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'my thoughts.1.3'

(09 Jan 2013 - 14 Jan 2013)

completed: 14 Jan 2013/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

09 Jan 2013/8pm


I've been down all day.

I have no idea what 'shitty bug' crawled up inside me.

my temp is semi-norm at 99.8,

have had chills the last 12hrs,

I'm constantly tired,

and my lungs have fluid in them.

besides all the above, I'm perfect.

ok. I'll stop bitching.

Jessica arrived a few hours ago,

and is in charge (she thinks) while I'm here in bed.

seriously though, she really is a huge asset,

and the girls love her just as much as I do.

my dinner tonight was about as exciting as ever;

brown rice, scrambled eggs, and an english muffin.

plus I've drank at least 2 gallons of water.

all three girls left about an hour ago to go grab some dinner and whatever else they're going to do.

not that 'my rules' are always followed,

but I did 'mention' that the girls need to be in

bed by 10p tonight.

we'll see how that goes.

I'm currently watching 'Yellowstone: Battle for Life' on dvd. I love this documentary.

it's about the variety of creatures that live out their lives in the national park; breeding, hunting, surviving.

if you've never seen this, you really should.

I had it on dvr, but it got 'mistakenly' erased last summer.

so Elli found it for me on

if you like 'real' nature docu's, you'll love it.

I want popcorn. and a beer.

that would be an awesome snack for my healthy-diet.

fuck-it, I'll be back.


I had beer in my fridge up here, but had to go downstairs to find a package of popcorn.

all we had was 'micro' kettle corn (too sweet),

and the 'smart pop' crap the girls eat (yuk).

so I'm eating a slice of heated apple pie with cheddar on top, and a glass of diet sprite.

and I have to admit, it taste pretty damn good.

my day tomorrow will depend on how I feel.

I do have some things I really need to get done.

but now that Jess is here,

she will be able to assist me with everything around here,

plus with what is currently going on in arizona.

I'm sure I'll be able to share with you guys soon about my next business venture.

I really feel very positive about this idea/concept.

we break ground april 2013.

and yes, I did convince my 'partner' we both needed to invest 'equally' to assure a legit contractual agreement.

I don't think there would ever be a problem,

but sometimes things just do not work out as planned.

and having his wife involved is another issue altogether. man this pie is fucking good!

I would have rather had a big glass of cold milk with this, but the 'milky' phlegm when I'm sick is disgusting.

Ash just called me and asked if I needed anything,

so I told her to get some 'pop secret buttered popcorn'.

she is such a sweetheart.

I guess they went to the olive garden in thousand oaks

for dinner.

I had to remind the girls that even though Jessica is back, they still have their responsibilities of chores,

homework, and such.

alright. I need to brush my teeth and gargle.

and then when the cleanse-taste vanishes,

take a dosage of nyquil.

if I awake in the middle of the night, I'll write some more. good night and sweet dreams...

10 Jan 2013/4pm


been in bed all damn day.

I did 'try' to get up earlier and even posted my daily pic,

but I was still so tired.

I called and made a doc-appt for tomorrow afternoon,

after they 'squeezed' me in.

sometimes going to a civi-doc is easier than going to the va and sitting there for 3-4hrs before they finally see you.

but the civi also charges more $$$,

where-as the va is 'no charge'.

I feel a little better, but as I stated above, just real tired.

Ash came in here about 15min ago to check on me,

and to see if I wanted anything to eat.

I'm so not hungry, but she did slice an apple and pear for me to munch on. what a great kid.

omg. let me tell you the 5 words every dad wants to hear from his daughter every month;

"dad, I need more grenades"

Ash loved my story of me as a child running around playing war w/my 'tampon-grenades' tied to my chest so much

that she started calling them that.

I really don't give a shit what she calls 'them',

as long as they are necessary 'every month'.

ok. I'm just going to close my eyes for a while,

I'll be back in a little bit.


I'm up having some 'home-made' chicken tortilla soup, sopapillas w/honey, and mexican bean salad.

grandma palacios brought over a huge amount of food earlier today for all of us.

the chicken/steak fajita meat smells awesome,

but I'm just not that hungry.

I'm eating this soup which is awesome, but warming-up the sopapillas in the micro and then adding a little

butter w/honey; OMG! so fucking good.

still only drinking water though.

sorry this entry is really fucking boring,

but I haven't done much in the last 36hrs.

all 7 dogs were in bed w/me when Jess woke me up to eat, and reminded me that ucla basketball plays tonight.

so I'm up until at least the end of the ucla game.

ha. I just noticed grandpa jack left me a voice-mail on my cell today telling me it's forcasted to be 'under' 30' tonight, and that he and a neighbor are covering everything they can, including the horses.

burr, that's cold.

ok then. I'm going to re-nuke this soup and try to eat some more before the game starts.

