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my thoughts.3.0:

(01 Mar 2012 - 05 Mar 2012)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

01 Mar 2012/3am

good 'early' morning. I just woke-up, and I'm waiting for my coffee to brew.

so after I have a cup I'm going to get dressed and

head south to disneyland.

I should be parked and walking in the front gate by 4:30am. I'm thinking 'space mountain'.

I will let you guys know how everything went when I get home with girl-6 and put them to bed.

good morning...


we got home just over an hour ago.

I arrived at disneyland at 4:45am this morning.

before I called Ash and told her I was there;

I rode space mountain, pirates, and indiana jones.

I surprised them as they were walking up main street towards the main gate.

I came up from behind, and said "boo"!!!

two of the girls screamed, and all the others just laughed.

I was surprised by the total amount of people who were still there at closing time.

I'm thinking there will be 'alot' of kids missing school today, along with quite a few adults playing hooky

from their jobs.

after we all made it back to the car

(I love having preferred parking with the annual pass),

we did indeed go to the ihop here in agoura hills before coming home where all six tired girls crashed.

I had to leave the double doors open to the movie room as aj and elles want to sleep with them.

I've already done poop-patrol, and have started laundry. and just as soon as I post this, I will clean 4 bathrooms. they're not really 'filthy',

but a quick clean-up is always 'refreshing'.

ok then, let me get moving.

if I sit for too long today, I'll start to doze-off myself.

talk to you guys later.


good evening.

ugh. I am barely keeping afloat here,

I am so tired right now.

I was thinking about a nap earlier this afternoon,

but was afraid I wouldn't then fall asleep at a

decent time tonight.

*ya, this is boring drivle, but give me a break... I'm tired.

ok then. the girls actually got themselves up before 2pm, after coffee and/or soda for caffiene stimulation,

I made a pizza run and then while we had our 'late lunch',

I listened to even more stories from last night.

the girls told me even though it was cold and drizzling last night, they had a fabulous time.

also, according to Ash;

disneyland security was everywhere.

when I got there, it wasn't all that busy allowing me to basically just get on the ride of choice.

but there were a few people everywhere

even a few sleeping on benches,

which was surprising to me.

the last time I was at disneyland that late/early,

was back in june of 1981 for grad-night '81.

*no old man jokes please ladies.

the girls told me this morning that a few group of boys

were showing interest throughout the night,

but they weren't interested back.

or so they told me.

I had forgotten to take the disposable cameras in to be developed this morning so we could enjoy the

pix during lunch, damn it!!!

so I told the girls they could come back on saturday for a sleep-over and we'd look & laff at the pictures then.

I took all the girls home around 4pm,

and then Ash and I went back to the house and got the kidz and took them to the dog park for about an hour.

on the way home, we stopped at the grocery and got some things for a late snack dinner:

I fixed blackened salmon patty sandwiches

(jack cheese, sprouts, and a dill spread on ciabatta bread), sweet potato wedges, and iced tea.

after our snack dinner, Ash went upstairs to shower and is currently laying in bed awaiting american idol

to come on the tv.

so here I sit 'all alone' with a few dogs laying on my bed. wow. I just got a call from the woman from the

'single parent dating site', and we just made plans to meet tomorrow for a coffee.

I have to admit, I'm kinda stoked.

she is taking a vaction day from her business,

and said she'd like us to meet.

she lives in the hollywood hills area so we're

going to meet halfway.

I have to admit, I'm really looking forward to this.

so at the very least,

I may have a new friend by the end of the day,

we will have to see.

so I guess since I have a 'semi-date tomorrow,

I should maybe take a shower in the morning.

normally I usually bathe every other full moon;

but fuck it, I guess I'll break tradition. alrighty then.

I'm going to go tuck-in my kid,

watch some news and then it's bedtime.

good-night my friends. 

02 Mar 2012/6am

hello, and good morning.

today is always a 'hard day' for me;

16yrs ago this date my dad died of hypothermia and/or drowning after his boat hit a rock and flipped while he was fishing on the umpqua river in roseburg, oregon.

he was exactly one week away from

celebrating his 50th birthday with me in las vegas, nv. I realize that 'everyone' has lost someone close to them;

be it a family member, a friend, or even an aquaintance.

do you ever take time out of your day to

remember this person? I think about my dad everyday.

he wasn't the greatest dad ever,

but I don't think he was the worst either.

ok then. my morning has been basically uneventful

from the norm so far.

it's beautiful but rather chilly outside.

the current temp is 37',

but it is 'supposed' to get up to 78' later this afternoon.

Ash was already up and about when I got up at 4:45am, saying she woke-up and just decided to get up.

todays breakfast; eggo's, scram eggs & cheese.

also, today is the first day my child is off her

restricted driving since that whole ticket scenario.

