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'my thoughts.3.1'

(01 Mar 2013 - o5 Mar 2013)

completed: 05 Mar 2013/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

01 Mar 2013/11am

good afternoon.

happy march everyone.

been busy this morning with 'the dog spa' in scottsdale,

the first of the month bills, and vacation plans for all.

l.g. just called me and is taking-off work early today to come over and start our 'friday nite' early.

I have no idea what 'our plans' are.

anyway. I need to get to the grocery and get some food

in this house,

plus the kidz are due for some fresh grub themselves.

the weather here is spectacular;

beautiful day outside, currently 75' and no clouds,

and is due to climb to 82' by the afternoon.

I have thought about taking the 'big beasts' out for a ride once the girls get home from school.

just a thought though.

alrighty. I need to get to the store, I'll see you guys later.

02 Mar 2013/1am

I guess I kinda ignored you guys yesterday.

sorry about that.

had a wonderful ride w/the girls in the afternoon,

I'm just not a horse guy.

I just don't understand them at all.

but Ash and grandpa Jack seem to know what's going on. after our ride up the trail and back, l.g. and Jessica were already a pitcher deep in 'margarita-ville'.

so of course I wanted to catch-up.

also, my 'date night' w/l.g. became a 'girls night-out'.

and I just tagged along.

so it was me and four beautiful women. what a life.

Ash picked the restaurant, 'red's bbq'.

and we just ordered... alot:

baby back ribs, whole chicken, tri-tip,

french fries, shredded onions, baked beans, mash,

slaw, veggies, and rolls.

and yes, we had alot of left-overs.

I 'was allowed' to pick the movie; 'jack the giant slayer'.

and it was enjoyed by all.

after the movie we went to a 'go cart' raceway

in thousand oaks.

the arcade was fun,

but the carts themselves were very disappointing.

the asswad employees control your throttle

advancement way too much.

when I asked the kid why he toned-down the speeds,

his reply "thats the rules sir" was very condescending.

not a place I would recommend; MB2 raceway. not fun. after the 'controlled' raceway,

we stopped-off at the grocery and picked-up

some 'very berry' sherbet, mint choco-chip,

cookies & creme, whipped cream, walnuts, bananas, chocolate/carmel/strawberry topping, cherries,

and reeses pieces.

we all made some killer banana splits.

while grandpa Jack feasted on the left-overs.

so that was about my day.

*minus the grocery/petco shopping earlier, and the traffic citation I received for running a 'yellow light'.

it WAS yellow.

ok. I'm going to take a shower before bed.

I have a 'sleep-over' guest. l.u.c.k.y. m.e.

oh, one more thing;

I'm posting a page 'gary a. kiss' as a tribute to my father.

if you feel so inclined, give it a read.

*not your normal tribute by a son.

and yes, it is a bit choppy in it's current form.

I may smooth it out for next year. it'll have to do for now.

ok then good night everyone. sweet dreams.


good afternoon.

I'm still trying to wake-up.

even though I've been up since 8am,

I only got about 4 1/2hrs sleep.

stfu. it's not what you're thinking,

even though l.g. did share my bed last night,

we 'talked', and 'talked', and 'talked'... for close to 3hrs.

I had no idea that 'couples' still do that in the bedroom,

'talk' that is.

so after l.g. and I discussed such 'hot topics' as;

world peace, the financial outlook of america,

the most recent sighting of bigfoot,

and the importance of peanut m&m's in

my room refrigerator.

we fell asleep in each other's arms.

*surrounded by all the furry beasts of course.

breakfast today was prepared courtesy of Ash & Elli,

making waffles w/fresh berries atop.

wonderful they were.

after enjoying some teasing and fun-loving banter

at the breakfast table

(for reasons I will not discuss here)

l.g. and I took the kidz to the dog park,

and enjoyed some fresh starbucks java.

watching the kidz run wildly among other dogs is always a self cure for whatever ails me.

and l.g. also enjoys 'the show' at the park.