I'll check-in before going back to bed for the night.

**sorry, just noticed I 'did not' publish my last entry, will publish my updates now.


hey guys. I'm going down fast.

I'm ready for bed, and can barely keep my eyes open.

will 'check-in' with you guys after my 'earlier' dr appt tomorrow morning.

shit. I really don't feel well.

Jessica gave me these 'cold-eeze' lozenges,

they taste like aluminun-foil.

damn. good night...

11 Jan 2013/8pm

hi guys.

this is going to be short but sweet.

I did go to the doctor this morning as planned,

but waited over an hour to get seen.

the prognosis; acute bronchitis.

which means I may have acquired the flu also,

even though I did get my flu shot a few months back.

what a gyp!!!

and the real 'shit' about this is,

(according to my doc)

antibiotics will NOT help, and may also be harmful.

which really sucks the 'hairs off my ass',

cause I thought for sure I'd get a shot of penicillin with a 10 day 'follow-up' supply. nope.

he said that because I don't smoke, it would be best just to let my body flush-out the virus.

and, it could take up to 2-4wks to totally exit my body. shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've never had any sort of bronchitis before,

and the the doc told me that because I've been exposed to alot of 2nd hand smoke lately,

plus the stronger strain of flu this year may have something to do with my current predicament.

so... whatever. I'm going to 'take-it-easy' thru the weekend, and then get back on schedule monday morning.

I'm cuurently in my bedroom w/5 dogs, 2 cats,

a case of various flavers of gaterade,

and 2 boxes of instant oatmeal. I'm set.

Jessica took Girl6 to the movies tonight (a haunted house), and grandpa Jack is out at a local pub having a few. again. oh ya, I'm watching 'Napoleon Dynomite/2004' also.

funny flick.

ok, thats' enough sharing for now.

I'll be back in a few hours before I go to bed.

hope everyone is having a 'better' friday than me...

12 Jan 2013/4pm

I'm still sick,

so I won't bore you w/my thoughts on this.

what I will share with you is this;

I received a 'postal' letter this past week from a lady who I 'got to know' while I was in the marines.

it's been over 27yrs since I've talked to/seen this woman,

who was 'married' at the time of our 'friendship'.

she's been reading this site now for a few weeks and decided to make contact.

I'm looking forward to calling her,

but will wait until I feel better to do so.

I couldn't have much of a conversation anyway,

as I'm coughing every 2-3min.

these cough suppressants aren't working worth a damn!

I am so surprised at times to see who from my past has discovered my web-site and have chosen to read

these boring entries.

hmm, so lets see;

I was 21 during the summer of '85, and I believe she was 43.

and oh my gawd, she was a milf!!!

so with me being 49, that would make her 70.

wow. I guess we all are getting older eh?

she reminded me in the letter that I had wanted to marry her back then. followed by an 'lol'.

*I'm not say this is not true,

I just don't remember saying that.

ok then. the dogs just jumped from my bed and went running/barking downstairs as someone just came home.

so I'm going to go down and see whats' going on today.

*I've yet to talk to anyone.


good evening.

had a nice afternoon pretty much by myself,

even sat out back and got some much needed fresh air.

as I said in my above entry,

I won't mention anything about being sick.

but here is a 'fun-fact' for you; l.g. is sick as a dog also.

she still sounds pretty damn sexy on the phone though.

so I'm not so sure we both are sharing the same bug. anywho. I had a great 'sport teams day' today;

the ucla basketball team beat colorado earlier today,

and the san francisco 49ers just kicked-the-shit outa

the green bay packers this evening. ya baby!!!

not sure if I'd go to the bay next week-end if they

host the seahawks,

but if this tat'd-up qb leads the niners to

their 6th super bowl,

I would 'probably' plan a trip to new orleans.

when the 9ers played in the superdome in 1990, it was crazy. I don't think that trip would be appropriate

for 'the girls' though,

but taking grandpa Jack would be awesome.

and if I could arrange it, the mexi-godfather also.

I hope to get out of the house tomorrow,

at least for a few hours.

I'm currently up in my bedroom watching shows that I dvr'd all week to watch whenever;

tmz, mystery diners, undercover boss, 60minutes, new girl, two & a half men, and a few others.