*remember; she was being punished 'for' the fact of 'not' having her drivers license readily available,

and NOT for the ticket itself.

(just wanted to re-state that fact.)

anyway, I love this not driving to school twice a day thing.

a few of girl-6 don't tho, as they now have to make 'other arrangements' to get to/fro school.

a couple of the girls were hoping that I would continue to pick them up in the morning after Ash began

driving herself to school. nope.

so today is 'first-date-friday for my new friend and I,

this should be interesting.

I think it is rather amusing that she took a 'day-off' just to meet me; or maybe she is meeting a 'few' guys today and I happen to be 'the first date' of the day.

maybe I'll mention 'lunch' after our coffee together

just to test this theory, or not.

alrighty then. I'm going to go get another cup of morning-mud and start my child's breakfast, I'll be back.

03 Mar 2012/5pm

good afternoon.

wow... ALOT of email inquiries concerning my


well, I will elaborate after I take a much needed nap.

(been up for 36hrs straight)

this all night date-thing is not easy anymore.

give me a few hours to rest.

*emma, emma, emma... shame on you!!! LOL


hi guys.

just woke-up abit ago;

and although I'm still physically exhasted,

I thought I'd get you guys up-to-date.


'first-date-friday' went better than expected,

and it even extended into 'second-date-saturday'.

ok then, let's begin;

as I stated about 40hrs ago,

I met 'madam X' at a coffee house/bakery in calabasas.

I would be lying to you if I told you I was 'not' a little nervous, or even apprehensive about meeting someone that I have only emailed/texted/phone.

I suck at this virtual world 'getting to know ya' shit!!!

(don't I L?, it's ok... you can say 'yes'...)

anyway, I arrived at the shop 30min early to get situated before the time we had agreed to meet.

AND 'X' was already there. shit!

and apparently I had described myself pretty well;

as when I walked in, this incredibly beautiful woman was 'eye-fuckin-me' from her table.

and yes, I knew it was her by the pictures I had seen.

we began our 'date' with the normal 'chit-chat':

weather, kids, jobs (or lack of), internet dating, vacations, color of underwear (or me not wearing any),

and of course... the past relationships.

*normally I don't like to talk of my prior falures w/women to a possible 'date-mate';

but she was extremely inquisitive,

and actually appeared as if she was listening to the

bits & pieces of my past relationship(s).

but being the semi-gentleman that I am,

I did not feel it necessary to lay blame about my sordid past with 'everyone' I've ever been with.

sometimes relationships simply run their course.

as we continued our conversation,

we decided to lunch at a nearby mexican spot.

I enjoyed a 6pack of soft shell shredded beef tacos

w/fresh mango pinapple salsa,

and she had a chili relleno along with red chili carne asada. *bonus points: she offered me a few bites off of her plate to taste her spicy meat, and I shared a taco with her.

no alcohol was consumed; water/lemon, diet pepsi (yuk). and yes, she is a 'diet coke' gal.

after a few 'more' hours of convo in the restaurante,

she 'suggested' we head to the beach to enjoy the beautiful day. I agreed.

while 'Madam X' was following me to the coast,

I called my daughter to inform her of my

'date runneth-over',

as Ash was laughing at my predicament,

she asked if she could have a 'girl-6' sleep-over.

of course I said yes,

and told her I would be home within a couple hours.

that proved to be an untrue statement on my part.

the daylight hours at the beach quickly 'evolved'

(I like this word)

into sunset at the beach.

which in-turn 'evolved' into dinner on pch (surf/turf), which further 'evolved' into a barefoot walk on the beach under the moon.

time really does 'fly-by' when your evening 'evolves'.

my daughter's sweatshirt left in my vehilce came in-handy for my 'beach-walking-partner'.

especially when the cold dampness of the air set-in.

I had absolutely no idea that the beaches

don't 'technically' ever close.

we did run into the graveyard beach patrol units a few times; very friendly and professional.

and there was more beach-walkers in the middle of the night than I would have thought.

was very, very impressed with the beach security also. never in my life had I ever imagined watching the sunset on one beach, and then enjoy the dawn break on another.

and another thing;

having coffee, lunch, dinner and then breakfast

during the same date,

without even so much as a clothes changing break

is quite an accomplishment.

and the finale?

(not what your thinking Emma, ADH & L!!!)

having a dog & a beer for lunch at the LA sports arena while watching the last regular season game of the

UCLA Bruins basketball team.

*kudos to the mexi-godfather for driving all the way

to my house, picking-up my tickets,

and then meeting 'us' at the game.

funny thing tho; grandma palicios surprisingly decided to attend her 2nd game of the year.

