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my thoughts.4:

(01 Jan 2011-23 Jan 2011)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart.

01 Jan 2011

happy new year everyone.

well, everything was going along fine last night until I had a few unplanned visitors at around 9pm.

(hence: don't tell people where you are staying)

a couple active duty, and a couple retired navel members decided in their pre-new years party gathering that I should not be sitting alone; in a quiet, warm, dry recreational vehicle on new years. so, I was asked (basically kidnapped) to join them at this bar; a local irish pub.

I had a very interesting evening, to say the least.

because of past sport bets lost, two of my party members were 'forced' to wear dresses and heels all night.

now, as if that wouldn't be enough to keep 'the party going', my new friends decided it was time to start their very own kareoke competition to the non-delight of the rest of the patrons at the pub/grill. but even though the loud, obnoxious singing was causing a slight disturbance, and that the abrubt interuption to the current entertainment caused more than a couple others to depart early, nothing was done to stop the embarrassing 'show' that was elevating moment by moment. maybe it was because my party of 11 had grown to nearly 40, or that all the employees were having fun with my group of navy men/women. or possibly because the owner of the fine establishment was loving all the monies being spent by the drunken military squad that was growing minute by minute.

anyway, the night turned into an all out brewha with almost 80+/- navy and marine corps 'kids' celebrating by the time new years rang the clock.

as for myself, I was able to 'duck-out' by 12:30am

(almost not alone, but thankfully, yes. )

to the comfort of my warm, dry steel box, and to the delightness of my eager walk happy kidz.

so, without expanding the various details of all the events that occured through-out the night, that was my new years. and so, how was yours?

I have received just a couple of emails from you all so far, but would love to hear more of your stories.

well, I'm all coffee'd out, as I've had nearly 5 cups, and my dogs are ready to go exercise. so because this 'rain' is still hampering my dog park activities, I have decided to take up the offer of a young lady that works for the local school district to allow my dogz the pleasure of running around in a local school gym. and I'm guessing that this 'act of kindness' by this young lady will result in the possibility of a date-night this evening. ok, I'll 'take one' for my team. (actually she is pretty hot for a school-marm)

alrighty then, I gotta start my day 'officially',

we'll talk soon...


wow, some of the new year eve party stories you crazies sent me were even more bizzare than my own.

before I continue my dailies, I would like to express my congratulations to darren and lisa b. of boston, ma on the birth of their son, derek james at 4:53am today:

wow, happy new years guys.

looks as if this little guy has some serious lungs.

so, as I stated earlier; I went ahead and met this young lady I was intro'd to yesterday at a middle school where she works, and had my kidz run wild in the school gymnasium.

so as they literally ran their asses off, my little friend and I had an indoor picnic on the floor of the gym that she had prepaired for us.

I'm thinking the chicken was kfc, but it's the thought that counts, right? anyway, I think I re-lived a childhood fantasy of being naughty at school; ie: having lunch and drinking wine-coolers with a gorgous young teacher,

and breaking all the rules.

so after a couple of hours of watching my dogs run all over the place, eating and drinking with a very intelligent and beautiful woman; I decided it was time to get my kidz back to the rig. so my with my teacher in tow, we went back to the rv and had a couple more cocktails and watched the movie 'hot tub time machine, very funny flick.

afterwards, we went back to her apartment so she could change clothes and then she took me on a visual tour of her city, very nice place. it rained off and on all day, but we made the best of it, with dinner and then a movie; little fockers was very funny and a nice 'date flick'.

I enjoyed myself today, but still desire to meet someone a bit closer to my own age. (she is 32, but damn!)

alright; lets get back on track here, I have to be in tallahassee on monday by 2:30pm to meet grandpa and grandma palacios + 4 who are coming out to have a vacation of their own. so it appears as if I will indeed have company in disney world after all. outstanding.

my plans for tomorrow are currently nada,

but who knows what fate shall have in store for me and the kidz.

hope your year started off with a 'bang'. good nite...

02 Jan 2011

hello from semi-dry florida.

I actually had a pretty boring day; dog-park in the morning, grocery shopping and laundry during the afternoon.

and the weather held out long enough for me to bbq a couple of briskets for me and the kidz.

most of all the other rv'ers have already departed this area; there are only 4-5 rigs left here within the 60 spaces, and the way the park here is laid out, it's kind of eerie outside now with no-one around.

I will be leaving pensacola around 9am monday morning to begin my 200 mile drive to tallahassee airport to meet the palacios clan .

ya baby, now I got the mexican mafia traveling with me.

if you have never been to florida, let me warn you:

the weather can turn itself on and off faster

than a new york hooker.

(or so I've heard)

anyway, the weather is suppose to be fairly decent, so after my airport pickup run, we may try to squeeze in the remaining 275 miles to disneyworld.

I wasn't planning on being there until the end of the week, but a couple extra days of fun in the sun for my kidz will be nice. alright, sorry my entry couldn't be anymore exciting, but sometimes my life is just plain boring.

before I depart and walk my kidz one last time tonite, I would like to say thank you to those of you sending me your holiday greetings and new years well wishes.

I honestly hope that everyone who reads this has the best year of their life, and that you accomplish everything you have set out to do this new year. good nite... 

03 Jan 2011

you are not going to believe what I am going to tell you:

'it is totally beautiful outside here today'.

I was awaken this morning at 5:18am by a.j. doing the pee-pee dance, so being the semi-responsible dad I got up immediately to the joyous sounds of my kidz 'talking' with the excitement of welcoming a new day.

and while taking my pupz for their first walk, I was amazed and stood in awe by the beauty of the sunrise that was being presented to just me at that exact moment.

you never know when a special moment is going to happen,

something you will always remember, forever.

so after enjoying an excellent show in the sky, I decided to take my kidz to the nearby dog-park to let them 'try' to get some over-due exercise outside.

after spending over an hour playing with the sibs, we hit a mcdonalds drive-thru for breakfast; 2 sausage biscuits for me, and 1 egg mcmuffin for each dawg.

it is now 8:15am, and I am moments away from departing for tallahassee. sometimes I dread the thought of driving a long distance; but with the wonderful start to my day, the kidz all tired-out and resting, the anticipation of seeing my friends in a couple of hours, and the excitment of possibly being in disneyworld by this evening; I am ready to drive.

and I'm thinking the morning commute will be the appropriate time to hear the sounds of some traveling music.

ya baby, it's disco time!

(I know, but sometimes you just have to 'do it'!)

have a great day, talk soon...


I have arrived in orlando, florida.

and I now have friends who have joined me;

yes the palacios family (7 of them) have decided to come east and party with the kiss-clan.

you would not believe the beautiful weather I had the pleasure of enjoying the entire day. finially.

I stopped over in tallahassee and met grandpa & grandma palacios along with a few other family members at the airport. and after they rented their fam-van, and with the mafia man himself as my co-pilot, we continued our trek south towards the land of pure relaxation.

now the only hic-cup that I encountered today was arriving 2 days earlier than I had planned for, which left me space-less for my rv at the disney sponsored sight.

there are indeed other rv parks available, but since I now have eager helpers with my kidz, I will rough it for a couple nights in the parking lot of a wal-mart super store.

so here I sit in my rig after driving nearly 10 hours and just over 480 miles; sipping wine from a box

(go ahead and laugh, I already did)

and as it's approaching midnite here on the east coast,

I feel content and satisfied with everything that is currently happening in my life; 'or' it could just be the 3rd goblet of wine I have recently swallowed. who knows, who cares.

one of the good things about having a variety of stack-able wine boxes stored in my lower compartments is that no matter where I decide to 'park' for the night, all I have to do is go out to the storage area, slide-out the shelf unit and pick the color of 'liquid-headache' I wish to consume during that particular night. tonights flav: sangria w/lime.

(uh, that would be 'fresh' limes from the backyard tree of the palacios' house located in west covina, ca. that grandma brought me, so as I wouldn't have to spend monies on such.) what a sweet and caring woman, she really does love me.

I have already been informed that my wake-up call will be at 0600 hours by 7 personal valets delivering me freshly brewed mexi-coffee and an assortment of store-ripened bought fruits that apparently I have relunctantly forgotten to consume since my last visit with 'the family'.

knowing that some members of the west covina tribe located within a 5 mile radious of where I now sit will be reading these very words, I will be very delicate in how I approach the sensitive subject of me doing what I'm told, or pay the consequences of 'the wrath of papa palacios'.

