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my thoughts.3.3:

completed: 29 Mar 2012/10pm

(20 Mar 2012 - 29 Mar 2012)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

20 Mar 2012/8am/est

good mornin'... good mornin'...

what a wonderful day it is going to be.

I love having a coffee maker in the room;

it's always nice to smell the aroma of freshly brewing

mud first thing in the morn.

especially when your laying in bed and just don't feel like going downstairs to get caffeinated.

as I am typing this up, having my 'first cup' of the day;

I'm looking over the room-service menu.

l.g. is already out of the shower and has 'sweetly' informed me that 'maybe' I should forgo this entry and take a shower myself so that we can start our day!

and I just 'informed her' that if we had showered

together I would have already been cleaned,

AND started the day off with a bang.

her only response was a smile.

ok, I guess I've got to shower now, will check-in later.


good afternoon everyone.

taking a short break here at the room before we continue our sight seeing tour.

this morning we took a taxi to the convention hotel to have a buffet breakfast with the rest of the troop.

and after 'touching base' with some of my personal contacts we picked-up our rental from valet (from last night) and cruised around the immediate area looking at the monuments and such.

by the way; I can remember back when I was stationed at the pentagon in 1987 when pennsylvania ave was still open to vehicular traffic near the white house. not anymore.

the sun was out for a while this morning,

but it's pretty much overcast now,

and rain is now in the forecast.

ok then. l.g. is just finishing-up her work related phone calls and we are going to go get some lunch somewhere.

I'll be back.

21 March 2012/1am/est

good evening/good 'early' morning.

we had a very busy fun-filled day/night.

even though it's very late, I will try to give you

guys a decent update.

as I last 'checked-in', we were just leaving our room to find a place for lunch.

we took the advice from 'eric' at the concierge desk,

and had lunch at this place a few miles down the road called 'georgia brown's'... no shit.

this place looks like it fell into the middle of the d.c. downtown area from the deep south.

quite awesome if you ask me;

the fried green tomatoes, fried cheese, and hot crab dip we shared as appitizers were outstanding.

for lunch l.g. had caesar salad w/chicken breast,

and I had the gumbo.

the peach cobbler l.g. had after lunch was crazy-good.

(ya, she gave me a nibble... of cobbler)

if your ever in d.c., you 'must' try this place.

and according to our server, the sunday bruch

is quite spectacular.

after lunch, we needed to walk-off the additional poundage, so we did the library of congress self-tour thing.

and ok, call me a dumb-shit, the 'library of congress' is actually a combination of buildings; the thomas jefferson blg, and the james madison bld.,

plus a few more smaller annexes. a huge complex.

after a couple hrs of walking, talking and looking at 'everything', we hit the gift shop pretty hard.

*the library of congress gift shop;

this just doesn't sound right, does it?

afterwards we walked down the street to the supreme court, took pictures (of course),

and then crossed-over to the u.s. capital, just getting inside to the visitor center 30min before they closed;

where I bought a very nice 'thick' coffee table-book

of all the monuments.

after we were 'told to leave' by capital-security (big boys),

we drove to the convention hotel for happy hour

and to 'check-in' with the registar.

I do plan on attending the morning sessions tomorrow

from 8a-11a, there is one speaker in particular I want to listen to and then possibly meet.

I also have to turn-in my draft-notes of my thursday presentation for review by 6p tomorrow. I'm so ready.

after happy hour we declined our tickets for dinner and decided to explore the georgetown area for a meal.

we ended-up at this thai restaurant 'mai thai';

excellent, excellent spicy veggie rolls,

and very well prepared fried rice w/shrimp & pineapple.

when we arrived the place was barely half-full,

but departing at 7:30p the place was packed,

and with people waiting outside.

apparently you east-coasters eat later than us west-coasters. well, later than me anyway.

