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my thoughts.1.2

(17 Jan 2012 - 23 Jan 2012)

COMPLETED: 23 Jan 2012/10:30pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

17 Jan 2012/11am


just wanted to get this new page established and published.

the magnitude of negative energy here this morning is so fukin thick right now, which is ridiculous because I haven't done anything to deserve the attitude.

changes will be forth coming immediately.

after all, this is my house.

in the meantime, I plan on 'not' putting myself in a 'stressfull' situation.

so now that I've completed my 'dailies',

I'm going to go take a drive on the pacific coast highway (pch) and enjoy the beautiful day.

I'll check-in later. have a great tuesday everyone.


hi guys.

I just got back a little while ago from my 'afternoon drive'.

I keep forgetting that areas of the coast

will periodically have fog until mid afternoon.

anyway, it was nice to just put the top down,

(side windows up), and some cool jazz tunage blarring.

I made it down to laguna beach,

and had lunch at one of my fav eateries; las brisas.

by the time I got there, around 1pm, the business lunch crowd was thinning out.

and considering the sun was out and it was near 60',

I had a nice lunch on the patio:

a grilled ahi burger w/extra mango relish and a bowl of salmon chowder. no alcohol, just tea.

I really enjoy dining alone sometimes, along with going to the movies and shopping.

funny thing is; since Ash came into my life I have hardly been alone, not that I'm complaining mind you.

but since I have always been a 'loner' nearly all my life

(my marriages not withstanding) I am very comfortable within myself to just do things by myself.

and today, especially today; I just needed to be alone.

so here I sit upstairs in my bedroom surrounded by ALL my petz (not quite sure why they are all here, perhaps they can sense I'm stressed-out.)

Ash is doing homework in her room, Jessica is finishing up a proposal in the study, and Ashley is watching a movie in the basement movie room.

a serious conversation is only moments away.

not exactly sure how I am going to be able to keep my composure throughout.

but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

I'm sure I'll be back here soon.

*actually, I received an email from someone today that has a pretty good insight on certain aspects of 'life-in-general', so I may just unload 'everything' on her to read.

not that I will be looking for answers or even her opinions; but sometimes it really helps me to just 'release' my 'exact' thoughts and not be judged for what I have to say.

poor young lady has no idea; after she reads my email,

I may never hear from her again.

oh well; easy come, easy go I guess.

ok then, I am obviously stalling the inevitable.

I guess it's time.


ok then. whatever.

so Ash and I are going out for sushi,

and she needs some new clothing,

as some of her jeans have just magically disappeared.

anyway, it'll be good for the both of us to spend some

time together, as we really need to talk.

have a great evening you guys, I'll check-in later...


good evening everyone.

well, I had a pretty standard evening after having my conversation with my daughter's mother.

Ash and I had fun together eating raw fish and a couple other 'strange & disgusting' items.

but you never know what it's going to taste like

until you try it.

after dinner, my 'little driver' and I went to the mall and picked-up a couple of pairs of jeans for her.

she thinks it's funny that I enjoy shopping, which I do.

my ex-wife liked that about me also.

anyway, I'm going to call Ash' grandparents here in a minute and talk with them.

a year ago, my life was so much easier.

ya, it was a wee-bit boring, but it was easier.

ok, I'm done, have a great night everyone.

good nite...    

18 Jan 2012/1:30pm

good afternoon all.

been keeping busy all day;

after doing my early morning duties (I need hay),

I started laundry, and put together an awesome red sauce

in the crockpot for dinner tonite.

lots of veggies in the sauce today.

probably have a choice of tortellini, linguini, and penne to dump the sauce on.

while the crock was blending all the flavors into one,

I took the dogz over to the park/run for a couple hours and to get some 'fresh air'.

*that's a bullshit excuse/reason to get the hell outa the house for a while.

I even took my lunch (soup in a thermos) to enjoy in the bright outdoors.

ok then. I still have some domestic errands to run before I pick Ash up from school. I'll check-in later...


good evening.

sorry I haven't been checking-in as regularly as I could be,

I just have been pre-occupied the last couple of days.

hey, this single parent stuff is not nearly as easy

as it appears on tv.

even though I have most of it 'goin'-on', I am still not quite doing it correctly , I think.

of course, having a house full of animals, 3000+ pounds of breathing, eating, shitting machines outside; and a dozen loads of laundry a day is no picnic either.

think about this; every pet is so dependant.

the cats must have their 2 litter boxes

(one up-stairs, one down-stairs)

cleaned-out twice a day.

the dogs need their wet food in the morning,

dry food at night, water dishes constantly monitered for refills, and hopefully a 'park-run' or walk

sometime during the day.

and these horses.