I love it when he curses in spanish, as long as it is not directed towards me.

ok, I've got to hit the bed and get a start this eager hangover-to-be. because the weather is going to be 77' tomorrow,

we all are driving (dogs also) to kissimmee,

to perhaps partake in a aquatic airboat tour.

hey, I'm so ready to play in the sun.

so to those of you in the cold, wet,

miserable winter weather,

I appologize for my willingness to share the details of such a warm and exciting day awaiting me.

hey; if I could afford to bring you all here for a week,

I really would. well, some of you would have priorities over the others; no names to be mentioned,

I'm sure you know who you are.

alrighty then, good nite all...

*oh by the way, if you have a minute;

I have finished (for now) my Hollywood Sign page.

please take a look;

and as always,

I appreciate any feedback given. 

04 Jan 2011

good morning to everyone.

even though my wake-up call isn't until 0600 hrs,

I decided to go ahead and 'break-bed' at 5:20a (0520hrs);

I thought I would start my hanger-over recovery bymyself, and get a jump on the excedrin intake before hearing the words, 'I told you so' from anyone of the traveling palacios'.

I guess this is what you can expect when you drink that rock-gut boxed flavored water with a tyson punch attached.

well hell, it looked like a good idea when I saw the sale price of each 'box', and the easy storage capabilities.

lesson learned; but just like a chef is taught to eat what-ever the heck he/she may cook (good 'or' bad), a consumer of the fine cheap wines should have to do the same-thing.

(I'm going to need more excedrin!)

my west covina, ca wake-up call was right on time, of course, with hot brewed coffee in hands, and about 2 ton of fresh fruits; what the hell am I to do with all this fruit?

so, as my family-for-the-day

(which normally follows the more popular, wife-for-a-night; but not in this particular case), decide to take my kidz for a quick walk around the back lot area of this wal*mart, I am pounding this out as fast as I can, and then have to ready myself for a day of unknown activities. as long as we don't decide to do that 'swimming with a shark',

I think I'll be alright. have a great day.


hi; I hate to do this to you all,

but it's nearly 11pm and I have just re-parked the rig for the night and I am totally exhausted.

I promise to update first thing in the morning.

*I know most of you won't lose any sleep over my lacking to stay on top of my thoughts, just wanted to say good night...

05 Jan 2011

gooooooood morning vietnaaam!!!

(sorry, I've just always wanted to do that.)

so, it's almost 7am here and I was just awakened by the palacios army trying to kick my door in, seriously!

what actually woke me was the sound of my kidz barking at possible intruders. they (the p-army) told me they had been knocking for almost 10 minutes,

I must had been really sleeping 'hard'; can't remember whatever time I finially dozed off.

even though I was physically and mentally 'shot' last night,

I tossed and turned and didn't sleep all that well; too much chinese beer, and just alot of 'thoughts' going thru my head, along with the antcipation of the excitement of days ahead.

(hey, your never too old to be excited about something)

as I said last night before I went to bed;

I will share my actions of a fun-filled, and crazy day:

(the palacios' just took my kidz to the park for me.)

so; to begin with, yesterday I drove the rig with the p-fam in tow south to lake tohopekaliga and parked in a very nice area near a dog-park and a fabulous view of the water, which served to be our 'home-base' for the day.

after an entertaining breakfast at ihop, we started to discuss ideas as to our plans for the day; fan boat ride, hot air balloon, soar in a bi-plane, crocodile farm, seaworld, go karts, sky diving, rent a speed boat, submarine, or maybe just enjoy a beautiful sunny/warm central florida day and relax. well; the relax part was a no-go

(I was told I could relax when I sleep, ya sure!),

so we decided to take a tour on a fan boat into the marsh lands of the local area. we had a total of 2 boats, and spent three hours having a blast. if you ever have the oppurtunity to rent one, do it.

after the rides, we all took my kidz to the nearby dog park for a couple hours while grandma palacios fixed homemade tacos and black bean salad in the rig.

so after lunch, pop palacios, myself and 4 more of the p-fam ( grandma p. and her sister stayed w/my kidz)

decided to visit gatorland; interesting place to watch and observe grown men wrestling aligators. anyway, I guess I can now scratch aligator farm off my bucket list.

getting back to the rig after dusk, it was agreed that I would pick out our dinner choice. so I suggested a local chinese restaraunt I had heard about, benny wong's.

what an excellent choice; subperb food, outstanding service. by the time we finished eating our meal, drinking tsingtao beer and reading our fortune cookies it was nearly 10pm and we were all just totally beat.

I decided to park the rig again at the super store here and bunker-in for the night. which brings me up-to-date on my current events. I'm not quite sure as to what we will be doing today, something worth noting I would imagine.

also, I was told to check back with the fort wilderness rv park this morning for a possible space being available.

that would be nice.


hi, while eating breakfast at denny's this morning I called the rv park and they have an oversize lot available 'now'.

so, after the palacios' get back here to the wal*mart,

we are going to get some supplies and be enroute to the wilderness resort.

not sure what the rest of the day will bring us.


disneyworld day 1: downtown disney.

well my day wasn't quite as exciting as yesterday,

but just as much fun.

I am now tucked-in and settled in my nice little section of disneyworld, the ft. wilderness resort.

thanks to grandpa-p, I was hooked-up and ready to begin my first day of exploring this incredible

beautiful vacation paradise very quickly.

I had absolutely no idea this place was as massive as it is. living on the west coast, or thereabouts my entire life,

I am use to the disneyland set-up and how 'everything' is just right there to enjoy. this place is SO HUGE.

and not wanting to miss a single thing during our vaca,

during breakfast this morning we all had a round table discussion on how we should go about seeing this entire mickey mouse playground.

so being the born leader that grandpa palacios is

(or because everyone fears the old man),

he is taking charge on how we should investigate disneyworld systematically; that's not exactly how he desribed it, but I'm not sure how to correctly spell the words he used.

that being said, todays attraction: downtown disney.

once we arrived, I was overwhelmed by the over-all size of just the shopping area, I swear this downtown disney place appears bigger than the entire disneyland park

(not quite, but it seemed so).

we began by having lunch at the planet hollywood, and then we all went in different directions. the 2 young boys came with 'uncle' greg; that's right baby, I'm hispanic now.

they call me mr kissanchez, and I like it.

so we hit every single gift shop, arcade, snack area, looked at all the different restaurant menu's, and when I wanted to shop in the few art galleries; the boys decided to go see tron3D again at the disney theatre.

I purchased a few items: a couple stuffed mickey's & minnie's for my kidz, an assortment of the disney trading pins for my neighbors kids, a few books including 2 large coffee table books (1 of walt's life, and the other of the history of disney world), 1 piece of art work with an interesting collage of disney characters, and of course, mouse ears.

after the boys got out of the movie, we all met up again for dinner at fultan's crab house, which is located on a huge river boat docked on the nearby village lake. pretty pricey, but the food was very good and the sevice was impeccable. very, very good crab cakes.

during dinner, it was decided by all 3 of the ladies that we are going to the disney animal kingdom theme park tomorrow. and that we will be having grandma-p's breakfast burrito's in the morning before our excursion into the wild animal district. so here I sit back in my rig, I just got in from walking my kidz (they had a baby-sitter today, and tomorrow they have reservations at the doggy day camp & spa), and I am once again just beat to hell. considering the fact I didn't sleep well last night, I'm sure or at least hoping I pass-out.

(tylenol pm will help) I rented an electric cart to use at this facility, and am going to go out and cruise the area as soon as I am done up-dating this. my rv neighbors across from me complained to the property security about my dogs making too much noise when I walked them tonight. hey assholes, lighten-up, they were just excited to be outside.

It really pisses me off when a spoiled-man-child doesn't get his way; don't worry, the mexican god-father said he'll handle it. scary. I have no idea what the old man is capable of,

and I don't ever want to find out.

alright, I'm going to wrap this up, and get out and see if there is a more secluded site available. maybe I'll go crap on my neighbor's $80,000. suv's hood, spoiled rich-boy!

just kidding..... maybe. good night everyone.   

06 Jan 2011

disneyworld day 2: the animal kingdom park.