(curiousity was overwhelming I'm sure.)

the four of 'us' all had a wonderful time.

and after the bruins 'barely' escaped with a victory

ending their season with an 18-13 record,

my 'first-date-friday'/'second-date-saturday'

also came to an end.

and yes, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with 'X'.

so much so; our 'third-date-thursday' will commence

in 5 days where we will be driving

to las vegas for the weekend.

too soon for a weekend getaway? perhaps...

am I expecting 'anything' sexual? no...

do I enjoy the company and conversation of this

beautiful & intelligent woman?


did I call Ash at 1am, wake her up, and inform her of my whereabouts? yes, yes I did...

am I really fukin tired,

barely keeping my eyes open while typing this,

and all-the-while thinking of Madam X?


am I going back to bed now, and sleep until morning with only the company of my furry friends? you tell me???

good night...

***by the way;

I was so informed that I,

mr gregory allen kiss (or as she calls me; G.)

am a fantastic, and sensual kisser...

(ya, I know that!!!)    

4 Mar 2012/7am

good morning.

doesn't it feel fantastic to finally sleep after being-up for

like a 100 hours straight? yes it does!!!

so, here I sit down here in the kitchen with my animals enjoying 'quiet time' until 'girl-6' awakes and begin their day. yes, they are all still here;

laughing, giggling, screaming, running,

and talking about/to boys every waking moment.

damn fukin' teenage boys.

sorry, I had to take a break and go peek-in and check-on those beautiful little girls.

how can all of them look so innocent, peaceful and positively stunning while they sleep;

and then in 2-3hrs be loud, crazy giggle-machines that can't control themselves for not more than 2 minutes at a time?

I love all these girls like they are ALL my daughters.

but seriously, if they were;

I'd be a bald, skitzoid old man with constant heartburn radiating throughout my body constantly.

thank goodness the other 5 have homes.

at least I think they do.

alrighty then. so listen ladies I need some advice since I've been outa the 'date-game' for a few years now;

what are the 'new' ground rules for contacting 'you guys' after a successful first-date?

do I call, email, text her?,

or just 'use the force' and hope for the best?

why is 'doubt' always part of the dating process?

you can be the most self-confident/assured man who has ever lived; but when that date is over, you can return to your insecure teenaged years of self-confussed, over-thinking,

and 'what-the-fuck' values that make all men appear to be needy, tempermental, and just plain stupid.

shit, maybe I'll just be gay.

at least I know how guys think, or do I?

hmm. I don't think the 'gay thing' would work for me;

I enjoy the touch, smell, and taste of you beautiful females way too damn much.

ok. I'm going to finish-up my 4th cup of java, get dressed, and go get bagels, cream cheese, and some lox before the princesses wake and flutter those 6 pairs of gorgous eyes at me and ask 'big daddy kiss' what's for breakfast.

*the 'big daddy kiss' title was labeled on me by the ringleader of the santa-cruz-cuties ADH, and 'girl-6' has adopted the title almost too willingly. crazy.

alright, I'm out. talk soon.


good sunday afternoon. 679 xgv

what a beautiful, beautiful day.

I just came in from washing/brushing the horses

(I had plenty of help... kinda).

it's been near or above 85' all afternoon,

so I figured I would take advantage of the weather and having an abundant amount of semi-volunteers.

anyway, even though it took longer than I had expected,

the task was indeed completed.

(no thanks to girls playing w/squirt guns and the water hose)any help was appreciated though.

so I am going to shower as soon as the girls finish

cleaning-up and then we're going to go get deli for dinner before I take the girls home.

I had the day after '1st date' convo with my 'friend',

and I think she is a little hesitant about going to las vegas this next week-end. no worries.

I'm still planning on heading-up there thursday morning. looking forward to seeing jessica, I've missed her.

I also talked with grandpa jack earlier today,

and they will be back here tuesday afternoon.

I guess they have just about finished redecorating their new place, and will be bringing-up quite abit of furniture and such in a uhaul that they don't want.

I have a feeling we'll be having a 'garage sale' very soon.

I was just 'yelled-at' to hurry-up and shower

cause 'we're' hungry.

talk to you guys a little later.


I'm getting ready to call it a night.

still rather tired from my past activities.

after I washed critter-cooties from my bod,

girl-6 and I went to panera bread for dinner.

I enjoyed the roast beef sandwich w/asiago cheese,

and potato soup.

after we ate, I did the shuttle thing and dropped all the girls off at their respective homes.

I kept trying to 'give away' my kid,

but didn't have any takers.

so I just brought 'kiddles' back to casa-kiss.

we then took the 'sibs' out for a walk,

and now she is 'boy-calling' and I'm doing you guys.

my week is going to be just the norm around here until jack, jo and Ash get here on tuesday, and then I'll be leaving for vegas early thursday morning.