Ash, Elli, and Jessica are at a birthday party of a

mother of girl6.

and grandpa Jack is in the movie room watching the matrix movies. (he has never seen them)

ok then. I'm going to crash.

have a great sunday everyone...

13 Jan 2013/8am

good morning.

feeling a little better,

so considering I'm the only one up right now;

Jack left an hour ago to west covina,

and all 3 girls are still asleep.

I'm taking myself out to iHop for breakfast.

and going this early means I won't have

the 'sunday brunchers' or

'church goers' to eat with.

not that there is anything wrong with either of those things; but seeing how I'm not 100% well,

I'd rather just get seated, eat, and get out without a delay.

so with that being said, I'll see ya guys later.


had a fabulous time all by myself at iHop this morning. ordered the all you can eat pancakes 'regular style'

an endless pot of java,

and a side of bacon, well done.

the place wasn't very busy when I arrived,

but as I was leaving about 90min later

(I took my time; eating, reading the paper, and so forth)

I overheard the hostess say there was a 10-15min wait.

I guess I shouldn't have stayed so long,

but the girls called me and wanted me to bring

them some food home.

so I had to wait for their orders to be prepared.

my waitress didn't lose out on any loss monies tho,

I always tip 'very well' when I have exceptional service.

so I brought home 2 chicken fried steak meals,

2 orders of corned beef hash, and 3 orders of pancakes;

blueberry, chocolate chip, and new york cheesecake.

a rather expensive breakfast,

especially for dining

no worries. it was great to get out of the house

for a few hours.

now I'm sitting in the den 'totally alone' watching the end of the seahawk-falcon playoff game.

Ash & Elli are upstairs getting ready for a 'double date'

to the movies,

and Jessica took the kidz to the dog park for me.

plus grandpa Jack is on his way back from west covina WITH the mexi-godfather riding along.

*not sure what's up with that.

ok then. this seahawk-falcon game just became 'interesting'. I'll be back in awhile.


good sunday evening.

been relatively busy 'doing nothing' since my last entry.

as far as everyone else goes;

Jack & the mexi-godfather are starting a new project tomorrow morning that will take 7-10 days.

the girls came home from their 'double date'

all smiling and shit.

when I inquired about their 'elevated mood',

they just both gave me a hug,

and said they had a really good time.

(again, not sure if I need to be worried)

Jessica did alot for me today;

taking the dogs to the park,

did a few loads of laundry,

got groceries for breakfast/lunches for the week,

and even cooked dinner tonight;

stuffed shells w/pesto,

broccoli & cauliflower, and garlic bread.

I hardly ate, but did at least sit at the table with everyone and listened to stories of the past few days.

it's amazing that you can all live under the same roof,

and if you miss a few days of convo,

you miss alot.

anyway. I'm going to go to bed, watch some local news and then get some sleep.

I hope you all have a great week.

good night.

14 Jan 2013/9am

good morning everyone.

it's monday;

grab a coffee and get your ass to work,

school, the golf course, beauty shop,

or wherever you go...

I finally feel as if I had a semi-restfull night sleep.

for the past 5 nights I've been taking nyquil before bed,

and let me tell you, my dreams have been 'wicked'

to say the least.

I mean crazy shit like;

running naked along p.c.h. carrying a stuffed turkey,

doing a presentation about relationships in front of every woman I've ever dated,

or sitting w/my late father watching movies that were released after he died,

and then marrying a 'twenty-something' who wanted to have a baby w/me and so I went to have a 'reversal',

and they cut-off my 'package'.

fuck this nyquil induced dream-nightmare shit.

I dream every night as it is,

but normally I can 'almost' control what I dream.

not these past few days though.

it was like these 'channels' of thoughts had been waiting

for an opening, and then... bam!!!

I'm ready to have dreams of sex w/celebrities,

flying w/wings,

and sailing around the world again.

*at this point,

I wouldn't care if some of the celebs were even male... lol

so anyway. I was informed about an hour ago that I am going to 'lowes' w/grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather to purchase supplies and such for their upcoming project. *which I'm still a little hazy about.

plus, I was also 'briefed' by Ash before they shuffled-out the door to school that we are having company for dinner tonight, and they are vegetarians.

the boy she likes and his parents are invited.