I have to admit, I really had no idea what to expect at this part of the park. I just thought it was going to be a tour like the old 'lion country safari' was way back when I was a kid. boy was I in for a total and pleasant surprise.

to begin with, this place is huge; even though it doesn't appear so, employees said this is the biggest park in the disneyworld assortment.

alot of walking today, too bad I couldn't have had my kidz with me, they would have loved it. so far, this part of disneyworld has already made my cross-country trip worth the time and miles endured.

if you are planning a trip here, 'you must' include the animal kingdom park as a part of your destination. and as far as I observed, everyone from the kids in strollers to the seniors in wheelchairs loved this place.

ok, ok, enough of the gushing already; let me fact you in to some of the highlights of the day.

as soon as you enter the park, it's almost like a zoo atmosphere. animals on display, a few employees in the area to answer all questions (also recommended where to go first before the crowds arrive); so after watching this big anteater feast on black ants, we made our way to the 'asia' part of the park to the huge rollercoaster; expedition everest. even going to this popular ride 1st, there was already a line forming, it was worth the wait. reminded me abit of the matterhorn ride in disneyland, but was longer, faster and not as bumpy. after the coaster, we all again separated, this time it was all the women in one group and the boys in another. the younger boys wanted to go on the coaster again, so while we waited for them, we looked around the gift shops and such. afterwards, we made it back thru to dino-land and saw the show 'finding nemo', and then went on the ride dinasaur. by this time, lunch was an idea, and we all met at the tusker house restaurant located in the africa part of the park. this was a traditional 'buffet' in the sense it was a all you can eat, but unlike some of the vegas buffets, the food here was extremely well prepaired and the variety was excellent. the price of $22. per person was a little steep and would be compaired in cost and food quality to the bellagio casino on the vegas strip. highlights of this lunch included: chicken ceasar salad, endive/walnut/apple salad, a massive salad bar with cold cuts & cheeses, hummus, carved top sirloin & pork loin, rotersserie chicken, wide variety of fruits and veggies, and a very strong coffee afterwards. (note: a great place to eat and take a little break from all the walking, plan accordingly)

after lunch, we stayed together and enjoyed more of the park as the group thing. the african safari was tremendous, 'the lion king show' and 'it's a bug life' were both of exceptional value, and I have to say the weather today caused myself (being the only gringo in the group)

to get a slight sunburn.

the park hours today were 9a-5p and we enjoyed all 8 hours, even with the younger part of our group, 2 teenage boys and a mid-twenty year old young lady got totally soaked on the river rapids ride right before we left.

in fact, drenched is a better description.

so after the park closed, we went back to the palacios hotel where the youngins could change clothing before dinner. for dinner, we all came back here to my rig and fixed bbq hamburgers and hotdogs, tater-tots and yes the bar was openned immediately for margarita's.

oh and another thing, we made so much noise between all 8 of us and all my kidz playing in my rented space area,

that the little new yorker-boy and his make-up drenched girlfriendthat were parked across the way decided to depart and hook his rig up somewhere else, good riddance.

hey, normally I am a very considerate traveler and do my best to keep my dogs quiet. but after mr dick-fu*k complained to security last night and I went over and tried to personally appologize to him and his fowl-mouthed pig of a girlfriend, and they started screamin obscene remarks in my face and threaten to shoot my dogs, well fu*k him! (actually, he is lucky I didn't get upset, real lucky)

so anyway, I now have no one in this area of the rv park, and was told I may be 'alone' for sometime now.

works for me.

the young boys want to pitch a tent up in the next space over and sleep outside saturday night, so we are going to rent some camping supplies for them to do so.

I'm going to have a.j. sleep with them in the tent,

to ease the mind of grandma p.

well it appears as if we are doing the epcot center tomorrow, we have access to something called 'extra magic hours',

which means we can stay till midnight.

so with a late night in our forecast,

the p-fam will not be here until 10am tomorrow morn.

woo-hoo! looks like I'm sleepin-in!

alrighty, it's almost 9pm here,

and I'm going to take my well groomed kidz out for their evening walk around this rv park,

and then come back and catch up on some of my emails, phone calls and such.

so; happy friday to you all, and I would like to give a special shout-out to one of my readers and her husb: 

Happy 50th Anniversary


John & Samantha T.

of Seattle, Wa

omg; 50 years together, you guys rock!!!

07 Jan 2011

disneyworld day 3: the epcot theme park.

well, it figures.

I actually have the opportunity to sleep-in and not have to worry about rushing to get ready this morning;

and here it is 6:15am and I'm up. damn it!

even the kidz were sleeping soundly this morning when I awoke to total silence,

I tried going back to sleep, but to no avail.

so, I thought I would bore you with my early morning dribble while I drink my dunkin caffiene.

let me say this also; I am fu*king sore, my legs are just tight. if I had known this part of my vaca was going to be a workout, I would have properly prepaired.

(like maybe running a couple marathons before coming)

ok, the petz are begining to get restless,

time for the morning walk.

so I guess it's going to be the epcot today,

and deep into the night. ya, we'll see how long my vaca-mates can hang. happy friday.

08 Jan 2011

I just got in boys and girls and it's 1:30a, I am beyond tired.

I will say this though, every day is getting better and better as we continue to explore this crazy disneyworld resort.

so as I am typing this out, the mexi-godfather himself and both his grandsons are walking my sibs.

they had to bribe me to stay out longer,

as I was ready to come back here nearly 3 hours ago.

so listen; I will update todays events in the morning,

I am so freaking tired I can barely keep myself up.

(wow, that sounded kinda naughty)

anyway, I'm going to take my little electric cart and catch up to my west covina dog walkers.

alright all you beautiful people, have a fantastic weekend and I promise to catch up on my emails by tomorrow,

as we are taking a day off from the disney park tour tomorrow; or today, or whatever, you get it.

so good night and I'll update more in about 10-12 hours...


disneyworld day 4: day-off

I was up this morn @ 7am for the pee-walk, and did something I rarely do; went back to bed for 3 hours.

so as I sit here at 10:20a drinking my coffee,

I will bring you up to date.

to begin with:

I need a vacation from my vacation.

I know that sounds totally crazy, but my god;

there is just so much going on here, you are on

'let's do this today overload' all the time.

so with that being said; yesterday was another busy, fun, exciting, and exceptionally 'long' day.

I honestly had no idea what to expect with this epcot thing, just looking at the sphere from a distance, I expected an oversized golfer to just walk up to what looks like a tee'd ball and just smack that motha.

ok so we started our day earlier than I had been told (8:30a) and headed to the park to have a tour (another surprise).

the ladies in our group scheduled us for the 'behind the seeds tour' which was actually more interesting than the title leads to believe. what followed was an informative and light-hearted look at what goes into the overall procedure and care of the greenhouse vegetation in this part of the resort.

they have some massive things growing in there, makes you wonder if maybe 'area 51' is involved somehow.

after the tour, we ate a backpack breakfast;

granola bars, slim-jims, apple, pear and oreo cookies.

hey, you have to save a penny here and there.

so without a lengthy semi-boring blow by blow, let me just give you some recommendations and highlights:

space ship earth (the huge golf ball) was a history lesson ride with a twist to the end, when you exit, take some time to explore project tomorrow. the ride soarin' is exactly the same shown at california adventure in cali, I love this ride, we did it twice. other fun rides or experiences; seas with nemo, test track (fun), mission space (wow), honey I shrunk the audience, a ellen degeneres dino ride (seriously), and the original captain eo starring the late michael jackson. I had no idea that disney had brought this attraction out of moth-balls. I remember seeing this in the mid/late 80's at disneyland; back then it appeared to be cutting-edge, and now maybe not that ahead of the times, but still as wonderful to see.

'the world showcase', which has shops, rides, displays from all over the world was incredible. we all chose our own area we wished to eat (mine was morocco, love the tangy spice). (*special note: I've currently been in the presence of 3 'eiffel towers'; the original in paris aug '96, the vegas version numerous times, and now disneys...very cool.)

we actually had dinner in the france area at the bistro de paris, but since there was a dress code (no shorts), we got the oppurtunity to dress up a bit, yes I wore a tie.

the only draw back, was staying in that paticular clothing the rest of the night, minus the tie.

the evening in the park was beautiful with the assortment of lights and displays from the different countries, and was highlighted by the fireworks over the lake.

so considering the fact we had the opportunity to stay a couple hours later than the general public, we did.

riding certain rides again and of course,

spending more monies on gifts.

getting back to the rig so late, grandpa-p and the boys 'helped' me walk the dogs who were in doggy-day-care all day; I don't think they even missed me. they're 'sitter' was a little hottie, too young for me (27yrs), but still, HOT!

so by the time the kidz were walked, and I showered off and finially got to bed it was almost 2:30a.

we are taking the day off from disney, and just going to 'lounge around' and totally relax today (I think). the boys want to watch the football playoffs, and the ol' man and I may go to one of the golf courses and hit a bucket of balls.

alright, I just got a call from the p-clan,

and they are on their way here, so I've gotta get going.

have a wonderful sat-day everyone.


the dogs are being walked around the rv park by the boys;

while grandpa palacios and I just got back from hitting a couple bucket of golf balls, home-made fajitas were being made here in the rv.

so we are all getting ready to 'feast' on an oustanding midday meal, and afterwards who knows what the plans are for the day.

what a beautiful day here in orlando, florida.

gotta go, something on the news about a shooting?


oh my god. what the fuck is going on anymore?

are we all reverting back in time of the old west and just shoot people who have a different personal belief?

and now I have heard that sarah palin had a map w/gun cross-hairs on her website possibly intended for this particular person? Is this true?, that makes me sick to my stomach that one political rep would possibly wish harm to another.