I usually like to eat nlt 6p, and normally even earlier. while we were eating dinner I over-heard a few young-ins talking about a club they were thinking about going to,

so being the 'shy-guy' I asked these good-looking kids

where this place was.

and this young gorgous guy said there were a fairly large group of college kids going to the 'rock it grill'

in old town alexandria for karaoke.

so l.g. and I decided to join these adorable kids.

Ash would have loved this boy Josh; shit, I'm as straight as a man could be, and I was in love with him.

a young george clooney.

and his two female friends were just as drop-dead stunning. hell yes, I'll party with these coeds.

so after getting directions,

we told the kids we would be there around 9p.

while we were driving away, l.g. started laughing and said; "next time you talk to Josh G., you may want to not slobber on yourself." and then we both started laughing together.

we then we drove around and looked at the lit-up

monuments/buildings and such.

we arrived to club around 10pm, after parking 3blocks away. the kids were all sitting in a huge group and didn't have any empty spots, so we just sat at the bar and watched/listen

to the karaokers.

within 30min we were at the tables with the 12 or more kids, having a blast mind you.

a group of us went on stage (minus l.g.) and sang ymca,

it was a mess... but fun.

after a few pitchers of beer, a couple shots, and about 20 bowls of popcorn;

l.g. and I exchanged numbers with all the group and decided that midnight was late enough for 'us old kids'.

actually Josh was only half as 'hot' as this young 20-something hispanic girl, 'maria'.

omg. l.g. even said she'd like to 'eat her taco'.

(mexican women are just so breath-taking to me)

hmmm. my head is swimming with thoughts of fantasy.

ok-ok-ok, enough of that already.

Jess arrives tomorrow at 3pm, earlier than we had planned, but it works out for all of us.

will give 'us' a little extra time to 'tweak'

my presentation.

alright, I'm beat. I'm going to call it a day, l.g. is watching cnn and cursing at the tv, I love it.

I'll 'report-in' tomorrow. good-night.


good morning. I am so freakin' tired.

maybe the going-out late the night before I wanted to make an appearence at my convention was not such

a bright idea after all.

l.g. is still asleep, so I'm not going to brew any coffee.

I'll 'get my fix' on the outside this morning.

alrighty then. I just wanted to use this forum to wake-up before I took a shower and such.

I'll see ya guys later.


hi ya guys.

came back to the hotel after hearing/meeting the speaker I was interested-in. excellent presentation.

l.g. decided not to come to the convention after she 'finally' got out of bed, and is currently on 'the old town trolley tour'. I'll be meeting-up with her on the tour at

'arlington national cemetary' in about 90min.

after paying my respects to two former marines I had the privledge of knowing, we'll be enroute to reagan national airport to pick-up Jess, catching some lunch on the way.

after Jessica joins our group,

were going to catch another key-note speaker this evening,

and then enjoy happy hour again.

I'm guessing we will eat dinner with the group tonight also, and then who knows what's on the agenda.

I will have to confirm my allotted presentation time for tomorrow 'before' we make any sort of plans for the evening. alright, gotta go. we'll chat later.


hello, and good evening.

Jessica the Magnificent is now in the house.

we decided after picking her up at the airport,

we'd come back to the hotel and 'freshen-up' before we head-over to happy hour and then have dinner

with the rest of the group.

I was informed that I'm the 2nd speaker tomorrow morning, so we won't be doing much tonight.

besides, Jess said she has some information for me that may/or may not alter some of my presentation.

so the rest of the day will be spent 'working',

or something close to it.

ok, I was just 'asked' if I was going to wear a suit tonight.

I guess that means I'm wearing a monkey suit. fuck-it.

so I will now start to get ready, and try to glam it up abit. I'll talk to you guys later tonight.


hi guys, just a quickie.

we just walked in the door about 15min ago,

and everyone is crashing soon.

the evening tonite was alright;

for hanging-out with some un-exciting dweebs.

in fact, happy hour was the best part when the wife of one of the 'key-note speakers' was totally drunk off her ass and needed some help out of the bar.

word-on-the-street is she just found out her hubby is

'dickin' his assistant.

and this is just my opinion but... the wife is a major 'hottie' and the asst looks like a coke-freak.

who knows though, maybe the spouse is a major bitch,

and the asst can suck a golf ball thru a garden hose...

who knows/who cares.

actually, my two girls 'did' cause a bit of a stir when they

both started dancing w/each other on the dance floor.

and ignored the few ass-wads who tried to cut-in,

pretty funny in fact.

right before dinner was to be served,

I did join the girls for a few songs...

and yes, it was dirty dancing at it's very best.