I still have no fukin idea what I'm doing with these guys. fresh straw in the stalls daily, oats/grain and hay, water constantly, AND I'm suppose to brush these beasts at

least 3-4 times a week (not when it rains tho!)

plus, shampoo them once a week?

and brush their teeth? wtf?

no wonder I'm up at 4:30am to clean-up the shit piles

from my creatures!

the things we do for the things we love.

things around here will be changing very soon,

I think that no matter how you schedule your day, it never happens exactly the way you hope it will.

btw, my sauce tonight was a huge success, my french bread was a little hard tho; I left it in the warmer to long.

ok it's just past 9p and I am going to crash,

very tired tonite...  

19 Jan 2012/10am

good morning everyone.

my god; I got up this morning at 4:45a and there was frost on the grass outside, and it's been quite chilly all morning.

I think I need to pay more attention to the frost/weather reports. just something else to deal with.

as I was taking Ash to school this morn

(just her, no friends), we talked about having some hired-help come aboard and help us out.

I have some serious reservations about that tho;

being so security minded, my trust values are a little more intense than they are for other people.

but after talking with the mexi-godfather a little while ago, he says he may have an idea or two.

so he is coming over to watch ucla basketball tonite and we'll talk about my options.

that should be an interesting conversation.

anyway, Ash and I have been staying away from her mother the last couple of days;

everyone needs to take a breath and relax.

sometimes when words are spoken in the heat of a toxic conversation, you say things that are very hurtful and can't be 'taken back' no matter what.

tonight while ucla basketball is on tv, Jessica and Ashley are going to go to dinner and a movie, thank goodness.

ok then, I have some errands to run. mostly pet food and such. I'll get back to you guys soon enough...


good evening kids, from the basement area of the house known as the movie room area.

once upon a time when I was child-less and thought 'I' was going to be the only one living here, I was going to turn this basement home theatre area into my very own 'man-cave'.

a man-cave that the rest of the neanderthal fucks who came to visit me would want to have as their own!

a place that women would probably laugh at, but be willing to give up the nookie in.

I'm not talking candle wax on the nipples or handcuffs hanging from the ceilings, just a cool 'guy' room. but once Ash saw the 'home theatre' with stadium seating with 2 huge sleeper/sofas, she loved it.

oh well, I still have my bedroom. (handcuffs included)

so as I was saying; I'm down here w/Ash watching the movie titantic'97 as her homework assignment is to write a 2page esay of facts given in this presentation.

she is so cute; taking notes as she's watching.

dinner tonight was; deli sandwiches,

potato salad/coleslaw/mac salad,

corn chips, and iced tea.

so my day was mostly doing my shopping for the critter herd I have created, having another solo-lunch, and talking with the mexi-godfather about some things.

in fact he should be here within the hour to watch ucla basketball, and smoke his cigars.

as plans seem to change hourly around here;

my daughter and I will be leaving early tomorrow afternoon to the bay area.

she'll take a couple tests in the morn, and then boom,

outa there baby. I had a little situation with the hotel trying to get an additional nite (friday), but after agreeing to some 2nite sur-charge (wtf?), I got us an additional night.

I guess since the 'big game' is sunday,

these fukin hotels in the surrounding area can charge just about anything they want.

it's all good; even if the weather is wet on saturday,

her and I will have an excellent time.

she's going to miss school monday also. oh well.

alrighty, the mexi-godfather just came down here,

so I'll sign-off for now.


alrighty then.

I so love it when a plan comes together.

the mexi-godfather will be staying here until at least monday, I love that old man.

Ash has already completed her esay, and I have to say

she did an excellent job.

So considering we are both leaving tomorrow for the weekend, Ash and I will be talking the kidz for a

walk in a minute.

the house will be in excellent hands while I'm gone.

I am so in a great mood right now.

ok then. the ucla basketball game is currently at halftime, and I wanna walk the dogs and then watch

the rest of the game.

talk to ya guys tomorrow. good nite.

20 Jan 2012/7am

I'm up, it's raining, and the mexi-godfather has already completed my poop duties for the day.


since the majority of my early morn-chores have already been done for me, I will be making pancakes now.