I normally do not take a political stand on this forum I have created, but people who have been thrown into the spot light need to realize that their actions, either verbal or otherwise, are taken literal by some,

even to the point of total destruction.

I never personally viewed the sarah palin website,

but the news is currently showing photo-stills of what her site looked like before she had it removed after the shooting in arizona this morning. (are the reports mistaken?)

her political career does not entitle her to be more than what she has become; sarah your not that important to the the american way of life, no matter what you think or are told. and what right do you have (if this map thing is true)

to label someone with a cross-hair?

if this is true, then I am so disappointed in you sarah; regardless of what your intentions were, why put an idea of shooting someone on your web site?

if you wish to address someone's political standing, do it with a symbol other than what you would view in a rifle scope.

I bet her reality show is cancelled or not renewed.

and to think I voted for her and actually liked her,

makes me sick.

I am so sorry about all the victims today, and just heard about the child, a sad, sad day.


It is times such as these, we all need to take in consideration that our lives are a gift to enjoy every moment we can.

we are not guaranteed any time-line as far as living goes,

I strongly believe in the saying:

'to live each day as it will be your last,

as it very may well be'.

I understand that everyone can not do whatever they want, whenever they want.

but what can be done, is to make yourself and the others around you appreciate what you have,

and what you are willing to give to make your life complete to that moment.

I love my life,

and I honestly try to make a difference,

every single day that I am here.

every single person I come into personal contact with,

I try to make an impression;

be it a friendly hello, a compliment of some sort,

or even just a simple smile.

and if you are within my inner-circle, I will always show you my gratitude for allowing me to be a part of your life.

and for those of you reading this now, I appreciate 'you'. and if we ever have the chance to meet,

I will welcome you with open arms.

god bless all those today who passed because of this senseless tragedy, and may their families be strong in knowing millions of people mourn their loss.


well today was felt with a wide variety of emotions.

not to relive the horrible events of earlier,

I did receive a few comments via email/twitter/voice-mails that were very receptive to what I said earlier.

(also, a couple that were not).

I am not in any way making any sort of political statement here, I just believe that this 'bashing' needs to be stopped,

by 'all' parties. alright, enough already.

my day was spent with the palacios fam here at my rv,

we ate a fantastic mexi-meal

and enjoyed the saints-seahawks & colts-jets games.

the two teenagers are sleeping outside in a tent we rented along w/ a.j. the dog.

we'll see how long they stay out there tonite.

as far as the disney thing goes, we are actually going to visit the main park the next 2 days; should be fun.

on another note, I received a message today that I may have an interview for a possible job opportunity in southern cal.

no it's not for anything cool like journalist or a massage therapist for playboy models, but a security gig of some sort concerning an indian casino. who knows, I'll call the number that was left on tuesday or wednesday.

alrighty then, it's almost 9p here and I'm beat, so I will be calling it a night... 

09 Jan 2011

disneyworld day 5: the magic kingdom

well today is the day.

we are hitting the main park in just a couple hours.

I had house guests last night, (sort of)

the boys spent the night in a tent outside.

I must have checked on them over a dozen times,

now I know how grandpa-p feels when

I am parked on his driveway.

I am not going to revisit the events of yesterday, and some of you had very strong opinions. you are entitled to your say, just as I am entitled to mine. done.

ok then, the boys are on the morning walk w/my kidz,

and I'm already cleaned-up and on my 3rd cup of java.

told the young men when they got back I would take them to mcdonalds for breakfast.

my kidz will be baby-sat here in the rig again by a leased sitter, apparently the little hot-hottie likes my petz,

as she requested the assignment.

ah, to be 10-15 years younger. actually, I'm good.

the weather today is a little cooler than past ones, but currently clear, so it's a trade-off.

rain is in the forcast for tomorrow though.

ok, I hear my pack of hounds in the distant,

and the young lady is here already to watch my kidz,

so I'll be signing-off.


ok, I have to admit something to you all.

I really am a 16 year old boy pretending to be a 47 year old man. anyway; that's how I felt today.

the park was simply magnificent, to say the least.

I was truely amazed at how similar this park is with disneyland. I don't want to say identical, but very close.

also the crowds, and the length of the wait times for some of the popular rides were also comparable to the original.

but let me just go on record and say this;

I had fun. alot of fun. especially with the ol' mexi-godfather,

he was game, to go on every ride, and I do mean 'every ride'.

I think we embarrased the others in our group a little bit because of the rides we picked at times. (ok, so we were like 100 years older than the other riders, but who cares).

even the other 'oldies but goodies' went on some of the 'lazy' rides with us, thinking of mr. toads wild ride at disneyland?

all in all, I had a very good day at the magic kingdom; as I said before; everything is basically the same in this park as it is in disneyland, just seems bigger and better.

for the second sunday of january,

it was quite crowded; waiting in line for almost 45min for space mountain was the longest.

the weather was absolutely beautiful,

but a little nippy at around 53' all day long.

we had a very nice casual dinner at cinderella's royal table; where you pay a flat fee of $58.00pp and then eat a feast meant for a king/queen; I had cesaer, then seared salmon w/lemon butter and a rice piloff and asparagus spears with lemon wedges. I gave my desert of cheese cake and choco-raspberry sauce to one of the boys,

it looked damn good though.

the forecast for tomorrow is rain all day off and on,

so we are going to play the day at a spur of the moment,

I like those kind of plans.

so I am just relaxing right now, and pretty much enjoying the peace and quiet. I don't even have the tv on, just a soft jazz channel playing on the radio.

the kidz are all sleeping all over the place, with dusty the cat laying here in my lap.

my dog baby-sitter asked me if I wanted to join her and some friends at a local club for drinks, but I declined.

I don't think she is aware of how old I am;

too young, too young, too young,

(I have to keep saying that to myself).

by the way, I would like to thank you all;

yesterday, saturday 8 Jan 2011 was the first time I had over 1000 visitors in one day.

(with 3200 page views) I normally don't really pay attention to such a thing, but received an email from my web-host.

I realize that's not huge numbers for some of you

professional web guru's;

but for a hack like me that's pretty good; I think.

anyway, I am very lucky to have so many nice and caring people who take time out of their busy lives to come back here at least a couple times a week and check up on me and my current activities. and also, take the time to correspond with me through various social sources/networks.

which brings up my next subject;

I have aquired quite a list of interesting questions some of you have asked me over a period of time here.

so within the next couple of days, I will post the questions most asked and give my honest answers.

most likely while I'm in a hotel room at this indian casino I will be going back to cali to visit this week,

I will have some 'free' time.

I have reservations to fly back to california tomorrow evening, just in case I get an interview for tuesday morning.

pa & ma palacios will be staying here in my rig to watch the petz for me while I do the coast to coast thing. not sure when I will be coming back, hopefully within 24-48 hours.

ok, you guys bored enough already over my trivial life and current social standings?

I will, of course, be back tomorrow. goodnite my friends.

10 Jan 2011

disneyworld day 6: rv park

good morning, and happy monday. (ya, I know; stfu greg) didn't get much sleep last night, chloe was sick.

she seems to be doing better, but I still am taking her to the vet just as soon as they open, which is in an hour at 8a.

I just hate it when one of my dogz aren't feeling well,

there really isn't much you can do except wait it out and/or take them to the animal doctor. again, a great example of wishing a dog could talk. I always take the proper precaution with having the protection necessary against ticks/fleas and other harmful creatures that feast on my furry friends, but you just never know.