*hey, 'daddy kiss' can still shake-it, and shake-it hard!

dinner was; veggie soup or salad, cornish game hens,

rice pilaf, squash, hard rolls, diet pepsi (yuk),

and flan w/strawberries for dessert.

not a bad meal for a extra-large group, but the game hens should have been basted more as they were a little dry.

after dinner and saying our goodbyes,

we drove the night tour of the monuments for Jessica

to see and then came back here.

and that was my 'exciting night' with two beautiful women

in washington d.c.

hopefully, our night tomorrow will be a little more interesting... good night everyone.

22 Mar 2012/5am/est

it's early, and I'm a little tired still.

woke-up with abit of a headache this morning and actually could have turned grumpy immediately,

but because of my wonderful assistant having coffee ready, and having my 'girlfriend' dancing around to the tunes of the bee gees (making me laugh... hard),

it's been a interesting 20min so far.

I guess I can tough today out without an attitude, considering this is a 'real work-day event'.

*seriously, how many of these days do I have to contend with? I can put-up with the ass-wad attidudes of some of my jealous business associates. so let me shake-off this man-bitch aura surrounding me this very moment.

alrighty-then; sometimes a shot of whiskey in your morning cup of java is just what you need to start your day.

thanks Jess, your the best!

so I've been up nearly an hour now going over my notes for the umteenth-time,

and have just decided my planned presentation is perfect. with that being said;

I'm going to calm down, have another 'special coffee', watch a little espn and maybe even have some room service.

ugh. not sure if it's the presence of my 'new' business partners, my new girlfriend, or just because I haven't stood in front of a couple thousand people in awhile that is making me uneasy this morning.

FUCK ME; I have to shake this shit off,

get my mind straight, and focus on what needs to be done. ok then, I'm going to shower and have a breather.

I'll be back.


ok... this is it baby.

I'm outa here and going to go kick the shit outa

my presentation.

I'll get back to you guys later today.

26 Mar 2012/9pm

well now, I bet your all wondering why I have not 'updated' for the past 110hrs & 15mins.

so instead of 'beating around the bush';

on friday, 22 mar 2012 at approx 1330hrs I was pulled over by a 'officer of the law' for a broken left-rear tail light

of my 'rental' lincoln towncar.

and what should have been a warning,

turned into a ugly, ugly incident.

*and until I talk with my attorneys tomorrow,

I probably should 'not continue' with this update because this situation is now currently under investigation by the departments internal affairs department for:

'inappropriate behavior by an officer,

unlawful arrest/detention,

filing a false report,

making unsubstantiated comments known to be untrue to a superior officer,

and for actions unbecoming of a peace officer'.

too damn bad the charges of being a disgusting, piece of shit, womanizing, adlterer, cock-sucking prick

can't be taken into account.

the actions of this officer

(who is now currently on a leave of abscence w/pay)

along with a few of his fucking cohorts just strengthened my opinion of not trusting any law enforcement officers.

note: not ALL scumbags are behind bars, some are walking around with a badge and a gun. good job.

maybe I'll talk/scrib and bore you guys with the contents of my breakfast and of my lack of wearing underwear later.

but as for todays entry/update... I'm done.    

27 Mar 2012/2pm

afternoon everyone.

I took the liberty to read some of your emails since

my last update; and yes, I'm fine... thank-you.