Everyone here loves my sour cream pancakes.

plus; I'm thinking hickory smoked bacon and scram-eggs.

so there you go.

I still have to throw some clothing into a bag for the san fran trip, apparently the chance for a wet weekend is very real.

no worries, 'the city by the bay' is beautiful

no matter what the weather.

I've been 'told' that it would be awesome if we could take a tour of alcatraz, and maybe do the boat tour

under the golden gate bridge.

that sounds great to me.

it's fairly chilly outside, and foggy also.

but it's really warm upstairs in my room with all

these furry creatures.

yesterday/last night was the best day we've had around here, in a couple weeks now.

it's so nice when everyone can get along.

I sent an email describing my 'current situation' to somebody whose values and life experience is so far ahead of anybody I've 'never' met; not for advice or anything like that,

just basically to help relieve the stress by writing it down.

and even though she is just a 'virtual valuation concept',

I trust her opinion more than some people

I've known for over 20yrs.

sometimes the people whose opinion really matters most,

is someone who doesn't have an emotional tie to you,

and can give an insight to a situation not really caring what the over-all outcome will be.

sometimes a friend is somebody you don't even know. alrighty then, those are pretty deep insights of thoughts

to have before 6am.

I need to go back downstairs and get some caffeine inside my body, hopefully the mexi-godfather didn't water down the coffee by adding that rock-gut whisky he loves so much.

I'll check-in with you all a little bit later...


surprise, surprise;

grandpa jack just showed-up to the house.

he and his daughter, (Ash' mom) are currently in the downstairs bedroom talking about some things.

I can't be concerned about whatever they have going on,

I'm just finishing up putting our gear in the car for our trip to san fran. I got to pick her up in about 45min (12:25p) and then we will go on to LAX for our 4pm flight.

I almost forgot she needs to have a bite of something before we get on the bird, she's missing her lunch period at school.

I actually got a call from her counselor saying she has missed quite a few days during the current grading period.

no worries. they were because of me.

so I guess I got 'in trouble' for having my daughter taking so much time out of class. shit.

I guess this is our last trip for a while.

anyway, I'm hoping Ashley and her dad can try to come to some work-able agreement on something.

I can't come home to the same situation that

I'm currently leaving.

alright, I'm going to go say bye to all my kidz,

and get on the road. I'm thinking of picking-up some grub for the kid and I to scarf before the airport.

I'll let you guys know after we check-in.

next stop: San Francisco, Ca

home of the 5-time Super Bowl Champion

San Francisco 49ers


well, we finally made it.

between the time I picked-up Ash from her school,

and then check-in into our hotel room; 8 hours & 36 minutes. incredible. apparently it's been raining here in the city all day. and they're expecting it to last until monday.

well, san francisco is beautiful no matter what the weather.

so, we are going out for a late dinner, (late for us anyway). not really sure what our plans are for tomorrow,

I really would like for us to take a red/white bay tour,

we'll have to see.

also, I have my first decision to make concerning

'my' family meeting Ash.

these people I haven't had contact with for over a decade want me to bring her to a family gathering like she is a new puppy or something. I declined. I don't know these 'relatives' any longer; let alone want to see them again.

yes, I have contact with one of my cousins because of sfgiants/49ers tix, but that is all.

I did have a conversation with my daughter about this,

and 'we' agreed on this.

by the way; did I ever mention to you guys that my kid is 'smarter' than me? maybe not 'life/street' smart, but her 'iq' tests and memory retention puts my shambled brain waves in the gutter. I need to talk to one of the 'smartest' people I know, and see what her 'iq' is. I'm almost afraid to ask.

ok then, my dinner date is ready;

both of us are wearing blue jeans, sweaters, and a coat.

(yes, I have a pair of blue jeans on)

now to go talk with the concierge to find out which restaurant in the immediate area is kid & blue jean friendly.

I don't think we will be out too late tonight.


well now; that was one of the quickest and tastiest dinners I've had in a long time.

we decided to just go across to pier 39 and have dinner;

crab chowder, artichokes, fish & chips,

and bruschetta w/tomatoes, garlic & basil.

the place was nearly empty when we arrived,

I guess the wet weather kept everyone home/inside.

in fact, we were the last table served before

they closed at 10pm.

Ash is reading thru a tour book she picked up downstairs,

and just as soon as I wrap-up this entry,

I am so going to bed.

the concierge said the bay tours should go as scheduled tomorrow unless there are high winds

and/or the water gets choppy.