I even have an entire ditty-bag stuffed with all the medical supplies needed in case one of my petz get really sick or injured. also, took a basic animal first-aide course 3 years ago; hey these muttz are my family, and I will forever protect my family.

grandpa palacios came over a couple of hours ago at 5a to help me out. no I didn't call him, he has the access to my security cameras in/and around my rig, and he noticed me laying on the floor with chloe at 4a,

so he came right over.

what a great friend, people such as the palacios' don't exist anymore. most everyone is me, me, me. that's is why I will be friends with this family for as long as I live.

(or until the mexi-godfather has me rubbed-out, either way.) ok, I'm going to get ready to take her to the doc,

will let you know what's up.


just got back here to the rig about 30min ago(10a), and walked in on a party going on. well not really, but grandma-p, her sister and grand-niece had been cooking the entire time I was gone. it smelled awesome.

and chloe?, as far as the vet-chick could tell, she was fine.

no bites, her temp was just about normal, and she hadn't gotten sick in over 4 hours and ate a good size portion of food. but I am still going to watch her for a while.

so, they are calling me up front to eat, so I'm guessing today will be 'plan as you go with the flow', see ya.


good evening boys and girls.

well, today was an interesting one to say the least.

it actually started nearly 23 hours ago with a sick dog,

and is nearing completion just after midnight with a wonderful crazy looking smile on my face.

the sick dog is just fine now,

but as far as I go; that has yet to be determined.

because of my sick pup and my early morning vet run,

our plans to explore the magic kingdom park was rescheduled for tomorrow.

what I mostly did for the remainder of the day after my hearty brunch this morning, was reconnect with an old friend from many, many years back.

it is a crazy thing to talk with someone that you 'use to' know from a very different era of your life.

I normally do not reminese with many people of days past because of the lack of friends I have from those

certain time periods.

but let me tell you; if you ever wish yourself to travel back in time to a younger you,

an innocent youth and to jump start your libido;

make contact with a former love.

I have done many things in my life,

most I'm proud of,

some I'm not.

but to hear the voice again of a person you have thought about for over 17 years,

is a new experience for me.

do you remember someone who touched your life in a way that no-one ever did before, or since? that was her.

so as we talked of years passed,

memories of old, and some gentle flirting;

I started to sound like an over-bearing babbling idiot as I tried to explain myself on the point of feelings I once had for her, and apparantly seem to still have.

ya; maybe I was nervous, maybe I was overwhelmed,

or maybe I was just a stupid idiot trying to

sound more intelligent than I actually am. ugh!

is it too late to cut out my tongue?,

or maybe I just need to go outside and run around the rv park stark-ass naked with foam coming out of my mouth screaming "the end is near" until a dark sedan pulls along side of me, and I'm placed in the trunk

and never heard from again.

or worse yet; I'm put on display in a glass house with people gazing in on every moment of my life with a sign saying:

have any of you ever met a total schmuck before?

'hi, my name is greg'

maybe it wasn't as bad as I am making it out to be,

and then again, maybe it was.

I will wrap this day up with the following thought:

you can dream about something your entire life,

and sometimes you can live that dream.

but you have to be careful what you dream for,

and more important,

 you must be prepaired for the dream that turns to reality. good nite all. and sweet dreams to you L.

11 Jan 2011 (1.11.11)

no entry today; I was otherwise, 'busy'.

12 Jan 2011

good morning/afternoon to you all.

my day yesterday was to say the least, different.

and by different, I mean wonderful.

I started my adventure w/the p-fam in a chain restaurant, average service, below average food.

we all then hit;

disneyworld day 7: the magic kingdom

the weather was beautiful, the crowd relatively light, and the experience was again; memorable.

for a tuesday during the second week of january,

I was surprised to see such a 'very large' number of kids in attendance at the park.

but with track-breaks, year round school, and parents who want to save money on off season vaca's, there will always be the little poop machines everywhere.

so, after spending nearly 10 hours in the park,

enjoying a quickie dinner at one of the fast-food outlets,

I came back to my rig to the delight of my kidz.

(yes, the little hottie dog-sitter was w/them)

after taking the crazies for a walk around the very empty rv park, I decided to call my friend of years past and try to redeem my foot-in-mouth actions of the previous nite.

it was 10:15p (est) when I called her,

by the time 'we' hung-up, it was 6:1oa..

7 hours, 55 minutes of conversation.

I have never in my entire life talked on the phone with anyone longer than a couple of hours;

and to share the wide assortment of thoughts, past memories, and just wonderful ideas was so refreshing and totally unexpected.

not that I'm willing to share 'our' subject matter or 'our' personal thoughts, but I will say this:

every word that this woman spoke to me I absorbed as if it would be the last sound I ever heard.

my friend is once again, my friend. and I missed her.

during the time we shared together,

nothing else mattered.

and when we finially decided to end our extended phone-visit as the sky turned from dark to morning light,

I felt something I haven't felt for years;

an overwhelming completeness to my well-being.

and also, a happy heart.

I once loved this woman as I had never loved before,

and my heart has never forgotten.

what will become of this re-introduction of past lovers?

maybe nothing, maybe everything.

being who I have now become, allows me the perspective to take a breath, relax, and not rush into something that could be what every man could ever want.

and then again,

'just to have her back in my life'

to have as a friend, a confidant, and a person who knew me when I was less fortunate, may be exactly what I have been missing in past years.

so as I sit here among my furry friends, and gulp down my tasty 'wake-up drink' after sleeping maybe 4 hours;

I can not begin to actually describe my overall feeling

of happiness I currently am experiencing.

and I don't think I would want to try.

have a great day my friends...


hello again.

my entry for this evening will be short and semi-boring. campaired to other fun-filled and eventful days here in the mickey mouse world, today was just 'a day'.

having not slept much last night, I decided to forgo: disneyworld day 8: kissimmee, fl

the palacios family decided to head south to the

kissimmee/st. cloud area to see the local attractions.

as for myself; catching up on emails, phone calls, some personal business, walking the dogs a couple times,

and starting cocktail hour around 3pm.

oh yea, watched a little tv also.

the p-clan came by and picked me up for dinner and we enjoyed a very good/slightly over-priced asian buffet

at bill wong's, which is located near universal studios,

where we all plan to go tomorrow.

my friend who I have been 'talking with' the past couple of days is a vegan, so I decided to try a couple vegetarian dishes that were on the buffet line.

veggie egg rolls: tasty, asian spicy dumplings: very good,

stir-fry vegetables w/almond slivers: excellent,

chinese brown rice w/tofu curry: totally disgusting.

hey; I gave it shot, but I'm a meat lover.

even as I told my friend about my 'support' of her lifestyle, she informed me of her dislike of tofu, now she tells me!

after dinner, it was a lengthy walk w/the kidz around a very vacant rv park. and now as I am winding down

(from what, I have no idea),

having a very nice glass of scotch (christmas present),

the lack of sleep from last night has

finially caught up with me.

alright, lights-out it's 10:30pm...   

13 Jan 2011

disneyworld day 9: universal studios & resort

can't believe I slept-in until almost 7a,

I must have been even more tired than I had thought.

I took the kidz for their 1st walk of the day,

and I need to rush a bit to get ready as the mexi-godfather will be here in 45min to pick me up.

we are heading to the universal resort for the next 2 days, should be fun.

have a great day boys and girls.


are we done yet?

I do believe you can have too much fun.

today was another long, tiring, exhasting day of vacation.

woo hoo! (sarcastically said)

after being picked up by the west covina transportation service, we drove north to the universal studios resort, and along the way had breakfast at a mcdonalds drive-thru.

there are two separate parks;

universal studios and universal islands of adventure and also the city walk shopping & dining district.

some of the rides/attractions you should not miss:

revenge of the mummy, disaster, twister, the e.t. ride,

the simpsons, men in black.

some fun attractions/shows:

beetlejuice's graveyard review, the blues brothers,

fear factor, horror make-up show.

had lunch at mel's diner; burger, fries and choco-malt.

we left the park before closing, around 6p, and then I decided I wanted to bbq chicken breasts for myself and my kidz. (dinner ended up being coco puffs w/sliced banana)

the palacios's wanted to go out to dinner, but I passed;

I wanted to spend a nice quiet evening with my petz after being around booming rides/shows and

screaming kids all day.

after encountering rain for almost the entire duration while I was on the road traveling,

it is very pleasant to have a long time span

with such 'clear' weather to enjoy outside activities.

my kidz are starting to get restless, having not been able to run freely in a large enclousure for quite some time now.

and when I mentioned that to my little dog-sitter,

of course she volunteered to go with me tonite, and then asked me to have dinner with her afterwards.


why is it; when you know you are doing the 'right thing',

you still imagine what the 'bad thing' would be like.

besides, all my energies and emotions are

currently being fueled by someone else.

