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my thoughts.3.2:

completed: 19 Mar 2012/11pm/est

(14 Mar 2012 - 19 Mar 2012)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

14 Mar 2012/10am

good mid-morning everyone.

thought I would give you guys a quickie before I go out into the wilds known as las vegas nevada.

so listen, I was reading a few of your emails this morning while I was having my coffee,

and I think a few of you may have misunderstood my entry of last night concerning the current behavior traits

of the teenager.

I wasn't 'talking' of 'madam X's 3 children (2boys, 1girl), just the overall actions of ALL teens these days.

and by some of your emails to me,

I see that everyone has 'issues' with their kids.

but let me tell you something that 'X' told me during one of our 'long dates' together;

she was sharing with me that she believes that no matter how your kids behave at home,

it's how they act in public that determines your parenting skills/worth for everyone to see.

and I have to actually readily agree with her.

speaking of kids;

'X' will be coming over to the house for sunday brunch

to meet Ash and 'whoever else' is currently there.

hopefully there won't be a huge assortment of peeps present upon 'X's arrival, but at casa-kiss you never fukin' know. and then the following weekend,

I will begin the process of meeting her 3 children,

with her youngest son being 'first on the list'.

*we agreed that maybe one offspring at

a time would be best,

otherwise they may all team-up and kick-my-ass. LOL alrighty then, I'm getting hungry and may go pick-up

some drive-thru for Jess and myself

(I 'think' she's still at her house). I'll report-in later guys.


hi guys.

well, I actually did not do that much 'news-worthy' today. cruised around vegas abit wasting $3.89/gallon gas,

and 'thought' about going to one of the local strip-clubs,

but didn't feel like 'acting' as if I was interested in whatever the girls chit-chat about these days.

jeesh. I miss the times when you could go

into a titty-bar,

drink your beer and enjoy listenable music and watch naked flesh bounce around and not have to utter a word.

so, I visited a 'hooters' instead.

at least there I could watch sports, have a pitcher of brew, and eat their famous wings.

(which weren't that good by the way)

and when did the 'hoots' put in slot machines?

there also is a hooters casino here on trop,

but I just went to the restaurant for a quickie early dinner. after my semi-enjoyable meal,

I came home to an empty house, watched a movie,

wrote an email to my email friend,

and now I'm going to catch-up on her blog.

(which is better than any reality show)

I'd love to give her a 'shout-out',

but I'm afraid some of you may drop dead from her scribs. ok, I'm buzzed so I'm going to wrap this-up.

good nite... 

15 Mar 2012/7am

good morning all.

why yes, I did indeed have a very restful sleep last night, thank-you so much for asking.

my plans for today are sporadic at best.

at approx 9am, the ncaa tourney officially begins.

I will be watching and root, root, rooting for

the Murray State Racers.

I actually have them winning the national championship

with one of my ten brackets on

along w/unlv, kansas, vermont, kentucky x3, syracuse,

duke, and w. kentucky.

I was thinking about going back to the hooters I had my early-dinner at yesterday,

but I may not even shower today.

the day is still young tho... so who knows.

wow, I caught-up last night on reading my 'email-friend's blog last night; very, very interesting stuff.

nothing this woman would ever do would surprise me, NOTHING!!!

her family has a 'working ranch' north of LA,

and along with the 'daughter advice' she has given me,

now I come to find-out this woman is very knowledgable about horses. goodness.

I tell ya, if I ever get the '3 wishes' from a lamp thing;

one of my wishes would be to just simply meet this woman and while we dined on 'whatever',

just pick her brain for any/all things possible.

smart people are so fukin' cool.

(and so are women who do 'roller-derby'...

how's your leg L.?)

alrighty then, I guess I should make a pot of java,

and get my ass moving... see ya guys later.


good afternoon kids.

just sitting here at the house enjoying the

first day of march madness.

by the way in case any of you are wondering;

I love next-day cold pizza, either out of the refer... or not!!! so I received an email from the above mentioned young lady this morning,

and once again she passed-on some 'very' valuable information to me.

concerning my 'new' relationship, vista print, my dailies,

and my lack of spell-check on my site.