I had a nice little pow-wow with my attorney this morn

(he is my business atty mind you),

and he has 'palmed-me-off ' to one of his partners who deal with other 'aspects' of the lawyer-world.

you know, life is a 'strange beast' within itself;

I totally despise individuals who feast upon the actions of the weary who find themselves in the need of the inept court nurtured schmucks who are called-upon every so often when the rest of us decide 'not' to lay down and take shit from a 'man who wears a badge pinned to his limp dick'.

but today, I needed to curb my hostile attitude towards the stuffed-shirt society, swallow my pride,

(or what's left of it) and except the fact that sometimes I really do need to 'trust' someone elses expertise. so be it.

anyway; how are all of you doing?

my email inbox is stuffed and needs to be thinned-out before any new messages can come thru.

Jess is working on a few 'other things of importance' for me right now, but will be getting on this just as soon as possible. I will try to respond to as many of you as I can.

as far as 'everything/everyone' else goes;

Ash is doing fine and her grades are in the top 5% of her class, the elders are shuttling back and forth between here and san diego every other week, Ashley is currently not talking to me because I wouldn't let her 'past'

(yes, they broke-up) boyfriend stay here at the house,

Jessica is now in the middle of her divorce,

and the mexi-godfather will be arriving thursday afternoon to reseed the pasture area

(why does it need to be reseeded?)

and will be staying thru the week-end.

ALL the beasts are doing fine here at casa-kiss,

and my friend l.g. and I are doing very well.

in fact, we (Ash, l.g., her 14yr old son, and myself )

will be taking a roadtrip this coming weekend together.

I'm really, REALLY looking forward to this.

it's an amazing feeling how someone you have just recently let into your world can make such a huge difference in

such a short amount of time.

I'm not accustomed to being so happy in a relationship, stress-free is so under-rated.

so I decided that I will be cooking this evening;

grilled chicken caesar,

3-cheese tortellini w/mango alfredo,

and asparagus tips.

(just me, Ash and Jessica)

and for dessert I will be taking Ash out for a slice of pie,

and some stimulating 'catch-up' conversation.

so with that being said;

I need to get to the grocery and buy some grub.

I'll update later tonite.


I missed you guys, more than you will ever know.


good evening everyone.

I actually fell asleep watching tv downstairs,

and woke-up just a few moments ago.

so, I need to get the dogs outside, change their water dishes,

and make sure everything is locked-up for the night.

damn, I'm sooo tired.

had a excellent night with my kid,

and was surprised to learn of her having a 'steady guy'.

he'll be over for dinner thursday night.

ok, I've gotta go, I'm barely keeping my eyes open.


28 Mar 2012/11am

busy day so far here in cool/cloudy so. cal.

chores & errands have been keeping me hopping

this morning.

will be leaving for petco in a few minutes and then afterwards the 'feed store'... AGAIN!!!

I guess I shouldn't be amazed at how much these animals eat, as their poop-piles are evidence enough.

the mexi-godfather and a few of his helper-relatives will be arriving a day early (today) to help-out with a couple tasks; going to paint all the fence posts,

plus add a few for more support/stability.

reseeding the entire pasture area,

and applying clay roof tiles to the barn/stables structure.

also, it was mentioned to me by 'cynthia from wyoming'

to add a fixed 'lunge-line' to a corner area of the horses pasture area for an easier work-out session.

and once the horses have beaten down a

circular running path,

re-surface with smooth dirt; this will be done & done.

'thanks for the info cynthia'.

needless to say, I have no f'in idea what any of that means, but will be looking into this.

I would say I hate 'acting' stupid, but 'I'm not acting'. speaking of which;

my friend, girlfriend, or whatever I should call her has suggested 'I look into' to being 'on camera' instead/along

with writing for the camera.

she says my winning personality and my humorous side is to good be kept a secret.

apparently there are alot of pretty faces here in the LA area, but an awesome personality can't be made up.