I don't really think that the friend from my past actually realizes that I am once again,

'warm for her form'.

(life: what a crazy, wonderful, confusing journey)

ok then, since the dog-park was out for tonite,

I guess I am going to have to take them on an extra long walk before bed time.

so considering the fact it's nearly 11p, and elles and rustin have been whinning for the past 10 minutes; it's walk time. and then I have to turn-in to ready myself for

'universal studios, islands of adventure' tomorrow.

so good nite to you, and sleep well.

L, I wish you were here with me this very moment.

and also;

lets wish a happy '50th birthday' to julia louis-dreyfus 

wow, she is still so beautiful...


walked the kids for a solid 40 minutes around this nearly empty side of the rv park; pretty eerie.

and it's so damn quiet out there tonite, you can here every mysterious rustle of the nearby bushes and trees.

which of course means everytime there is a 'new noise' heard, it needs to be thoroughly investigated by my pack of wondering siberians along with the new tuff-girl herself.

ya, little beverly hills kiss is a pretty bad mama jama now that she has 5 bigger siblings backing up

her short-little 10lb ass.

I have the fearsist female basset hound in the entire universe, or so she thinks. crazy is more like it.

hey I have got a question for you guys;

when are you finially too old to not feel foolish,

and have that butterfly sensation in your stomach when you think of someone?

and also, when does the absolute fear and horror of being hurt again after just letting yourself go emotionally

start to disappear and no longer matter?

I have always thought as you get older, wiser and more experienced with this 'life thing', most everything would just get easier and more clear.

damn it, damn it all to hell anyway.

I have no idea what is worse;

being in a bad marriage, going thru a divorce,

dating (in general), being single, or having unbelievable feelings for someone you are so attracted to that

it scares the senses out of you.

I guess if I truely knew the answers to these and other mind/heart/soul questions, I would most likely be the smartest person who ever lived.

oh well, I guess that is why we all get out of bed every day; to see what is going to happen 'next'... good nite.

14 Jan 2011

disneyworld day10: universal's islands of adventure

it's 6:15a, and I've been up for nearly 2 hours already.

sibs woke me barking at something outside,

so of course I got up and looked at my exterior cameras.

and nothing there, damn kidz.

but they were all wound up,

so we took our morning pee walk at 4:30a.

it was dark, quiet, and 39' outside.

thank goodness there was hot murky caffiene waiting for me upon my return after a 20min romp-session.

I still have to shower and do my early-morn chores;

cat box, inspect the rig, phone calls, emails, bill pay,

wake-up the hooker from last night (just kidding).

so it appears the west covina clan and I are once again hitting an amusement attraction today,

I'm almost done with the tourist traps, and just ready to start my journey back to the west coast.

don't worry, I won't go anywhere without letting you know. have an excellent friday all you crazies.

*yes I still plan to post questions/answers,

I have just been a little preoccupied lately with my investment of time concerning the 'new' friend in my life.


I think after today, my amusement park days are over

for a while, a long while.

the other land in the universal world was exciting to look at, but I was only able to enjoy it for a short time.

(explanation to follow shortly)

ok, so I meet the palacios family unit at a nearby ihop for a very healthy chicken fried steak breakfast,

the day is smiling in my direction.

we arrive at the park as the gates are being opened for business (9a), and immediately scramble towards a few of the most popular attractions:

the hulk coaster, the spideman, the jurassic park adventure, the poseidon show, the fearfall, storm force.

all the above were spectacular,

with a re-ride on the fearfall, loved it.

after the waiting in lines, bathroom breaks and just looking around, it was nearing 1p and time for lunch.

that is when I received a call from my 'dog sitter' that there had been a fight among my petz and there was blood everywhere. well shit, I can't even describe the fear I felt as I and grandpa-p sprinted back to my vehicle.

(oh ya, the 80yr old man can run baby!)

it took us about 20min to get back to the rv, yes I was speeding, but cautious.

by the time we got there I expected the worse;

a badly hurt or even worse, dead pet.

when I flew through the door, my dog-sitter (the hottie), was on the floor crying holding a towel to elle's face, which was covered in blood; in fact there was blood everywhere.

as I looked over elles, I saw that a good inch of her left ear had been torn, and it wouldn't stop bleeding.

as I was listening to dog-sitters story thru her sobbing, grandpa-p checked all the other animals for injuries;

all good except for chloe who had a little gash on her nose.

all the while, I was applying liquid bandage to elle's ear and held a fresh gauze pad to the wound.

within a couple of minutes the bleeding had subsided enough so that we could get in the car and go to the managers office, who directed us to a nearby vet.

5 stitches, 2 shots and $375. later, little elles was sleeping soundly in her private little doggy-area at the vet's office. she is spending the night there tonite to start the healing process, and because I don't want the others to bother her while she is on meds.

I hate it when my family is not together.

what happened was; my dog-sitter had decided to give the dogs a treat and was cutting string cheese in halves and just throwing the pieces on the floor. can't do that.

you make them sit, and then give them each one piece, praising them the entire time.

my kidz know the drill,

but apparantly 'she' forgot what I told her.

I even have a hand written manual I wrote out explaining

'all things siberian'.

it was nobodys fault, these things happen.

she was so upset, she said they all just started to go crazy after the cut pieces of cheese, like a pack of wolves.

yes, my dogs are indeed crazy fu*ks sometimes.

she wasn't hurt, thank goodness,

but it scared the shit outa her. (and me)

needless to say, she got 'alot' more in her daily wage for what she went thru, and for her reaction and swift response in contacting me. also, today was her last day.

the only other pet that had a mark on them was chloe,

and she is now fine after a little medical attention

and t-l-c by me.

it figures, the entire week went well,

and then the last day I needed her, this happens.

I am just so thankful that she wasn't bitten, scratched or otherwise physically injured. her mental status is still a little shakey, I've talked to her twice tonite. poor thing.

on another term;

I will say this about grandpa palacios,

when an incident arose that needed an immediate response,

he was right there with me, side by side...literally.

how many people do you have in your life,

or even know that would be there for you,

and just take over a situation.

I can count them on one hand,

with grandpa-p being one of them.

I'm guessing it may be time,

to start my trip back towards home.

the rest of my daily activities really don't matter,

I just want to go home. good night everyone. 

16 Jan 2011

hello everyone.

17 Jan 2011

hi, yes I'm still breathing (currently).

some of you are indeed some crazy people;

I skip a day or two of thoughts/updates, and my email inbox is overflowing with:

'are you ok?', 'is everything alright?', 'please update',

'where are you', and 'did you marry that girl'?

you know, pretty much the only family I currently have is laying here on the floor at my feet here in the rig;

5 sibs, 1 bassett, and 2 catz.

but I really think of most of you as my family also;

especially people such as mr & mrs g linds in wisconsin who apparently start their retirement mornings

with folgers and my web-site.

they say my adventures,

and what I have to say makes good reading.

damn guys, is tv really that boring in our northern states?

just kidding m/m linds, thank you for keeping up with my posts and also for your concerns of my welfare.

I am currently parked in an rv park just a couple miles

outside of tallahassee, fl.

I left the orlando area on sunday (16 jan) morning

and am just heading back west.

oh, let me tell you, I have a co-pilot; grandpa palacios is currently hitching a ride with me back to texas to

visit some of his family.

but we both are in no extreme hurry to get there.

my next 'appointment' is

sunday, 6 feb in arlington, tx for the super bowl.

I'm not even sure if I will go, but the tickets are already set. so it depends on who plays, no niners; oh well.

I have had an interesting couple of days;

after my ordeal on friday w/my dogs nibbling each other and upsetting my little dog-sitter, I decided that I wasn't going to leave my kidz in the care of anyone for a while.

so 'all of us' decided to visit the botanical gardens and zoo in orlando, taking the rv and kidz along.

but instead of going into the attraction,

I decided to stay in my rig w/all the animalz,

and made chicken salad sandwiches and macaroni and cheese for everyone's lunch.

after the zoo/garden experience, pops palacios said his goodbyes to his group, and we started our journey west.

we originally stopped in a wal*mart parking-lot

saturday night to stay over

(as I have currently done on this trip, and others)

and was visited by local law enforcement and informed of my tresspassing by 'camping-out'.

well son-of-a-bitch!

apparantly, most wal*mart's have not allowed

rv over-nighters for quite some time and have postings

that coincide with their local city ordinances.

how the hell did I not know this?

