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'my thoughts.2.5'

(19 Feb 2013 - 22 Feb 2013)

completed: 22 Feb 2013/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

19 Feb 2013/7am

good morning everyone.

been up since 6am,

I slept an extra hour as I stayed up past midnight last night watching the 'seal team six' movie on nat-geo channel. I had never seen this movie before,

andI have the movie on dvd,

but the damn thing caught my eye while I was

channel surfing laying in bed.

I didn't finish the movie though,

falling asleep with the tv on.

*fuck me. 'another sign' of getting older. anyway.

I missed the very begining/ending,

so I may have to open the dvd up and watch it in it's entirety. I looked thru a few of your emails yesterday,

and I appologize for forgetting to 'update' about the

'little girl' shepherd.

Jessica picked her up from the vet last friday,

and she is currently doing great.

the 'dog-doc' believes she had a reaction to

something she ate.

she doesn't appear to have a problem with the

purina puppy chow mixed w/warm water.

but may have eaten some of 'the kitten twins' wet food

the night she was sick.

by the way, her official name is now 'Saacha'.

Ash came up with that particular name during our

'grand canyon excursion'.

so anyway. puppy is fine. thank-you for your concerns.

I'm going to make a pasta/chicken parm-ranch salad this morning before I go out-and-about.

everybody loves the concoctions I come up with.

besides, with all the junk-food the girls and I ate

this past weekend,

we need to eat a little better for the next week.

I talked w/l.g. already this morning,

and we are going to definately 'meet-up' at 11am for lunch around the corner from her office.

her and I have a very important talk ahead of us.

hopefully, everything will be just fine.

but time is an issue.

well shit. the weather is looking rather gloomy out,

and thunderstorms are in the forecast.

I need to get outside to bbq the chicken for this salad.

I'll check-in again either later this morning,

or when I return from lunch.

hope you all have a fantastic tuesday.


thought I would say 'hey' before I depart for the

'lair of the beast'.

*ha-ha. if your reading this, I'm just kidding sweetheart.

I hope it's going to be a 'real' lunch,

and not just a "we really need to talk" hook-up.

cause I'm extremely hungry.

I made my 'pasta salad', and I took pics;

will post them tomorrow on 'february.2013'.

and btw, it's real, and spectacular!!!

I'm guessing the bowl will be empty by tonight.

no worries. hopefully I'll be 'eating-out' this evening.

ugh. I'm so not in the right frame of mind to do 'this' today. sometimes I just don't understand why life

can't be 'semi-normal' for me,

I'd even settle for 'semi-semi normal' at times!!!

anyway. I guess I should go;

I took a shower, washed my hair, and everything.

don't wanna waste my 'just cleansed body'.

I'll be back...


I've been home for nearly over an hour now,

and I'm the only one not in bed.

everybody is totally exhausted around here, including me. my day was mostly spent waiting for l.g. to meet with me,

for lunch and for dinner both.

it's always nice to be early in anticipation of seeing someone your looking forward to seeing.

I just wish everyone felt/acted the same way I did.

believe me, I understand 'people work' and have responsibilities and situations that prevent them from making commitments during 'office hours'.

but god damn. give me a fucking break.

every fucking time??!!

I'd rather date a las vegas cocktail server with a heart,

than a 'professional independent' with a brain!

even win I 'win', I 'lose' sometimes.

and yes, being in love with a smart woman is just as much as a 'turn-on' as making love to a woman with

'the perfect body'.

*and oh-my-god 'forbid' I'm lucky enough to find 'both'. damn you l.g., damn you to appellate court hell.

so with that being said,

my afternoon/evening didn't happen the 'exact way'

I was hoping for.

if I wanted to 'eat alone, I'd choose to do so on my own.

not by 'the chance of 'unforeseen-circumstances'!!!

anyway. I did make a few new 'acquaintances'

during my day.

so it wasn't a total loss.

as far as the haps around here?, I have no idea.

I wasn't briefed as of yet.

Jessica and I are flying to scottsdale on thursday

for the day to 'hopefully' close this property deal.

I wish we could have done a 'cash deal',

verses this escrow shit. but whatever.

we leave in the morning, return later that night.

grandma palacios will be here to assist with N.J.

while we're gone.