*LOL, not too worried about my deficient spelling capabilities. sorry ms. Luna; don't hate me beautiful.

anyhow, it's amazing how just hearing from someone can make your day. thanks ADH.

so, Jessica is wrapping-up her search for a realtor today,

and we will be heading-out the first thing tomorrow

morning after all.

we will try to depart by 5am; before traffic thickens here,

and arrive in the LA area after the morning rush.

I am so missing my daughter right now,

and also my herd of furry friends.

not sure if I miss my horses or not though,

I guess we'll see if they wanna thrash me when I return.

Ash has already planned our friday evening

for our 'date nite';

dinner, shopping, and then putt-putt golf.

looking forward to it.

ok then, game is back on... talk soon.


early evening is now upon us...

and I be drinking, because I was thirsty.

so I have a wee-little-bit of a buzz-buzz on.

and you know what?, good for me!

anyway, I had a nice little convo this afternoon

with 'madam x' during her lunch 1/2 hour.

*or as she was 'nicknamed today;

'the mysterious strumpet' (funny).

during our talk today, I decided to 'tell her' about my

web-site and also informed her that I have been 'lightly' mentioning her in some of my daily scribs.

and her reply was rather surprising; "I know".

apparently because of her profession,

she is privy to an abundant amount of information given to her by investigators that work for her.

so... madam 'x' was looking into my background,

during the same time I had been looking into hers.

I thought that was pretty funny.

and just so you know,

it was because of a few of you suggesting I tell her about this web-site that encouraged me to do so.

and to think, I was a little nervous to tell her.

what a gyp!!!

and she 'also' mentioned my misgivings as far

as my spelling goes....

hmmm; let me try this;

F U C K Y O U !!!

did I 'spell' that correctly??? LOL

'madam x' also made a few suggestions that I continue with my 'famous quotes' and 'tv/movie' quotes.

ya, ok 'X', I'll see what I can do.

and while we were on the subject of my 'little web-site';

she also gave me 'props' on my entries prior to Ash coming into my life, and for the amount of emotion I shared with the realization that I had a daughter.

so now that I have unzipped my pants and showed 'the goods', I guess it's time I use them.

alrighty then.

I think I may need a few advil, my hangache-over is starting earlier than I had anticipated.

will be going across the street to my neighbors to watch unlv play colorado in a couple hours,

so maybe I should take a nap and then take a shower first. shit man, the things we do to be presentable in public.

I'll be back.


hey ya...

just got in from next door (across the street),

and let me just say this;

unlv rebel fans are so damn ugly when they are losing.

and unlv was losing 'big time' during the entire game by at least 20+ points.

and yes, they lost... the schmucks.

so we will be leaving in about 6hrs back to LA,

and I probably won't update until we get to the house.

also, I had an evening talk with 'X', and she will be taking next week off to accompany me to the east coast.

if you guys remember, I was planning on going to the DC area sometime this weekend, but decided to post-pone until I heard back from the 'X'.

so we'll be leaving early monday morning from LAX,

hence; her coming over for sunday brunch and staying at the house so we can rise and shine before the sun.

really looking forward to this particular trip;

as one chapter in my life has finally closed,

all the while another has just begun.

alrighty then, time to properly wind down and start thinking about getting some sleep.

I'm not a huge fan of driving u-hauls thru the desert,

lucky me. good-nite all...

16 Mar 2012/10pm

I am so damn tired!

I've been up since 3:15a this morning, nearly 19hrs now.

ya ya, I know you party animals are laffin' at me

right this very moment. eat me!

driving the u-haul truck wasn't that difficult,

doesn't compare to my rig though.

absolutely 'no' acceleration going up the inclines, passing, or standing still for that matter.

we were on the road at 4:45a (I love being early);

stopped over in baker, ca for gas/breakfast,

and stopping again in victorville, ca to fill-up again.