(along w/2 younger brothers, and 1 older sister) seriously??? ya, I gave her 'the look', yes I did!!!

and vegetarians?

so with what I was 'hoping' to accomplish today,

and now my 'new duties', my schedule is officially a bust. thank god for Jess. I'll see ya guys later.


good afternoon.

it's been a busy, crazy, and busy day.

(ya, I said busy twice)

spent quite a bit a time and money at lowe's this morning w/the 'old men'.

still have not been told exactly what they are planning.

even though I have 'somewhat' of an idea,

I'll just wait for them to to tell me,

or until I see the 'gardening shack/storage area'

taking shape.

I told something to Ash during our usa rv trip together,

and now I'll tell you;

sometimes it's best 'not' to let on to others that you actually know 'what is going on' when they take for granted

that you don't.

which gives you the knowledge to do whatever

you want to do concerning the exact situation.

anyway. grandma palacios has been here since 1pm getting dinner ready for Ash' friend and family.

still not exactly sure 'why' this 'had' to happen tonight,

but whatever.

as long as I don't get 'blind-sided by anything' I'm good.

ok then. I'll be back in abit.

guess I need to get cleaned-up and such.

wish we could have done this another night,

or at least have a day or two advance knowledge beforehand.

I'm still not feeling well at all, and am not in the mood to entertain complete strangers.


well as much as I was sulking earlier,

it actually turned-out to be a fairly enjoyable night.

(for a few of us anyway)

*after the 'invitees' were over 80min late.

anyway. this entire 'production' was to intro me to Ash'

new boy 'friend' and his family so they could ask if

Ash could join them during spring-break to mexico.

this is the second time that Ash has 'put me on the spot' without any kind of warning.

I wasn't very happy about that,

but I think I played-it-off pretty well.

so during dinner, conversation was mostly about their family business, the kids school, and the meal.

dinner, which was prepared by grandma palacios,

a few of her relatives, and Jess was fantastic.

we had baked bean quesadillas, black bean salad,

zuchinni and pepper bean burritos,

portabella mushroom triple cheese enchiladas,

vegetable rice with hot peppers, and tofu mini-taco's.

not to mention; chips, salsa, homemade guacamole, and mushrooms stuffed w/pepper jack cheese

and bacon bits.

for desert we are going to have a fresh fruit salad w/hot peppers and extra sharp cheese chunks.

(yes, I left the dinner table... I'm sick, remember?!)

also, having the mexi-godfather sitting at the dinner table tonight was a point in my favor.

once again the palacios family has come to my rescue.

when the boys parents started to talk again about their impending trip to mexico,

old man palacios interrupted them mentioning the

mexican cartels drug activity.

everyone immediately became silent.

the godfather then continued to enlighten us all about the current activities of all the kidnappings, killings, and other negativities goings on across the border.

then the mother 'Wilma' asked him to stop talking about the 'darker side' of mexico in front of her children.

which in turn brought me into the conversation.

and I mentioned that I would be 'very hesitant' about having my 17yr old daughter go visit a country that is in such turmoil involving drug cartels.

and that I don't know them (the parents) at all.

the only response I received was from 'Fred' who said;

"we can remedy that by spending weekends together".

(oh joy I thought, as I smiled)

with that, I excused myself and went to check on the coffee in the kitchen, and came upstairs to write this up.

I think these 'neanderthals' may have figured-out I wasn't too appreciative of the way they had been speaking to grandma palacios and her relatives before/during dinner. they were treating them like servants,

and weren't being so nice about it.

anyway. after I finish this up I'm going to go back downstairs and mention to everyone

(yes, the 'bedrock clan' are still here)

that it 'is' a school night and that the girls need to

get to bed soon.

ok then. I think I've been up here long enough,

I can only play the 'sick card' for so long.

*even though my coughs sound like a

90yr old woman wheezing.

I may again update before I go to bed if anything

else 'exciting' happens.


my god, trying to get these people to leave was exhasting. any way, all is good now;

the girls are in bed, the old men are in the back having a scotch/cigar chat, and the palacios women are watching tv. I like it when there are alot of people staying here.

Jessica just returned from walking the dogz,

and I am getting ready to start another 'restless night sleep'. I have decided to wait to talk w/Ash on this whole

'dinner invite w/short notice thing',

and also about not wanting her to go to mexico

for spring-break.

maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day... not sure.

will play the next couple of days as they come,

still trying to 'shake this cold' or whatever I have.

ok then. this alka seltzer cold plus 'nightime' is kicking-in,

so it's time for bed .

good-nite, see ya tomorrow...

to be continued on 'my thoughts.1.4'...