I don't think grandpa Jack would be too happy about being here 'alone' with 'the old woman' all day.

she likes him, but he is 'way not' interested.

it's not that my former-mom-in-law can't take

care of herself,

(I do have doubts about that)

but since she did have two 'heart episodes' a few years ago,

and being responsible for her while she's here,

I feel better having someone with her when I'm not around. again, I thank my lucky stars for having

the palacios family available.

I'd officially change my name to palacios if it wasn't for the fact I love my own name.

besides, I earned the 'kiss-name' every time I went to a new school growing-up, marine bootcamp,

and putting-up w/every ass-fuck that ever said 'kiss my ass'. alrighty. it's nearing 10p and I want to shower 'again' before bed.

I hope everyone is having a good start to your week.

good night.

20 Feb 2013/noon

well now, I've had quite an interesting morning.

not really sure I would have gotten out of bed at 5am

had I known what was in my future in the next few hours. after doing poop patrol, drinking a few cups of java,

I started to fix the house french toast and sausage

for everyone's breakfast.

then came 'unexpected event number 1';

l.g. showed-up to the house.

the 'early morning, unannounced 'pop-in'.

actually, I admit I was 'pleasantly surprised'.

apparently she read my entry of last night,

and felt so bad about treating me like

'a west hollywood gigolo',

she rearranged her morning to 'make-it-up-to-me.

which she did, (unexpected event number 2).

*after the girls left for school,

and the rest of the herd had their breakfast.

anyway. while she was in the shower getting ready to officially start her day,

I received a text from my 'ex-wife' asking me

if we could talk.

so I called her, (unexpected event number 3).

we talked for about 20min, about all sorts of things;

she's getting remarried in may (her 4th),

her daughter is dating a scumbag,

she didn't want to talk to her mom (no surprise),

she has reconciled with her brother (surprised),

and she reads these updates daily.

(hello 'chapter 2' - l.y., nice chat we had)

also, she inquired about the 'yearly' financial agreement we share during this time of year.

(only 2 more payments to you l.y., you need to budget!!!)

and then almost on cue, I receive a call from ms east coast. (unexpected event number 4)

*which I didn't answer, cause you know;

l.g. was just getting out of the shower,

and needed help drying-off.

**yes, I'm always the 'helpful' boyfriend.

seriously. a crazy few hours.

I couldn't make this shit-up if I tried.

so now as the noon hour is fast approaching,

I still need to shower and get my day started.

(l.g. left about 20min ago).

by the way; what is the 'protocol for having my 'thrash-mate'/semi-girlfriend's stuff here in my house?

she has her own dresser w/6 drawers in my walk-in,

an additional 3 drawers in my bathroom,

and almost 4feet of hanging space in one of my closets.

and then she mentioned she needs more space to bring

'more stuff over'.

what the fuck is up with that?

oh, another thing. she also 'jots down' specific items she is

in-need-of here at casa-kiss;

tooth paste, floss, deodorant, shampoo & conditioner,

girl razors w/shave cream, a few lotions,

and the female products she regularly uses

for 'shark week'.

(she's running low on most of these items, she says)

am I seriously responsible for keeping tabs of

her personal inventory?

when I asked her this question,

her reply was; "absolutely you are"!

shit. just because I get to play in the 'sand-box'

every once in a while,

I didn't realize that I also had to maintain it.

plus. this chick ate the last damn bowl of my pasta salad before she left!!! fuck-me.

ok. I think I need to get my errands started, I'll be back...


well the rest of my day wasn't nearly as exciting

as how it began.

after 'we last talked',

I had to go to my mail box and pick up a few packages.

I also stopped at a coffee shop for lunch,

and then went to petco to buy nutrition for my animals. then came the 'super-boring' other errands'

the bank, dry cleaners, grocery,

and got the oil changed in the land cruiser.

then on the way home,

I picked-up a few pizzas, wings, and crazy bread.

everybody loves 'little ceasar's pizza'.

and then when I got back to the house,

l.g. and her two young-kids were there.

so I made a taco run,

and then got more milk/soda from the store.

*her kids wanted tacos. :)

l.g. and her kids stayed just past 8p,

having to go home fairly early cause it's a 'school night'. plus, I'm going to bed early to be ready to

leave to the airport by 5am.

Jessica and I have discussed not coming

back until midday friday,

so we'll have to see.

ok then. I'm going to go say 'good-nite' to the girls and

then get ready for bed myself.