I guess we'll wait and see what's what in the morning.

hope everyone had a safe and 'warm' friday night.

good nite all...

21 Jan 2012/8am

good morning from one of the most wonderful areas in the entire world; the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am still so tired,

but don't want to waste a moment while I'm up here. yesterday was a total 'screwy' day altogether;

from getting chastised from a teacher from Ash' high school about having her miss so many class hours (my bad),

to almost beating the fuck out of a tsa agent in lax for groping my daughter

(a complaint letter 'will be' forth-coming),

having nearly a 2hr delay departing los angeles, and once we arrived in san fran, being 'chilled to the bone'. actually, the last comment isn't really a 'complaint', I've just forgotten how damp and chilled the bay area is during a winter storm. 'the stick' will be absolutely 'cold & wet' tomorrow.

but I am so looking forward to it.

my 'sleepy head' travel companion has just awaken,

and runs to the window and says;

"yay, the weather is nice today"

(which translates to: 'it's not raining')

I'll wait to inform her 'after she gets outa the shower' not to get too excited about the weather,

as it 'will' most likely rain throughout the day.

but it doesn't matter.

we are still going to have a wonderful time together today. ok then. my daddy-duties await; to find her a couple diet cokes for her morning caffeine intake.

I'll check-in a little later.

have a fantastic saturday everyone.


alrighty boys and girls,

it's about time to let the memories begin.

we're not exactly sure what we are going to do;

but whatever it ends up being,

I'm thinking we need to stay out of the

weather as much as possible,

considering the fact we will be in 'the shit' pretty

much all day tomorrow.

and speaking of 'weather for tomorrow';

what the fuck is this 'thunderstorm possible shit'?

well, maybe the storm will bring out the best of the

sf49ers rushing attack.

ok, I'm getting a little bit of a

'it's time to get the fuck outa here dad stare';

so we are off, talk later.


good saturday evening everyone.

we just got back to the hotel from taking a twilight cruise

on the bay.

it was beautiful seeing the City from that perspective.

it was crazy cold, but worth it.

met a group of nygiants fans who were just having a great time and enjoying everything san fran has to offer.

not so sure we will all be this friendly towards

one another tomorrow.

speaking of the game;

I'm not sure how true this is, but;

overheard a couple talking about the problems w/sf49er fans from last weeks saints game w/rival fans.

and that sfpd is going to have undercover officers dressed as nygiant fans to possibly thwart problems.

really? have the fans here in san francisco sunk that low now? very disappointing to hear.

I hope that the section were in (season tix)

doesn't have that problem.

assholes can ruin a great time for everyone.

alright, Ash just warmed-up in the shower, now it's my turn.

and then; chinatown for dinner.

I'll check-in before bed.


I am so tired right now.

I am so going to sleep in tomorrow morning.

no dogs to let out to pee, no shit to clean-up,

no school transport, no breakfast to fix.

just my kid laying in the bed next to mine already asleep.

we took a cab to/fro china town;

and ate chinese food until we couldn't eat another bite. (american chinese, not that raw noodle shit)

the pot stickers w/bug juice was my favorite,

but the kung pao was outstanding. Ash must have eaten 5lbs of white rice with veggies, she loves that sticky rice.

the restaurant the cabbie recommended was packed,

so we walked down the block and found one

not that crowded.

hmm. maybe there was a reason there weren't

that many people in the place.

seriously, the food and service was awesome.

all in all, it was a fantastic day.

can't wait for the game tomorrow, should be great.

 alright guys, I'm beat. good nite...

22 Jan 2012/noon

hey ya.

you would think that having the opportunity to watch my most favorite sports team of all time play 'live' for a chance to get to their 6th super bowl (their last was 1995),

I would be more excited.

well thanks to my cousin hounding me all week to give him two of the tickets, and his siblings upset that I didn't go to the east bay for dinner last night, AND the fact that I'm expected to arrive at candlestick 4hrs early to tailgate with a bunch of 'unknown' drunks and expose my 15yr old daughter to a bunch of ass-fucks... no thanks.

so I've decided (this very moment) that Ash and I will arrive to the stadium about an hour early and go straight

to our seats. fuck them!

oh, and since my name and 'not' my cuz' name is on the tickets, if the 9ers win I get 2 super bowl tix.

and I shall take my daughter,

and celebrate her 16th b-day at indy.

to bad cuz; you shouldn't have been such a whiney little mitch (man-bitch) this entire week.

besides, I'm the one who suffered the embarrassment of being the only 49er fan in my entire school

when they were 2-12.

the only 7th grader who wore a sf49er jacket while everyone else had raider jackets.

so I believe 'I' deserve to attend the 'big game',

and seeing how that my child

(who has just been recently referred to as; 'that damn kid' shouldn't even get a ticket to the nygiants game-quote...)

is INDEED, my child; she goes where I go!!!

so, that's what I'm now dealing with.

it's a shame that 'someone' will not be attending any

sfgiants games this year. I'd rather 'eat them' than share them with any relatives.

too bad you can't legally kill your kin, it would be a hell of a half time show today at 'the stick.'