I will say this about grandpa p, he is excellent to have around. got me out of a possible citation with the local federalies, and we ended up staying a couple more hours 'to shop' and then drove most of the day until we arrived here;

just outside tallahassee, fl.

the weather today was severe thunderstorms

and we just stayed put,

and will most likely drive to pensacola tomorrow.

I also have had 'alot' of interaction with my friend from my past these last couple of days.

I really have no idea of what (if anything) is going to happen with this current situation; I have discussed with her the possibility of going to visit after I get back in vegas in mid february, as I will have to leave my kidz with the neighbors

and fly to her location. actually having mixed feelings about all of this right this very moment, but may be willing to take a chance and refresh my aging memory of times past.

alright; it's almost midnight and I want to get some sleep,

so thank you, to those of you who concerned yourselves with my whereabouts and personal status.

I love you guys, all of you.


18 Jan 2011

well, it's morning.

currently 4:15a; if I slept last night, it was for 5 minutes. seriously, I just laid there among my kidz. anyway, I am drinking this semi-spicy coffee that pops-p fixed, wow.

he has taken my mongrels out for their walk, and as soon as he returns, we will be departing for pensacola, fl.

looks as if according to my gps, we have about 200 miles ahead of us; we are taking the 98W route, along the coast. actually had fog here last night, crazy stuff.

I'm not sure how long we'll be staying there,

I told pops how good of a time I had with the base-peeps last time I passed through.

and also; the rv park I stayed at while I was there last,

was perfect, very secluded,

and an excellent dog park within 15 minutes.

oh yea, and if you remember, I was issued an unsafe driving citation by an officer of alabama's finest last month for passing him in the rain. and yes, I'm going to appeal.

besides, I've got new representation, the mexi-godfather.

so I must plan my time accordingly to be at that specific 'town/city' on the court date given.

alrighty, pops and the kidz are coming back, as I can hear them 'talking' outside. so I will be on the road shortly,

take care all of you, and 'we shall see each other' again soon. happy tuesday to all...


we are now residents of a pensacola, fl. rv park.

the early morning drive was beyond spectacular.

being from primarily the west coast;

I am use to normally watching the sun set on the water,

not rise over it.

what a fantastic scene it was;

to observe the start of a new day as the dawn broke,

and as the reflections of the sunbeams hit the entire gulf of mexico, enhancing the still dark skies above.

I know that description was a little bit 'girly sounding',

but you have to say whatever is on your mind.

besides it's times like that, you remember; always.

alright, we are currently bunkered down here in a premo rv spot, and have been enjoying the beautiful weather.

I did not really do much today after my early morn travels; took a much needed nap,

had a slight incident at the dog park

(the dog & the owner were both assholes),

had panda express for dinner,

and went shopping for man-groceries.

*man-groceries do not include veggies, salads, or anything we should eat; just meats, cheeses, chips, beers, and every known kind of tequila (locally sold that is).

sometimes it really is good to have a fellow 'man' as my partner in crime.

but, it is always spectacular to have a loving woman

by your side.

which brings me to this;

am I wrong to try to re-invent something that quite possibly never even existed before?

it has been forever since I have even thought of the possibility of being involved with someone else again.

and that scares the shit out of me.

it has been over 17 years since I last saw this woman,

but I can still remember her so vividly

as it was only yesterday.

I haven't had a decent sleep in almost a week thinking of every possibility concerning this situation.

and I may not sleep well tonite.

maybe dreams are not meant to be reality...  

19 Jan 2011

good evening from the gulf coast.

how people live here and plan their day accordingly is beyond my comprehension; it's sunny when you walk into a building and thunderstorms when you walk out,

and the humidity is almost unbearable at times.

but as I have said before, you can't let a minor thing such as wet weather hamper your desire to visit a place of interest that you may not ever have the opportunity to visit again.

so with grandpa-p at my side, we departed the rig rather late (my fault, still not sleeping well) and had a lunch at a local's greasy spoon located near nas pensacola.

after the 'meal' we endured, I made contact with a naval officer that I had met during my trip thru this area

3 weeks ago. this 'gentleman' was once again very polite/professional, and eagerly desired to escort us around the base for our unscheduled tour. the military has changed so much since the days I served, but the honor, pride and commitment to excellence remains the same.

as civilians, there were areas that we were not permitted to gain access to, but I believe the officer we were being escorted by pushed the envelope to show us everything he possibly could. ya, we saw some 'stuff'.

anyway, we parked in an area near the flight path/air strips to watch the touch and go's and the simulated carrier approaches, along with the take-offs.

naval aviators: simply the best!

after the tour; we visited a local pub,

where grandpa palacios was a huge hit and we both had a couple happy hour specials.

we then made our way back to the rig and walked the kidz for about an hour and then decided to again have dinner out.

so that was my day in a nutshell; with tomorrows plans being a visit to the national naval aviation museum, not sure how exciting my update will be. unless, of course pops-p decides to let me share some of his stories he has been telling me lately, wow. not suitable for 'all' readers.

well, tonight was the season premier of american idol X;

did you guys watch? truth be told, I totally forgot about it.

to me, the show has lost so much of it's 'crowd-appeal' with the departure of ms abdul and simon the rich ass-muncher (yes, he chewed on alot of asses, so be it), and even though steven tyler is 'the shit', I'm not all that much a j. lopez fan. I had the unsavory pleasure of making her aquaintance once about 11 years ago while I was working

as security in the venetian casino.

not a memoriable experience, to say the least.

even the late michael jackson had the decency to respect me as a 'person' while I was in his presence as casino security personel back in 1998. and 'mj' was and always will be more of a super star than the jenny from the block person.

ok, that's enough, to each his or her own.

alright, I'm tired, took a sleeping pill tonight.

normally I do not like taking a 'pill' while I'm in the rig,

but since the mexi-godfather is with me, why not.

so happy thursday to you all... 

20 Jan 2011

hello to you.

had a fantastic time today

at the national naval aviation museum

here in pensacola, florida. if you are ever traveling in this part of the country, I 'strongly' suggest you visit this place.

I have to admit that I am not a regular visitor of museums in general; but as I said the last time I was here, I think the smithsonian air & space is this place's only rival.

pops-p and I had a private tour given to us by a wonderful and knowledgeable retired marine.

nothing is better than shooting 'the shit' with

a former devil-dog.

besides the 'behind the scene w/a marine' tour,

we were given many insights by the former flyboy that included his detailed recollection of vietnam sorties and his personal stories that 'hollywood' will never,

ever share about the war.

after having lunch with our tour guide in the rv,

which was parked in the lot with my kidz;

we enjoyed the 'magic of flight' and 'fighter pilot'

in the imax theatre they have on the property.

also had quite a few tries on the top gun air combat simulator, grandpa palacios was like a kid on this thing. after nearly 9 hours at the museum, we took the pupz to the dog-park for about an hour and then re-situated ourselves back in this rv park.

dinner: kfc grilled chicken (3 buckets), potato/gravy,

baked beans, cole slaw, mac & cheese, corn cobs,

and of course, a dozen biscuits.

I'll tell you something;

kfc grilled chicken and wine out of a box,

thats right ladies, this is how I party!

so, after receiving a couple of emails this morning about my complete ignorance of the season premiere of american idol; and questions regarding my non-fan status of jennifer lopez (I'd rather not give 'the' reason),

I broke my 1 day sabatical and surrendered my opinions and watched tonights episode.

randy jackson was excellent, steven tyler is awesome,

and jennifer lopez was actually not the witch I remember her to be. now; of course she was telecast on tv in front of mega-millions of people, and not behind closed doors, out of the view of the public, expressing her anger in the direction of someone near who could not locate a specific item for her immediately, or sooner.

hey, my job was security; not gopher-boy. besides, I wasn't on her payroll, she just treated me as I was.

who knows, maybe being married to marc anthony has calmed her down abit.

I will say this; she looked incredible; but if looks were the only thing that was important, I would have married my real estate girlfriend from 1996, and not thrown a bucket of water on her, causing her and the fukin broom she usually rode around on to shrivel-up and disappear.

so, I guess we all know now, that looks can be deceiving. besides the judges, the show was again entertaining and pops-p and I laffed during a couple of the 'try-outs'.

alright, I'm out. so damn tired tonite, have no idea what we are doing tomorrow, but we'll think of something.

 happy 21st birthday to allyson c. in new bern, nc

have a 'safe' celebration friday nite allyson.