I'll see you guys tomorrow, nite...

21 Feb 2013/4am


I've been awake since 3a,

and decided to get up instead of just laying there waiting

for my alarm to go off.

will be leaving here in about an hour for LAX,

taking our own vehicle this time.

I was watching sportscenter just a min ago,

and heard it had snowed in marana, az. wtf???

I think that city is close to tuscan,

so I don't believe there is much to worry about

where we're going.

anyway. will have this laptop with me, so if Jess and I spend the night, I'll still be able to update.

ok. coffee is ready, see ya.

-cont/noon(scottsdale time)-

was delayed on the tarmac,

leaving LAX this morn late by almost 30min.

no worries though.

as Jess and I aren't meeting 'captain crunch'

(my biz partner)

until 2pm 'arizona time' for our lunch meeting.

also. we discussed 'not' going back tonight,

so we've just checked-in to a hotel for the night.

hopefully the tickets we have will be transferable to another flight verses the one we have originally booked. *Jessica is great at taking care of that kind of shit!!!

ok then. I'm going to go downstairs and see

'what's what' around here.

I'll be back sometime this afternoon before dinner.

*Jess said there is a really nice place near here she wants

to have a bite at.

see ya...

-cont/10pm(scottsdale time)

good evening everyone.

beautiful night here in the phoenix/scottsdale area.

this weather reminds me exactly like being in

las vegas this time of year.

speaking of 'vegas', omg. can you believe that shit that happened on the strip this morning.

I saw that there was something going on via the news-cast this morning while at LAX, but wasn't really paying attention to what was happening.

it wasn't until we were waiting to launch from the tarmac that we overheard other people on the flight talking about the shooting on 'the strip'.

my first thought was a 'drug deal' gone wrong.

and even though other information has since been released concerning this terrible event,

I still believe it's going to come down to drugs.

*or both the parties involved were just fukin assholes.

even though I'm still going to publish a page on

'how to really enjoy vegas'

on this site sometime (sometime) soon,

the city has it's serious draw backs.

(just like every single major metropolis in the world) EXCEPT that, with the casino lifestyle,

it attracts every degenerate piece of shit ever born.

just like those this morning.

it's a shame that all of them just didn't kill themselves

this morning.

and that totally innocent people were

either killed or injured.

again, another prime example of our gun con control laws hard at work.

I try to remain as nuetral as I can about almost everything I publish here,

but 'something' seriously needs to be done to stop this

'wild west' mentality that our great nation has adapted.

it's true that no matter what is done,

criminals will always find a way to get weapons.

just like if someone is willing to 'pay the ultimate price', nobody is safe.

maybe if there was 'swift justice' here in our country,

instead of these 'ass-fucks' being on death-row for decades getting free medical care,

and enjoy themselves while their victims families

grieve daily for their losses.

ok. ok. I'll stop.

sorry, I've been drinking a little this evening.

in other news;

the property we have in escrow is 'coming along'.

I was hoping for a 30day process,

but it may take up to 40-45days. so whatever.

still glad 'we' financed.

after we all met up and did the whole financial brief,

we drove to a few of our competitors in the surrounding areas: phoenix, scottsdale, mesa, glendale.

there were a few nice businesses,

but nothing close to the extreme vision I've imagined.

how long it's going to take to realize 'my thoughts'

is another subject entirely.

the roman empire wasn't built in a day,

and neither will this be.

ok then. I've 'rambled-on' enough for one sitting,

don't want to be intrusive.

oh, one more thing before I end this;

if you're ever in the phoenix area and would like to have a 'very enjoyable dining experience',

then you need to visit;

the restaurant 'different point of view' located in

the pointe hilton tapatio cliffs resort.


it was a rather 'romantic atmosphere' to say the least.

but Jess and I 'made the best of it'.

*the lobster bisque was beautiful,

just like the view of the lower city lights.

and the pineapple upside cake. boom!!!

ok. I'm tired.

good night. sweet dreams.

22 Feb 2013/noon(mst)

good morning.

our flight was rescheduled for early this afternoon,

so we're just passing the time in our hotel room.