I would be the one with the fists wailing the shit out of an over-weight 55yr old bald guy!

(I'm not fat, and have a ton of hair)

ok. I feel better after expressing myself.

so, I'm thinking we will go across the way to the wharf and grab some lunch now.

go San Francisco 49ers!!!

I'll get back to you all after the game.

have a fantastic sunday everyone...


well shit, shit, shit.

as I'm sure most of you have already heard;

the sf49ers were beaten by the nygiants in overtime,

losing the chance at a 6th super bowl title.

even though the team I was cheering for did not win,

I still had an excellent time w/Ash.

and after my cuz told me he was sorry for

'what he said' and 'how he said it',

it was all good.

I can't remember the last time I was at a 49er game and have the weather be so dreary and wet.

as soon as we both got back to the hotel, we peeled-off our wet clothing, put on sweats and ordered some room service.

our flight doesn't leave until the late afternoon,

so we'll check-out by 1ish and then Ash wants to go to some t-shirt shoppe she saw a print advert for,

and then we'll head to sfo.

have had an excellent trip w/my daughter,

and it may be our last escapade until her spring break.

*being the bad father I am by having her miss so much class time, shame on me, wtf was I thinking?

anyway, not really much to say; oh...

I signed-up for this parent dating site a couple weeks ago and instead of paying 'another' worthless fee, I just mention in my profile to use facebook/gahollywoodkiss to contact me.

so far I've had quite a few women respond.

funny thing tho; I either get 25-35yr olds OR 55+ respond. kinda young, kinda old I would say.

35 to 50 is about my age bracket.

not too young she has no idea what the world is about,

yet not too old she is applying for medi-care.

hmmm. I guess that is kinda asshole-ish of me to label people by their ages. sorry.

I'm sure there are plenty of younger women out there who would be perfect for me, and maybe even a couple elder-cougars willing to bite my ass also.

oh well. no rush for a relationship.

I've had enough female drama in my life the past couple of weeks to make me want to remain single

for quite some time.

ok then. we're going to watch moneyball on pay-per-view,

so I'll say good night.

have a great monday/week everyone. 

23 Jan 2012/noon

good morning/afternoon... whatever, you get it.

I thought I'd give you guys a 'quickie'

(a 'quickie-nooner', oh how long has it been?.. TOO long!)

before we check-out of the hotel and do some shopping on our way to the airport.

Ash wants to go to this 'retro-clothing' shoppe and pick-up a few 'old' t-shirts, ie: 'wheres the beef', if it feels good do it', I'm a pepper', and so on.

incredible. I can remember seeing those t-shirts when they first came out. I say damn-man, I'm getting old.

speaking of 'old', I got some 'fun-flack' from a couple of my readers last night after they (ladies) read my last entry of 55+ women being too old for me. LOL

one in particular; 'baja' said she'd be right over in her wheelchair, and would take her false teeth out

before servicing me. and apparently her wheelchair 'isn't' motorized, cause I'm 'still waiting'. ha ha. fun stuff.

but seriously, age isn't really that much an issue with me;

as long as she is a wonderful mother,

a beautiful personality, and not a psycho.

*that, is my ideal woman.

oh and yes, she must 'love cats and dogs'.

and NOT a usc trojan alumni. sorry elisa.

ok then guys,

I guess I'll try this tv-on-screen-check-out-thing.

I so miss the days of 'personal attention' when

customer service really mattered.

do you guys remember those days when you could actually 'talk' to a 'real' person and not a computer sim or worse yet; a 'real person' who doesn't understand english

nor even speak it well?

see you all; I'm not just a guy with a great bod and pretty face, I gots me some smarts too!

alrighty then, it's just past 12p, time to check-out before I get an additional charge for 1/2 a day.