*we weren't 'empty' ,

but u-haul vehicles are shit for gas-economy.

we arrived here at the house at 1p;

8hrs to drive 327miles including 2stops/breakfast...

not too damn bad.

as soon as I pulled into the drive with the u-haul,

I was over-run with barking/crying hounds.

so much so,

that Jess had to park her vehicle on the street as

to 'not' hit a pup.

(I left my car in vegas for the time being)

after the 'family reunion', we went inside and sat w/the elders for abit catching-up on 'the gossip'.

*apparently, Ash has some things to tell her dad

(and... we'll get to that a little later).

so I decided to lay down and take a nap,

actually 2 1/2hrs long.

at which point my child came into my secret-private slumber area and started jumping on my bed. the turd!

so after my awakening, and exchanged hugs;

my beautiful little girl decided to 'come-clean' on her little 'mid-night' adventure of tuesday last.

not to totally bore you with the details of her breaking a 'major rule/boundry' with me;

but 2 boys were involved along with an

unknown female classmate.

I could see she was very nervous admitting this to me,

and not wanting to be your standard

'fucking-pissed-off' father;

I told my child we would discuss this subject 'more' tomorrow once I could 'calm-the-fuck-down'.

plus, we did have date-nite planned.

I then proceeded to shower while I drank my 'monster' energy drink, all the while thinking in detail of what Ash had just told me. shit!!!

date-nite consisted of; dinner at arby's, buying a few dvd's/cd's at walmart and target, and even though I had said we could 'talk' more tomorrow;

we sat in the car and discussed her slight

mis-judgement in decision making.

I would rather NOT discuss my child's inappropriate behavior in this public forum,

but I was needless to say very, very disappointed

with the situation.

unlike my 'younger-day' punishments of being spanked,

hit across the chest,

yelled at with the intent to destroy my self-worth,

and being 'on restriction' for up to two weeks at a time.

*hey, we ALL were hellions growing-up.

I decided that her punishment should fit the breach of the 'house rules' we both agreed upon when her and I decided to make this father/daughter relationship work.

her entire driving privledges are revoked until further notice, she will no longer have the access codes to the property security system (including cameras)

until I feel I can trust her again, and she will relinquish her credit card to me until she pays-off the $700. charges

she incurred that evening/morning.

**please, please guys... don't fucking ask!!!

ugh. why do I feel like shit right now,

I didn't do anything wrong!!!

ok then, I'm so damn tired and my nerves are wacked right now so I'm going to crash, g'nite...

17 Mar 2012/9am

happy st. paddy's day everyone.

not quite sure what is on my agenda today;

considering it's raining outside and looks as if it is going to continue to do so all day, I may just watch the ncaa tourney, drink beer, and eat chips/salsa.

best laid plans I've had in over 12hours.

it appears as if breakfast is now underway downstairs;

french toast, sausage, and scram-eggs w/cheese.

so I'm going to head back down the stairs and partake in some serious grubbage,

and maybe even an early morning cocktail.

isn't orange juice and vodka acceptable in some houses before 10am as an energy drink?

yes, I think it is.

I'll be back throughout the day kids...


well, I'ma drunk before noon.

ah, the magical effects of alcohol;

everything is absolutely perfect right now.

hmmm. as 'perfect' as I could expect I guess.

everybody is doing their own thing;

grandpa jack is in the rear of the property doing

something in the rain, grandma jo is baking banana bread, and has cornbeef/cabbage in the crockpot,

Jessica has been talking to her soon-to-be-ex-husband throughout the day, and my child is currently in the barn/stable area attending to the horses in the rain.

and in other news;

my daughter's mother called me a few hours ago and asked if she could have a house guest the next couple of nights

(her new boyfriend).

when I asked her if she was serious,

she acted surprised by my reply.

ya, I had to shoot down that proposition.

I guess it's time that I make it clear that I'm not

running a bed & breakfast.

even her parents were surprised by her request.