I just laughed her off.

everyone here in wants to be an actor,

I'd rather not be one of the masses thank-you very much.

ok then, I need to go get animal supplies,

and also begin to think about what to fix for dinner now that I am having an additional 5+ peeps to feed.

btw; my dinner last night was excellent, and Ash and I had a very lengthly talk about what 'really' happened this past weekend, and how maybe, MAYBE I may have overreacted. seriously though; the 'dick-fuck' was a smart-ass piece of shit who escalated the situation ten-fold with his lack of professional bearing and 'strong' sexual comments towards the 2 women in my vehicle.

plus his aggression towards me was so racially motivated it was unbelievable. so fuck him!!!

I'm not sorry I kicked his over-weight ass!!!

and to think this 'prick' is paid 'to protect and serve'

is a very scary thought.

*it was suggested I keep my opinion about the situation to myself until after the 'internal investigation' was complete. my opinion/truth is the same thing.

alrighty then, I've got to get my ass in gear...


will begin making dinner in a few minutes;

stuffed green peppers w/twice baked potatoes,

and for dessert, apple cobbler.

my hispanics of the palacios clan love my stuffed peppers.

I stuff them with my home-made red sauce, hamburger/sausage mix, brown rice,

grilled mushrooms/onions, and grated pepperjack cheese.

and I have to admit, my peppers are awesome.

of course; with the palacios' at the dinner table,

I have to make sure I have all 7-8 bottles of the different hot sauces available on the lazy-susan in the middle of the table. also, fresh tortilla's will be served.

and the corona is chillin'in the walk-in.

the great thing about feeding these guys a huge dinner and letting them drink themselves to their hearts content,

is the next day they work their asses off.

and when you tell them we will be having a huge party w/grandma palacios cooking later that night,

they are like putty in your hands.

the mexi-godfather and his crew are outside right now over-looking their goals and work details for tomorrow.

guess I'll have to find something constructive to do away

from the house all day.

maybe I will go to a movie or something.

alright kids, my daughter just got home from school

(after-school-boyfriend-time) and I want to visit with her for a moment or two before she starts homework, and we have alot of chitter-chatter here in the kitchen. I'll check-in later.


hi guys.

this will be short and sweet.

dinner tonight was crowded, loud, fun and

absolutely no left-overs.

and the two cases of corona are history also.

so anyway. in the last day or two I've only checked a few emails on this account, not that I have answered any.

but I did receive an email (on my private account) from someone I admire and trust; and she 'suggested' I should calm down my negativity towards the situation I

experienced this past weekend.

along with some of the other emails I read saying 'about'

the same thing. except for one particular entry(s) a few months back, I've never deleted any of my thoughts page. and I don't think I will now.

but I will keep my personal feelings about what

happened to myself,

besides; I know the truth (along with l.g. & Jessica)

in what actually occured.

alrighty then, I'm going to go to bed here in just abit,

after I watch the local news.

have decided to take the kids to the coast tomorrow;

let them run around on the beach, in the surf, and then take them to get bathed, nails trimmed and shots updated.

another exciting day in the life and times of... me! g'nite.

29 Mar 2012/8am


been up for over 3hrs now,

and am about ready to put the beasts in the toyota and hit the beach this slightly hazy/foggy morning.

I haven't told any of them yet we are going out,

but aj and elles both know something is up as I put the 'travel' water dishes in the front of the 4runner along w/a few gallons of water, treats, and the static-leash.

so they have the rest of the herd fired-up as if we're going

on a road trip.

so I have the barking/whining and occasional growl/argument to deal with.

*just like 'real kids' sitting in the back seat.

the mexi-godfather has been up longer than me,

and woke the rest of the crew up at 6am;

and they are all mowing, weeding, and straightening-up the back waiting for the haze to lighten-up.

kinda glad I'll be gone most of the day.

grandma palacios will be here around noon,

with her two youngest daughters to begin the

food-prep for tonight. l.g. will be here for dinner also tonight after she gets off work.

I can't remember; did I tell you guys what she does for a living?, I don't feel like going back over my entries,

I'll look later tonight.