I love the drive to las vegas with minimal traffic,

it's actually a very relaxing trip.

I'll probably stay in vegas for about 4-5days,

come back home for a few,

and then fly back east on the 16th for a week.

I'll be staying in the dc area while attending a few functions. also, I think it's time a 'take-care' of some personal issues.

I fukin hate the east coast, too many fucked-up memories. (sorry melissa...)

I am, and always will be a west coast guy.

ok then. I guess I need to go see why my kidz are barking down stairs, I see nothing on the cameras. good night.  

05 Mar 2012/11am

have been fairly busy this morning.

trying to get as much 'outside' chores done today as the forecast calls for rain for the next couple of days.

good damn thing the 'beasts' were bathed yesterday;

so that way when it rains and they roll around in the mud their shiny clean coat will just soak up all that shitty dirt.

so glad I sweated my ass-off to ensure the cleanliness of my creatures. damn you mother-nature.

so I'll be hitting trader joes and ralphs this afternoon,

and then petco afterwards.

another fun-filled day of purchasing crap. lucky me.

oh, here is another tid-bit of info concerning 'madam x';

she has reconsidered my 'vegas-weekend-getaway' offer

and has decided to 'go all in'. (that's vegas talk baby)

ok then I'm going to get going.


Date Night...

I thought it would be a great idea to take my child out for a dress-up dinner tonight, so I did.

I asked Ash to pick the restaurant,

she chose Mastros SteakHouse in thousand oaks.

she really, really likes that place.

Ash wore a cute off the shoulder cocktail dress that she received for christmas, and I a 2pc grey w/pink tie.

I like 'going-out' at the beginning of the week,

less crowded and the snobs are less likely to be out.

our bus-boy this evening had a little somethin-somethin

for 'my date'.

(little hard-dick-moutha-fucka.)

we started off with some apps;

crab-stuffed mushrooms,

lobster cocktail,

seared sea scallops.


me: ny pepper steak, Ash: french onion soup & a caesar.

and of course we both had the lobster mashed-potatoes.

for dessert we had butter cake.

after dinner, 'my date' and I decided to go to the pier and get some cool ocean fresh air.

and we had a very wonderful father/daughter talk.

you know, I am not the most experienced/knowledgeable father/parent who has ever been 'thrust' into

parenthood overnight.

but... I do believe that I am doing a pretty good job.

and yes, I have received ALOT of assistance from her grandparents, quite a few of you (a couple in particular),

and even her mother.

ok then. as we both stood on the pier after sunset we started to discuss a subject matter that I have been kinda dreading; me dating.

grandma jo had told me about a month ago that her and Ash had had a talk about this exact situation,

and that my daughter may have a little bit of an insecurity concerning me seeing another female.

and being that I really like this 'madam X' woman,

I felt it was necessary to discuss.

so we found a bench,

had a seat, and talked for close to an hour about this,

and a few more topics.

(and of course... boys, Damn teenaged Boys)

after we both shared our true feelings/fears,

and got ALOT out into the open.

it turned-out to be a very special time.

I am so much 'in love' with my daughter.

and although she does indeed have mixed emotions about her dad seeing 'another' woman,

I have received her blessing to finally 'explore'

the dating pool.

*and on that note; madam X called me a few times today,

and wants very much to accompany me to

las vegas this weekend. very nice.

in fact, she 'reminded' me that nascar is going to be

up there this weekend. great, rednecks with racecars.

I had totally forgotten about that race.

oh well, maybe the strip will be a little less crowded with 100,000 peeps in the grand stands.

'X' mentioned she'd like to see a few of the newest casinos, and visit the fashion show mall. (on the strip)

we'll be staying at my house in the nw area,

and Ash gave me permission to have 'X' use her room.

ok then, getting back to the pier;

after we finished talking about the 'both of us' being in relationships, it was time to head back home as it was getting rather chilly, and the type of characters in our immediate area were beginning to appear rather 'needy'.

so here I sit in my bedroom typing this,

while Ash finishes some left-over homework.

madam X and I will talk tonight after her kids go to bed as she is interested in how my convo w/Ash went.

plus, I enjoy listening to her voice...

she gives great phone.

I know, I know; I need to take-it slow.

I've already been told that once tonite.

alrighty, I'm going to take a shower before my 10pm

phon-call, and maybe even fix a drink.

tomorrow proves to be an exciting one with the elders returning, and Ashley has decided to stay in san diego

for the time being.

hmm. also, I haven't told 'X' about this web-site,

maybe I'll hold-off for now.

not that I'm hiding anything,

but I'd rather just wait to see what is what first.  

to be continued on my thoughts.3.1...