I told Ashley that it would be best to wait until I return from the east coast next saturday before she brings-up her boyfriend to intro to our daughter, then she hung-up on me. oh well. I can't make everyone happy.

ok then. I'm going to go get another beer, I'll be back.


this is an awesome crazy rainy day.

hasn't stopped pouring/misting all day.

my midday beer-buzz is long gone, I'm thinking of popping the cork on a few nice bottles of bubbley.

and when I say 'nice', I'm talking 'korbel' baby... LOL

Ash was outside in the barn with the horses for

a few hours today;

brushing them and ensuring they were blanketed and warm enough and so forth.

I have been reminding her that buying those beasts

were her idea and her idea alone;

I just wrote the checks.

so she needs to start to share in the responsibility of the care of these massive creatures.

the entire downstairs smells of corned beef and cabbage,

with some wiffs of banana bread thrown in.

it's just going to be the 5 of us for dinner tonight,

but tomorrow is looking like it may be slighty crowded here. the palacios clan is bringing over mexican-potluck

after church,

and weather permitting we'll be off-loading the u-haul at the storage unit in the afternoon.

madam 'x' will be here mid-morning before my adopted hispanic family arrives, which will allow us to have a nice visit with everyone present before it gets crazy around here.

I actually had no idea the mexi-godfather and his entire entourage were all going to be here, but they had already planned to do so before I had invited 'X' to come over.

I'm not as excited as I thought I would be in going to washington dc next week, I've missed being home.

but 'X' has only been there once before,

and is looking forward to hearing me speak at the gathering. Jess will be joining us wednesday afternoon, and then flying back with us on friday.

the weather for the next week looks as if it is going

to be a wet one.

with thunderstorms in the local forecast on monday;

yay, I love flying in turmoil weather conditions.

alright I'm going to go to the store and pick-up some fresh veggies, and some other odds-n-ends.

I'll be taking Ash with me;

I'm thinking we need to have another little chat,

as she's been slightly avoiding me today,

and I'm not going to play that game.

I'll be back in a while.   

18 Mar 2012/7am

good morning my friends. (or not! any ex's out there?)

sorry about the lack of updates last night,

I literally passed-out.

shots of irish whiskey was a little much.

(yes, my head is throbbing w/pain right now)

dinner was spectacular, cabbage does seem to make

me fart though... just sayin'.

*a drunk, passed-out, farting 48yr old guy;

yes ladies, I'm a trophy-boyfriend.

anyway. I did have 'somewhat' of a conversation with Ash last night while we were at the grocery.

I've never seen her 'like this' before, and think there may be a little animosity about me dating 'madam x'. shit.

my daughter is the most important person in the world to me, but I'm so tired of being single.

there has to be a simple compromise that

we can 'both' live with.

needless to say, I am hoping that today's meet/greet

with 'X' goes well.

grandpa jack had already done my poop-patrol before I got up (5:30am), and grandma jo and Jessica have already straightened-up in anticipation of 'my company' today.

the mexi-godfather called last night 'after' I had already passed-out (the boy just don't sleep),

and said they would be here by 1pm with the entire

clan and buffet of food. I'm thinking of having some appitizer plates, wine and such for when 'X' arrives.

Ash as already 'told me' she wants to be the one to give 'X' the tour of the house/property. so be it.

ok, let me get this posted,

and I guess I 'should' shower today.

we'll talk again soon.


well, alrighty then.

so apparently my child and 'madam x' are getting along wonderfully, not sure if that's great or not.

they are out 'riding the horses' around the

property right now.

(Ash & 'X' wear the same size clothing... scarey!)

does everyone in the world know how to ride a horse

except for me? DAMN-IT!

my horse 'jack' even likes her more than me, DAMN-IT!!

and here I sit totally alone... DAMN-IT!!!

*even ALL my dogs are outside having a great time.

ok-ok I admit this is all pretty cool;

but seriously, 'jack-off' my horse just cuddled-up to 'X' immediately, not fair I say.