I will admit room service here is pretty awesome.

ordered coffee this morning,

and it was delivered within 15minutes. and it was perfect. *but not as good as 'paradise pier hotel' in disneyland. breakfast today was a single man's norm:

frito's corn chips, bean dip, salsa, and a mug's rootbeer.

all courtesy of the walgreens store located down the street. ya. I wasn't feeling 'traditional' today.

otherwise I would have ordered a western omelete like 'boring-no-fun-at-all' Jessica.

I'm thinking for lunch I'll have a few snickers and

dip them in cool whip.

(ha-ha, just kidding... maybe)

anyway. we're getting ready to check-out by noon,

meet 'capt. crunch' and his wife for lunch,

and then head-out of town.

we'll be back in the LA area just in time to endure the friday afternoon traffic commute. lucky me!!!

Ash and Elli have 'date plans' tonight,

so I may very well not see them until tomorrow.

unless of course I am still up waiting in the den for them to walk thru the front door before their curfew.

*I seriously doubt I would do that though.

seriously doubt it. seriously.

grandpa Jack has been keeping himself busy w/the mexi-grandfather doing 'whatever'.

and N.J. has been running grandma palacios rampant with ridiculous requests and 'needy' situations.

I'm thinking it's time my former mom-in-law be taken back to her retirement community. ASAP!!!

Jess has most graciously offered her assistance in

driving N.J. back to vegas for me,

so I can actually be home for more than a day or two.

I told her I'd think about it,

and that if she did indeed drive 'the old woman' back home for me, she can't put her in the trunk for the 'entire trip'.

ok then it's about time we get outa here.

I love hotels that let you have a 'late-check-out'.

I'll see you guys later when I'm back in agoura.

oh, btw; it's friday. enjoy!!!


this entry will be short, but sweet.

Jessica and I pulled into the drive this evening around 6:30pm, after a 90min drive from LAX.

I so fucking hate driving on friday afternoon/nights.

even when I lived in vegas,

I tried not to go anywhere downtown/the strip on fridays. too many asswad tourists coming into town,

and most of them drive like shit!

anyway. after we got home Jess decided to soak in the jacuzzi and drink some vino,

and I took N.J. out for some pie to have a talk with

the 'old woman'. enough is enough.

the way she treated grandma palacios while I was gone was not what I wanted to hear.

she basically denied almost everything, but I know better. she can/and is very rude sometimes.

regardless if she knows it or not.

I was trying to be as delicate as I could having this

kind of talk with her,

but I know I hurt her feelings a little bit.

I'm not saying N.J. is a racist,

but she does 'look-down-upon' certain nationalities whether she does it on purpose or not is

another story altogether.

anyway. even though Jess graciously offered to drive my former-mom-in-law back home, it's my responsibility.

so. we leave tomorrow morning, first thing.

I'm hoping to be on the road no later than 6am.

*I really feel like shit right now.

having to talk to my 'exes' mother like a child today was exhasting to say the least.

and then having to appologize to grandma palacios for the actions of 'my house guest' was almost enough to

make me physically ill.

grandma p wasn't nearly as upset as I, but still this should have never happened. especially in my home.

I am the type of person who will welcome

'just about anybody' into my home, for any reason;

dinner, party, sleepover, sex... etc.

but seriously, if you take advantage of me, my family,

my guests, my home, my animals... then fuck you.

and you'll never be invited back again... ever.

I even have a few distant neighbors who are no longer welcome in my home, and they know why.

ok then. moving right along; the girls had already left on their dates by the time we got back.

their curfew is midnight,

not sure if I'll still be awake by then.

fuck. who am I kidding, of course I will be.

grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather were out back doing something, and grandma palacios was 'straightening-up'. and 'the kidz' were at the front door when I walked in,

'little saacha' included.

she was a little 'surprised' by the goings-on and reactions by the other dogs celebrating their daddy's return.

in fact, I think she may have gotten 'stepped-on' during the entire commotion. she's fine though.

so I just reread this entire mess;

correcting a few mis-spelled words,

and deleting/adding some info.

oh. this 'isn't' short, and really 'isn't' sweet.

but it's my thoughts, so there you go... blah.

well shit it's nearly 11pm, and I wanna shower before

the girls get home.

I may 'try' to update before the 'kiss-vegas-shuttle'

leaves in the morning.

I hope you all had a fantastic friday night...

sweet dreams.

to be continued on 'my thoughts.2.6'....