'saacha the puppy' is still to young to be left alone w/strange big dogs running around,

so I put her in the 'smaller-dog's run w/'beverly the basset'.

*they've become good buddies.

once we left the park, the kidz were expecting 'arby's'

so we hit the drive thru.

nothing for l.g. and I,

just 8 regular roast beefs for the 'spoiled ones'.

we then drove back home and were greeted by about a dozen palacios' in the drive.

they had just arrived moments before,

as we are all going to pauley tonight to enjoy the last

'home game of the season' for the ucla basketball team. according to the mexi-godfather, they did get tickets,

but are spread randomly throughout the pavilion.

we'll see how many no-shows there are,

and then try to consolidate our group of roughly 20.

so we are going to make an entire evening out of this tonight, leaving in the next hour.

parking at the campus is usually not that bad on the weekends, but you never know.

if we have enough time before the game,

we'll all probably walk around campus,

take a few pics w/that damn bear and quite possibly visit 'the den', and the surrounding displays.

after the game,

(win or lose)

we are going to go to lamonica's new york pizza.

best thin crust pizza I have ever had,

and the garlic rolls are better than sex. (kinda)

ok then. that's about it for now.

I'll check-in later after we get home.

hope you all are having a wonderful weekend...

03 Mar 2013/midnight

had a fantastic evening with everyone.

pauley pavilion was packed for ucla basketball,

and we were all being heard.

it was a great game from start to finish,

with the bruins beating the wildcats 74-69.

the best part of the game for Ash was meeting her

'nba crush'; blake griffin.

I couldn't believe he was there,


once the game was over,

we just hung-out outside of pauley for a bit before we wandered over to spaulding field and watched the students/cheerleaders celebrate the bruin victory.

after traffic had thinned out of the garages,

we 'were' going to go to 'lamonica's pizza',

but the area was packed.

so we decided to go to the mexi-godfather's favorite

pizza joint in baldwin park.

except for their cola being pepsi brands,

the place was awesome.

a wide variety of food choices, I love it when a pizza place calls their sub-sandwiches 'grinders'.

the place was 'saturday night busy' w/no inside tables empty, so we all sat at the outside tables and

had a fantastic time.

*the 'extra hot' chicken fingers were crazy-good.

after our late night feast, everyone departed

towards their homes.

l.g. had her 2 youngest w/her so she didn't come

back to agoura.

on the way home grandpa Jack had us searching a few 'liquor stores' for a certain brand of cigar.

we never found them,

so he 'settled' for a different taste.

Ash and Elli went to their rooms as soon as

we walked in the door,

Jessica jumped in the shower,

and Jack and I sat out back for a while having a scotch.

so here it is nearing midnight, and I'm wreaked.

as of this exact moment,

I have absolutely 'nothing planned' for tomorrow.

but I'm sure something will 'come-up.

it would be nice if my phone didn't ring until past noon.


ok then. I'm heading-up to bed. sweet dreams beautiful...


well so much for our beautiful week-end.

it's been cloudy here all morning.

and the wind is beginning to pick-up.

so I guess I won't be running that 10k work-out today.

but seriously,

I have begun to get my 'senior citizen ass' back into shape. funny thing,

most guys my age are trying to lose that 'extra' 10-15lbs, but I wanna gain mine back.

being 5'10" my supposely 'ideal weight' is 150-175lbs.

(according to health charts)

fuck that noise...

I'd look like I'm sick as hell being that thin.

I've had thick thighs and a bubble-ass since

high school, because of all my running.

and when I started lifting during my 3rd year of the marines, I started to fill-out every where.

so 'my' ideal weight is about 220-235ish,

not this 207 bullshit I weigh now.

so with that being said, it's back in the gym for me.

'hard-core' ya.

I know blah-blah. I'll shut the fuck up.

anyway. today has been relatively quiet, and boring.

I love it.

the girls left a few hours ago,

and said they won't be back until 4.