I just thought I'd give you guys a quick-update before the 'traveling-palacios's arrive, and this place turns into a

'cinco de mayo celebration'.

I'm on my third glass of merlot, (2nd bottle)

and we snacked on; hard salami, swiss, extra sharp cheeses, with wheat thins, and ritz crackers. *ya baby, I go all-out. also enjoyed a veggie-tray that Ash fixed-up herself.

well shit, I guess I should get back outside and look interested as to the happenings around here.

wish me luck, talk again soon.


good evening everyone.

it's been a crazy, crazy afternoon/early evening

here at casa-kiss.

it appears as if my daughter and my new friend has

'hit-it-off' totally.

*now if I could just 'hit-it', life would be great.

yes, I said that!


everyone here is having a fabulous time;

the food is plentiful, the drink is flowing,

and the mexi-godfather is planning his next project

at my expense. which brings me to this subject; grandma palacios said something to me earlier this afternoon that has just sunk in and started to make sense.

apparently, the projects that good ol' grandpa palacios has been volunteering for and/or making-up as he went along here at my house is part of an over-all-plan:

to keep the mexi-godfather busy, and out of the house so grandma palacios won't kill him.

now I understand the entire situation.

ok then. as I stated above,

Ash and 'madam x' are getting along wonderfully.

just as soon as the both of them told the other how beautiful she was, well it was all downhill after that.

Ash must have given the all-access tour of the house,

and then they rode the horses around inside

and out the property.

I've barely seen either of them in the last hour.

I did get a hug from each of them earlier today,

so there's that.

actually, I couldn't be more pleased.

hopefully this isn't just an act be either 'woman' to suffice me and they really do like each other.

this is precisely the reason why I only wanted to date a woman with a child/children,

and has had the experience of being married.

women who are close to my age who have never been married and/or don't have the responsibilities

of raising a child,

don't really have a clue as what to expect in either case.

and as the years keep passing-by, it gets harder for people to change and adapt to the new responsibilities

and lifestyle changes.

it doesn't make these women any less desirable,

just not what I'm looking for.

and I'm sure 'I'm not' what these women are

looking for either.

it's funny how your outlook/desires change as new aspects of your life unfold day to day.

reading over my blog posts of last year had me thinking in an entirely different direction.

and I have to say, I am very pleased with the way my 'direction' has been going,

and I don't plan on changing it anytime soon. if ever.

well, well, well.

look who just decides to breeze back into my office area;

my daughter with her new bff.

oh, and now they both think they can just begin to proof read over my back. wtf?

ok, I'm going to post this now.

if I don't update again before we depart early, EARLY tomorrow morning, then I will touch base just after we check-in while my travel mate is freshening-up.

we have a dinner tomorrow night we must attend. oh joy. btw Luna, I just had to correct 4 misspelled words.

damn-it anyway.

have a great week everyone, I'll see you guys later.  

19 Mar 2012/5pm/est

good 'early' evening from our Nation's Capital.

looks as if the weather may be less torturous this week than what was first forecasted.

I was expecting a rough ride the entire way,

but experienced hardly any turbulence.

I guess I took a xanax for nothing.

we departed the house just as soon as the car arrived (3:30am)

and got to LAX in 35min.

one of the few perks left of flying first class is your own little 'lane' for the tsa/security check.

and I swear the emps are a little nicer to you also.

the flight itself was pretty much uneventful;

hardly any bumps, no crying babies, very good champaigne, tasty snacks/meal, so-so looking attendants,

and the in-flight movie list was just ok.

but, my company in the seat next to me

was very exceptional.

I love traveling with someone who is excited to be

going to our destination.

*'madam x' name will now be 'l.g.'

l.g. and I even played a few games of rummy while we were 30,000+ feet up in the air.

we arrived to semi-cloudy skies and about 65'.

