past half hour and didn't finish-up this entry.

here comes the girls w/th kidz, so now I've gotta go.

will check-in w/you guys later...


hi guys.

I'm sitting here watching 'betty white's off their rockers' w/Elli (Ash is talking to a boy outside on her cell).

have you guys ever watched this program?

it's on the same premise as the mtv show punk'd,

but has senior citizens doing pranks on the unsuspecting younger generations.

and it's filmed entirely in the LA area,

including the beach city boardwalks.

some of the skits are extremely hilarious.

*like the old man doing skateboard tricks.

they replayed '4' 30min episodes tonite which I dvr'd,

but will air the season premier next tuesday/8p on nbc.

if you haven't watched it, you really should.

*I know, enough with the commercial already.

so I'll bore you with other trivial crap;

for dinner we had sushi,

visited a few more gift shops,

picked-up a few fresh groceries,

and then I dropped the girls off here and went and shot pool

at bar down the street for a few hours.

*they both wanted some 'privacy' so they could talk on

their phones, so I vacated.

it was all good though, I made a new friend. I'm easy. tomorrow we're going to drive to san simeon and take a tour of hearst castle,

then begin our drive back towards agoura.

we'll most likely stay the night in san luis obispo

or even arroyo grande.

and then thursday morning, drive home.

grandpa jack called me earlier today and said as of tomorrow he is going to be the only one at the house.

the palacios fam finished-up the back of the property,

so they'll be leaving before we return.

I really don't like jack being alone, but he said he is looking forward to some peace and quiet. good for him.

alrighty then. I'm going to finish watching

this show w/the girls

(ms talks-alot is back inside now)

and then we will take the kidz for their pee-walk

before bed. good night everyone.

sweet dreams beautiful.

02 Jan 2013/2pm

afternoon everyone.

been here at hearst castle since 8am,

and just finishing-up lunch.

*ya, ya... I corrected my 'hurst castle' spelling.

in my own defense,

my former step-monsters maiden name was 'hurst'.

but yes, I realize my spelling is atrocious. get over it!

we are getting ready to ride the bus back-up to the castle for our 3rd tour of the day

(different tours go to different areas of the property),

and there are alot more people here than I

thought would be. quite a few international visitors.

I love japanese tourists, they take pictures of everything. including other tourists.

anyway. we are planning on staying here till they close at 5p, and then drive back south for a hour or two.

were only 4hrs or so away from home,

but since grandpa jack wants some time alone,

we aren't going to rush back.

ok then. going to catch the next bus back to the castle.

talk soon.


good evening from santa maria, ca.

we arrived around 7pm and found a place to park

immediately at a local campground.

quite a few 'full time residents' live here in trailers,

and even one guy is in an old/non-operating winnebago. anyway. after we set-up, walked the dogs,

and cleaned-up a bit, we took the suv back down the road and had an awesome steak dinner.

also, the apple cobbler was fabulous.

no alcoholic beverages for me tonight though.

hearst castle was pretty cool, as always.

the best part was Elli seeing/experiencing everything

for the very first time.

I can barely remember 'my first time',

and because I no longer have any pictures of years gone by, I don't have anything to refresh the memories.

the weather today was semi-overcast,

and the drive down here was uneventful.

I did attract the attention of a california highway patrol,

I saw him on the side of the road as we passed,

and then the next thing I knew he was directly behind us.

I can assume he was running the plates on the suv,

and the rv though.

as he passed us on the left he was looking at me and I gave him a slight salute and he flashed his lights back.

I must have followed him for over 20miles until he

pulled off the freeway.

I used to have vanity plates on all my vehicles;

'CA/GA KISS' on my firebird (marines),

'NV/KISS 01' on my 4runner,

NV/KISS 02' on my mits convert.

and having kiss on my plates always brought attention; normally I was asked if I was a kiss-rock-group fan,

which I am, but it rep'd my name.

so after I moved down to SoCal I decided to just have whatever plates the dmv issued me.

actually, Ash wanted van-plates when she got her car,

but I told her 'for right now' just to put regular plates on.

I see some young girls driving their cars w/their

names on them; 'IM JANET', 'SARA75', 'LISAS VW', etc.

why do girls advertise to all the crazy fucks' out there

their first name or whatever?...

not trying to be condescending,

but 'security speaking', it's really not that safe.

pretty boring shit tonite, eh?

sorry. I'm just really, really tired.

and I hate being this worn-out when traveling,

cause normally I don't let myself 'sleep soundly'.

seeing how we are not in a big rush to get home tomorrow,

I suggested to the girls that we go out to breakfast,

and do some 'light shopping' before leaving.

but that idea was 'vetoed' by both young ladies.

apparently, they 'may' have made some

'other arrangements' for tomorrow with a few of the

'young breeders' they've been talking with the last

couple of days.

ok. on that note, I'm going to wrap this up.

I'll see you guys after we get home.

good night...

03 Jan 2013/7pm

today has been 'one of those days'.

we left fairly early this morning (9am'ish)

and pulled into our drive just past noon.

within an hour afterwards, both girls were g-o-n-e.

going to round table pizza in camarillo to meet up with these 'boys' they've been talking to during our trip.

why they had to go to camarillo for pizza is beyond me. anyway. they just got back about an hour ago and when I asked the both of them if they had fun they both just looked at each other, giggled and ran upstairs.

*not sure if I have anything to worry about or not.

while these two were running around all over the place meeting their little friends,

I did a little grocery shopping, for humans and animals.

and then swapped-out a few of my propane tanks.

I'm not so sure that grandpa jack was all the happy about us coming back home,

I think he was enjoying his privacy.

which kinda surprises me, cause he has a huge living area (the mother-in-law quarters)

with his own kitchenette, jacuzzi tub, and entrance.

oh well. maybe (hopefully) it's just my imagination.

even though I'm exhasted,

I did ask jack if he had wanted to go to the ucla basketball game tonight. he said no. oh well.

I put a stouffers lasagna in the oven over an hour ago,

so I need to start the salad now.

will check-in before bed.


tonight didn't exactly go as planned;

I burned the lasagna (badly),

and had to improvise w/tuna melts sandwiches,

had to separate a massive dog misunderstanding which caused some blood, and a burnt dinner,

and both girls and I had 'a discussion' about having

boy visitors show-up after 10pm.

oh well. it's good to be home.

the rest of my evening was spent going thru mail,

paying bills, and watching ucla basketball.

oh, and I had a 'nice chat' w/l.g.,

I'm sorry; but her eldest son is an asshole, plain and simple. he really needs to go into the service to get some discipline, and to have his male/bitch ego brought down a few notches.


ugh. it's no wonder lions kill the young of other lions when they take over the pride.

anyway. tomorrow is going to be spent doing laundry,

bank runs, oil changes, a haircut (trim),

and maybe even a movie for me.

the girls are going to a birthday party tomorrow night

that is girl6 related,

and I have no clue what grandpa jack has planned.

I was invited by a neighbor to go to the lakers/clippers game tomorrow night, so I may take him up on his offer.

ok. I'm going to go watch sportscenter in bed.


to be continued on 'my thoughts.1.2'...

these are my thoughts, and my thoughts alone...