(you'll just have to wait a little longer)

ok then. Ash is just leaving for school, and Jess has an entire day planned going thru my emails... lucky her.

so I am going to get out of here and get this day going,

hope you all have a wonderful thursday.

will check-in before dinner.


good evening everyone. crazy, crazy day.

to begin with; the fog this morning was as thick as anything I have ever seen. so, so many accidents.

while I was heading south on kanan dume rd,

one car actually passed me on the right (bike lane)

and then about a mile down the road he was in a wreck.

hitting a car which had pulled over, dumb-ass.

I had intended to drive south down to the 'long beach area' to let the dogs run leash-less at rosie's dog park, but the drive would have been hours with the fog.

so instead I detoured to malibu/carrillo state beach.

the dogs are not allowed to go 'off-leash',

but we all still had a fun time.

when you have all these guys on the static-leash,

they sure do attract alot of attention.

especially with 'little beverly' yapping from the front.

we must have walked back and forth on that beach

at least 2 dozen times, skipping around a portion that dogs are not allowed to be on.

also picked-up quite a few poop-land-mines along the way. around noon, I took the kidz to lunch via 'the runner' a few miles up pch to this little seafood cafe (neptunes net),

all the kidz had fish/chips and I had a large basket of

fried shrimp/clams/fries.

pretty cool place, just average food though.

after gorging ourselves for lunch,

my kidz signing autographs and having their

pictures taking (seriously);

we went back to the beach and ran our asses off.

the fog was a little thinner and begining to lift,

but still very 'gunky' (great word)

by the time we left at 2pm.

I decided to take a different/alternate route home;

mulholland hwy 23 to the ventura fwy.

it was drastically longer time-wise,

but enjoyed the new view.

I dropped the kids off to be beautified a little later than I had wanted, and they will be ready to be picked-up by 8pm.

so by the time I got home,

the festivities were just about to start.

and the smell throughout the house was intoxicating.

I just got off the phone w/l.g.,

and she told me she would be here by 7pm and to make sure that I save her a few chili rellenos and tamales.

so I guess I should finish drying-off and get ready to go grub-out on some mexi-cali food.

no alcohol for me until I bring the kidz back,

unless the godfather volunteers to do so. I'll be back.


good evening all.

the 'party atmosphere' downstairs has calmed

down dramatically in the last hour.

and yes, I still have my buzz-on from a 'few shots' of ta-killa and 'a few' ice-cold drafts.

*it's always cheaper to get a pony-keg when having the palacios-clan do some work around here.

as I had hoped, the mexi-godfather and one of his grandsons went and picked-up the kidz for me after the beasts had been bathed, brushed, and beautified.

and ya, just as soon as I learned he was going to go get them, I began to drink immediately.

l.g. arrived just past 7p, and made up for lost time

(3 shots in a row was impressive).

now here is something I don't clearly understand;

she can drink hard liquor all nite long and just be a 'very, very happy camper', but a couple glasses of wine puts her to sleep almost instantaniously. don't figure.

I will say it's much more enjoyable to get drunk with someone who is so much fun, than with a rag-machine that is the evil-twin to any horror-monster/creature

who has ever lived.

so this weekend is all planned for me to meet

with l.g.'s youngest son (14yr).

we've decided to make it a roadtrip;

myself, l.g., Ash, and 'son14'.

the kids will be getting out of their respective schools at noonish tomorrow, and l.g. will be here w/her son nlt 1pm.

I thought of taking the rv, but after discussing this with 'both' girls, it was decided that the suv would be best. especially since we have hotel rez for both

friday & saturday nights.

I'm holding-off on revealing the exact location(s) of our travel destination until we actually have started the trip

as l.g. has informed me that all 3 of her children

(2boys: 14, 18 & 1girl: 19) have been reading my website since we've began dating and she discovered it.

oh joy, the children/young adults of my

(dare I say) 'girlfriend' are reading my thoughts/activities and have most-likely come to their own decision whether they like me or not. oh well.

alrighty then, I'm going to 'hit-it' and be up early tomorrow. we'll chat then. goodnight.

to be continued on my thoughts.3.4...