*yes, a 1/2 day charge, you believe that shit?

last damn time I stay at 'the mission'... LOL

I'll get back to you guys from the comfort of my own bed, surrounded by animals and cold beer in the fridge.

have a great monday all.

good bye san francisco, I love you!


hey... I was actually going to wait and do my next entry from home, but I thought I would just 'jot-down'

what just happened.

anyway; we're here at san fran international and I was going to get a quick drink in one of the bars when an obnoxious group of new york giants fans walked-in and just began acting like totally fucking assholes.

ok guys, you won, your going to the super bowl.

good for your team.

now get the fuck outa california with your idiotic behavior. the only thing worse than a 'sore loser' is a 'ass-hole winner' that feels it necessary to drag the losing team and

their fans thru the mud.

well, I guess I'll be rooting for the new england patriots to kick the giants ass on super bowl sunday!

it's ironic how we all came together as a nation because of 9/11, and gave our hearts to the city of new york.

but I guess what I have heard for so long is true;

new yorkers are all 'assholes'.

what a shame. a few pieces of shit label everyone associated with their team. so be it.

I appologize to my readers from the great state of new york, but these fans were totally out-of-line with their comments and actions towards everyone.

on the lighter-side;

Ash felt it in her budget of weekly allowances to blow a 'wad' on a few 'retro-t-shirts' from 20yrs ago w/an accompany certificate of authenticity.

for a t-shirt? wtf?

but she wanted them and paid for them herself.

good for her.

airport security was just in the bar with the obnoxios fucks. but of course, security let them be. pussies!!! ha ha.

ok then, not sure if we're going to have a delay or not,

but I guess I should go check.

see ya soon...


back home in southern cal. thank goodness,

don't get me wrong, I love, LOVE the bay area;

that's where my family is from.

but I just love coming home is all.

unless you've ever been 'homeless' before,

you really don't understand what it's like 'not' to have a place to go. it's a shitty feeling. trust me.

ok then. so once again, my dogs go beserk once we get home; poor beverly always seems to pee in the house just a little bit when everyone gets excited.

I'm guessing it is a bassett hound thing.

since my last update nothing really 'happened' worth mentioning; except the fact that my dvr was to record 'american idol' sunday after the 49ers game.

but seeing how the game went into overtime,

the recording was the last part of the game itself.

oh joy, reliving the moment. we did all watch it though;

and I have to tell ya, it was alot warmer,

and minus the 'joe buck commentary', was a better view.

the tix we have are great seats,

located on the 45yrd line, 12rows up/visitors side.

but sometimes, I just enjoy a good tv game.

and I have to say;

the environment as far as the sf49ers fans go,

has drastically changed.

I used to know everyone who sat around me, but no more. all the oldies have died or give/sell their tix away.

a bunch of drunken idiots were behind us,

and I just about lost my composure in front of Ash a couple of times due to their stupid-ass comments.

I'm not going to give up the seats as my family has had them for many, many years, but I may never go to another game again. I guess I'll sell them every once and awhile,

when my cuz can't go.

I guess my priorities have changed.

I'm actually not that excited about the whole 'sports'

thing anymore. maybe I just need to take a break from the traveling to these events for a while.

I really do like being home.

I told Ash she could stay home tomorrow if she wanted to, but she wants to go to class so I don't get in trouble

from her teachers again. she's such a good kid.

speaking of my daughter;

I have an email friend who has been giving me 'girl/school' advice concerning Ash. and it's not judgemental advice, or 'you should' do things this way

(as some of you have sent me... no worries),

but just stuff that I may not have thought about.

what's crazy is; this young lady cares enough to actually type up an email with advice and thoughts and just does it because she's a nice person.

(actually her friend reads this forum, and they discuss it) but what I'm getting at is; I've gotten more caring and useable advice from someone I'll never meet, and her own mother doesn't really seem to care. just saying...

thanks L., thanks ADH. I really do appreciate you guys.

well, it's just past 10:30p, and I need to be up by 6am. apparently, we (grandpa jack and myself) are going to complete the 'tack room' tomorrow. btw, wtf is tack?

why not just call the room 'horse gear storage'?

I just don't get it. horses!

hey, dogs, cats they love ya.

they wag their tail, sit on your face when your sleeping

and purr. these are great animals.

but that horse, jack... I swear when he is looking at me with those dark eyes he's saying: "come here moutha-fucka, let me kick the shit outa ya for trying to ride me... bitch"!

ok time for bed.

to be continued on 'my thoughts.1.3'...