I'm guessing the weather report I looked-up was for another city entirely; maybe it was 'washington dc, iceland'.

by the time we arrived, gathered our luggage,

picked-up our rental, and got checked-in;

it was nearly 3:30pm local time. (just over an hour ago).

while I'm typing this-up, l.g. is beautifying herself as we have a welcome-dinner to attend this evening at 7pm,

with cocktail-hour beginning at 5:30pm.

the hotel where the convention is being held is roughly 10min away, so no worries there.

this will be the first time I've attended a function of any kind with a 'date' since my marriage started to fall apart in 2005. and to be perfectly honest with you,

I'm not so sure I am ready to answer any questions concerning my 'personal life' with any of 'these nim-rods'; who normally come to these gatherings without an escort,

leaving their significant-others at home so they can possibly 'hit some strange'.

I will be curious to the fact as how many times

l.g. gets 'hit upon'.

I've already warned her on the actions of a few of

the 'playa's at these things.

still, it can be quite amusing watching these fat, balding, over-weight fucks make a spectacle of themselves trying to get their 'dicks-wet' without investing much time or the least amount of cash-a-roni.

and yes, there is sure to be a few 'professional-ladies'

in the immediate area to accommodate the horniest and cheapest of adulteres.

actually, washington d.c. is one of the best places for a 'escort' (male AND female) to make a living.

not only can these professionals feast on the conventioneers, but there is always an endless supply of cheating male/female politicians to service.

hmmm. the words 'cheating' and 'politician' in the same sentence... shame on me, what was I thinking.

after the dinner tonite, and as long as we are not to tired;

I thought we would follow the

'monuments at night driving map'

that I was given by our concierge upon checking-in.

we'll play this by ear.

my 'speaking gig' isn't scheduled until thursday morning, (subject to change of course)

so we have all day tomorrow and wednesday to enjoy.

I think we'll try to see if there are any cancellations for a tour of barracks house,

and then take a carriage tour of 'old town' d.c.

and alexandria. with the smithsonian always on the list. something I've 'never done' and is on l.g.'s list of

'things to do' is to take a tour/visit the

'library of congress' building.

*I'm guessing that this is a 'smart persons'

dream destination.

ha, not mine. but seeing-how she is hoping we go,

I bet 'we' will.

alrighty, I've already showered but still need to dress appropriately and will pony-tail the hair.

which always brings 'smart-ass' comments from the swollen bellied, bald-fuck, shit-heads.

don't get me wrong, I'm not totally against everyone who attends these conventions;

just a few of the grouchy, old stubborn, crusty bastards

who think they should get a kick-back on 'everything' that comes along in the industry since they were born.

a quote that a few always state;

"if it wasn't for us old-timers, you young-ass kids wouldn't be making a penny in this business".

I swear half the old-guys really do think they should get a taste of everyone elses success, fukin' jerk-me-offs!!!

ok then guys, thanx for letting me vent.

I'll check in later before bed.



I'm totally exhasted, but will give you guys a quickie.

happy hour/dinner went-off without a hitch.

and there was even some 'light' dancing involved.

l.g. attracted a few stares and as I thought,

brought around a few unwanted solicitations from

some eager beavers.

one zombie-dude in particular couldn't believe

'we' were together.

what the fuck am I?, chopped liver?

the same 'old-dude' told me an hour later that 'she' was to classy for me.

ya, like 'my date' would dump me and go for some 'dick' tracy

wannabe from the iowa farm-lands.

anyway, after telling mr. magoo to pick his old stretchy

nut-sack off the floor, I proceeded to dance with my 'classy' date a few more times before departing.

and considering we both had had a few drinks,

we decided to leave the rental in valet, and take a

courtesy car from the dinner party.

the driver was all too eager to show us the sites,

or at least drive by them.

we weren't exactly paying attention to what was

out the windows... if you get my drift.

alrighty then; you guys are all caught-up (kinda),

and I'm tired so I am going to bed.

hopefully everyone has a 'memorable' night.

to be continued on my thoughts.3.3...