Jess is doing laundry (hers, not mine),

and catching-up on her social media.

grandpa jack has been down brushing the horses,

and I have been doing na-da!!!

it's l.g.'s week-end w/her kids, so she won't be coming over.

I may go to the walmart superstore and load a cart of shit

I really don't need.

*there are a few video's I need to add to my collection.

ok then. enough mindless drivle, I'll be back...


today was a very laid back day.

I decided against a 'walmart-run',

the first of the month crowd is busy, busy.

so I watched a few movies;

office space/1999, taxi/2004, and houseguest/1995.

did 5 loads of laundry,

(the girls folded when they returned this afternoon)

and then I decided to make lasagna

(1 pan of veggie, 1 pan of double meat)

using my leftover 'frozen' spaghetti sauce and extra

spicy sausage for the double meat,

and traditional bottle sauce w/fresh salsa,

green/red peppers, mushrooms, fresh spinach,

cottage cheese for the veggie.

I didn't construct these masterpieces

all by-myself, Jessica made a grocery run,

and then helped me chop-chop.

boiling the noodles are the easiest part,

but so damn time consuming.

Elli made a avacado salad,

and Ash helped-out by doing garlic bread.

grandpa Jack even gave his assistance;

setting the table,

and opening a few bottles of lambrusco.

(the non-cork, screw-off top. only the best... lol)

anyway. dinner was fantastic.

and the best part?,

cooking the main dishes in disposable throw-away pans.

no scrubbing, no mess.

omg. quick story, then I'm taking the girls out to

get some ice cream.

I was 'cruising thru facebook' this afternoon when

I 'came across' this woman I used to know 15+yrs ago

when I lived in vegas.

it wasn't like that! (even though I wish it had been)

anyway. she was a 'work-mate' of my girlfriend that I was living with at the time,

and this woman was a damn hottie!!!

I actually offered to give her 'golf lessons' just

to be around her.

but 'unlike other married women' I 'played with',

this woman was strictly a friend.

besides, I really liked her husband at the time.

but I admit the fantasies I had of this woman,

so damn hot!!!

so I saw her pic today on her profile. still so do-able.

if fantasizing about this woman was against the law,

I'd be in prison for life!!!

I know. a stupid boring story for you guys to read,

but I was absolutely 'stoked' to see her face again.

ok-ok-ok. I'll take a cold shower later.

I won't stalk her on fb, I promise. (fingers crossed)

ok then. the girls have school tomorrow,

so we need to get going to this ice cream thing.

and grandpa Jack is coming along woohoo!

I'll be back...


just wanted to 'tuck-you-guys-in' before I go to bed.

also, I see I have gotten a few friend request from you guys on my facebook in the last few hours.

don't be upset if I don't 'friend-you',

as I just use 'fb' to play games and such.

I actually only joined facebook because of

'ESPNU College Town',

and with that game being cancelled last year,

I've only stayed on the site cause grandpa Jack

plays poker once in a while.

(I do have 1 friend, but I've known her since high school) anyway. I appreciate the 'thoughts'.

*some of your 'profile pics' are hot ladies!

ok, time for bed. good night everyone. sweet dreams.

04 Mar 2013/8pm

good evening everyone.

I've been rather busy today,

that's my excuse for 'not updating' the entire day,

and I'm sticking-to-it!!!

seriously though,

I did actually have alot on my plate today;

had to visit a civi-doctor first thing this morning,

then l.g. and I had an early lunch together

(semi-fast food, non-noteworthy).

then I had a therapist appointment,

and as I was in the waiting room,

her assistant informed me that a 'critical-case' was

being 'moved-into-my-time-slot.

not really sure what that meant,

as I was the only one in the waiting room and she was running 10min late when I was term'd.

*maybe there is a 'critical-case-only' private entrance.

not being a 'smartass',

but I've smelled bullshit before,

and this appeared to be 'bullshit'.

no worries. I'll just continue to 'march forward' without the proper assistance from some 'academic star' who enjoys listening to other peoples problems.

so after I left the 'head-shrink',

I was so in need of personal fulfillment,

I decided to go to walmart and talk to anybody

who would listen.

but I couldn't find anyone.

so, I just did some shopping instead.

I figured since I didn't spend the $$$ on the 'doc',

I'd spend it elsewhere.

*seriously though. I was very disappointed at not being able to 'release my inner-demons' today.

anyway. after walmart, I picked-up the girls from school, (Ash' vehicle is being annually serviced.)

and then stopped at some beauty supply store to

buy beauty supply stuff.

dinner tonight was 'do it yourself',

I had 2 egg/ham/cheese sandwiches,

and a can of spinach.

*it doesn't sound good together, but it was!

the girls had chicken pot pies,

Jess had popcorn,

and Jack bbq a steak.

now as I'm sitting here typing-up this knowledge

for you to enjoy,

I am having pretzel twists and duncan hines

fudge frosting.

actually, the girls are eating this and

I'm having a 'few'.

ok then. your all caught-up w/my magical day.

if anything else happens worth-while, then I'll be back...

05 Mar 2013/5:30pm

good 'early' evening..

thought I'd just say hello while I'm waiting for dinner

to finish coming together';

making chicken/brocolli alfredo w/penne pasta.

*always have to make extra alfredo to add 'after' baking,

as the sauce always absorbs into the pasta.

damn good though.

the salad and bread is ready,

about 15min till the dish is finished.

so anyway.

my morning was spent doing bills, emails,

and even making a few phone calls.

I did make scram-eggs for everybody's breakfast also.

so, after playing adult for quite a few hours,

Jessica and I took the kidz to the park and had a

rather interesting discussion about the 'facts of life',

and my options concerning my personal life.

her and I decided that 'we' should just get

married and go from there.

*we really did discuss that.

too much history between us though.

so yes, it's been a very productive and rather

interesting day.

I'll be back after dinner...


so dinner was a fukin-hit, as the norm.

my alfredo sauce is not that hard;

(per four servings)

1 cup heavy cream, 1/4 cup butter, 2 cups fresh parm,

1 clove garlic/crushed, 1/4 cup fresh parsley,

ground pepper.

Melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium low heat. Add cream and simmer for 5 minutes,

then add garlic and cheese and whisk quickly,

heating through.

Stir in parsley, ground pepper to taste.


nothing fancy, just your standard alfredo.

BUT, the secret to a great dish is to mix all above

with your pasta of choice, plus 'add-ins'

(tonight was chicken & broccoli)

and bake at 325' for 15-2omin and then

mix 'another' entire helping of alfredo into the dish AWESOME!!!

ya. it's not the healthiest meal I've ever created for consumption here at casa-kiss,

but it is one of the tastiest.

be sure and drink alot of water while you eat this

artery-clogging masterpiece.

after dinner, the girls and I took the kidz all the way down to the end of our street and back,

almost 3miles.

when we returned,

everybody went to their separate corners of the universe, and that was our 'boring' night.

I spent a while texting a friend from high school,

and then went out back and sat in the dark listening to the rustling of the leaves and natural sounds of the night. sometimes when the horses make noises,

I get paranoid that the agoura hills bigfoot is in the brush down by the pond.

but the shepherds just look towards the rear of the property and then lay back down again.

the siberians on the other hand are squirrely fukin creatures, and bark at everything.

so after about an hour of sitting out back contemplating a few life issues I'm experiencing,

I came back in tucked-in the girls, said good night to Jess and grandpa Jack, and now I'm writing this.

so... there you go, my day is done.

before I 'sign-off' for the night,

I would like to say

thank-you to everyone who contacted me concerning

my 'tribute page' to my father.

alot of nice words and thoughts from you guys.


good night, sweet dreams to you all.

to be continued on 'my thoughts.3.2'...