21 Jan 2011

today was about exciting as they come. (sarcasm)

actually did nothing today, literally nothing.

grandpa palacios took my kidz for a couple walks today

in-between the rain showers we endured.

I stayed here at the rig all day, doing emails, making plans for the next couple of weeks and basically

was just a 'slug' all damn day long.

almost felt like tits on a boar, worthless.

sometimes I wonder what my next great move/or moment will be; or maybe I'm spent, and this is it.

it's amazing to think that I could be 'done' at 47,

and not get back into 'the game' anytime soon.

(or not even want to, for that matter)

you work hard 40+ hours a week,

for a wage that symbolizes you;

the boss/bosses you currently have supervising you have no fukin-idea what you really do 'or' even how to do your job.

but if you somehow make a slight misstep of any kind,

they slam your ass/self-respect to the ground and then piss all over you in front of everyone you know.

and for this they,

the corporate big-wigs, expect you to be loyal

and 'suck-it-up' on a daily basis.

that is what is wrong with corporate america these days.

no loyalty, no self respect, no honor among thieves.

why is it that the average american wage earner 18-44 has on average 10-12 different jobs,

with 2-3 possible career moves?

I'll tell you why...... LOYALITY (or better yet, the lack of).

now before some of you fire breathers out there start typing up another nasty to hit my inbox with, I'm on 'our' side.

I didn't say the lol (lack of loyalty) was 'our' fault,

it's the schmucks who think they know everything.

*now maybe this belongs on my opinion page,

but I feel like saying it here.

now; I have had some idiots, real stupid barely walking upright idiots, who have been in charge of me during my military/security/sales careers. and I can use maybe 2 fingers to praise the knowledgable/trustworthy individuals

I have ever worked for.

and god forbid I was a supervisor, and treated everybody exactly the same and respected people for what they knew, and for not who they were.

and the crazy thing is, most of those dick-fu*ks I worked for are still doing what they were 10 years ago,

and I'm typing up this 'mess' as I sit in a luxery motor home and 'not' fearing the possibility of being eliminated every day I report to my job.

seriously, if I had not experienced such a colorful past in my life, and been such a rebellous character growing up;

I think I would consider political assignment

for my future.

that is what this country needs, someone in the political rank structure we have created for the good ol' u s of a to start kicking some ass!

I would love to just walk into one of those wallstreet shit-birds offices on the 1000th floor and say;

thank-you very much for our current financial crisis you piece of rat-crap, and just punch that snobby-prick in his face so hard, his over-stuffed 401k would drop like a busted hemroid outa his rich diamond crested ass!

and you know what,

I'd do it; 50 times a day if I had to.

sometimes to make a statement,

you have to get a little dirty.

unlike that arizona ass-bleacher who shows up at a political forum and just starts shooting innocent people because he doesn't 'get it'. and why don't we just eliminate him today, no trial, no wasting anyones time, just take him to the edge of the grand canyon, and push.

ok, I just re-read this mess, I'm tired and going to bed now, my head hurts. sorry about my stupid rant tonite, I'll try to be more boring tomorrow.

by the way, I love you guys, nite...      

22 Jan 2011

and, I wrote the above entry with absolutely no alcohol influence what-so-ever. but, I was a mere bit tired.

no excuses given though to what I said,

I am a man of my word and I stick by what I say.

just because someone is feeling a bit 'worthless' and takes their frustration out on a form of communication,

does not 'it' make a bad person. ok, enough said.

now, I will be updating 'todays' entry throughout the day with selected questions asked by 'you', and answers by 'me':

1. "why do you own so many pets"?

1st asked by: mary t. of newcastle, uk

well; my former wife and I bought 'our' first husky together in '97, and felt sorry for the pup being lonely so we bought another. and within a year, a friend of ours gave us a female husky as she was moving; and she (kimbers) was prego at the time. we had the pups, kept 1 and it just seemed to escalate from there. siberian huskies are a very social breed, and are so much easier to control within a pack.

and when my 'ex' and I separated, I did not want to divide the kidz, so I kept them all together.

and yes, I do get my kidz 'fixed' just as soon as possible.

2. "why don't you have any children"?

1st asked by: cessly p. of dallas, tx

my first response to this would be; condoms.

but other factors involved, would also include my immaturity during my first marriage when I was 19 and she was 18. (married out of lust, not love)

and after my divorce, my plethora number of meaningless and time consuming relationships that were again built on the grounds of sexual-gratification and self-centered absorbed behavior. but not with-standing the over-all responsibility involved concerning the proper care and environment needed to bring another human being into this world.

and when I was finially ready to 'settle-down' and be a proper man-adult of responsibility, my choice of a potential life-long partner refused to adhere to my requests of becoming

a parent of a newborn.

and after a few 'close calls' with my then wife,

the shared decision to have my procreate capabilities reduced to a non-breeder status.

so boom, I have had hopes of once again being welcomed into the 'ready-made-family' mold, but currently have feelings for a un-childed woman who has expressed a non-interest of helping me ensure the continuation of the 'kiss' family name. so be it. 

3. "have you ever been in love"?

asked by beth b. of hollywood hills, ca

there are many, many ways I could answer this question;

but just telling it as I see fit, would be good enough.

lust: an unknown number of times.

love: maybe, maybe 3.

love is defined in as:

a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. sexual passion, or desire.

(there are 'more' meanings, but these will do)

when we are young, do we really 'know' what love is?

I think, we think we do.

our hormone levels during our late teens into our early 30's are created to ensure the survival of mankind.

I believe that known fact, and the willingness to want to

'be in love' has the effect of experiencing something that really may, or may not be happening.

I fell in love in september of 1988 for the very 1st time.

I know this, because I can remember exactly when it happened, and the feeling that over-whelmed me with such emotion, I had no idea what was going on around me.

the term 'out-of-body experience' doesn't come close to what I was going through at that precise moment:

my mouth went dry, my heart was beating outside of

my chest, my head was swimming in a fuzzy haze,

my entire body went numb; I couldn't move.

I barely kept my composure throught-out this entire ordeal that seemed to last for years, but happened in less than 30 seconds. she was walking by me, almost gliding; her entire body movement excited me to the point of near catastrophic embarrassment; the piercing greenish eyes, the full perfectly colored lips, the dark long hair, the contrast of her beautifully palish skin, and the breeze she created when she walked by without even a glance in my direction.

the tingley sensation in the air that followed her as she came within inches of me, was as if I had walked into a garden of fresh cut flowers; and the warmth of her 'being' was something I was drawn to immediately. she stopped a few feet away, speaking in a voice that I could only imagine gods and angels would sound like, and upon her noticing my uncontrollable stare, introduced herself with a smile that I'm sure had broke millions of hearts around the universe.

she looked into my eyes, I fought the desire to run,

and just stood there;

she extended her perfectly manicured hand as a

friendly gesture of introduction.

we touched, I can not recall exactly what my mind was thinking right then. the feeling of her skin against mine was beyond anything I had ever been in contact with before.

if I had died at that exact moment of my life,

I would have felt complete.

I worked with this woman indirectly for 5 years on a friendly basis, and she never knew how I felt; no one did.

even when we shared 'a moment together' years later,

I never revealed my almost indescribable feelings.

so yes; I have been in love before,

and it was a beautiful thing.   

4. aren't you afraid by revealing so much information about yourself on-line could result in someone trying to impersonate you, or worse, try to steal your identity?

asked by: derek j. washington d.c.

yes, and no.

I have actually been 'violated' twice; once by a family member, and once by a group of people.

the group consisting of 7 people, I had never met before, but I was part of a massive scam in 2005. 6 of the 7 are currently serving 'hard time', the other?, was dealt with.

the family member? I have never spoken to him since.

I took steps 5 years ago to moniter my 'identity' more in-depth, and also have taken a 'hands-on approach' to thwart any further attempts. have personally dealt with a few individuals myself who have tried. no details.

but you must know, that the pieces of shit who make their priority to steal from others will do/use/say anything to

'score their mark', just like a 'mob hit', if these individuals are willing to sacrafice their freedom or even their life to suceed their goal, there really isn't much you can do to protect yourself. that's the truth. but personally dealing with someone who has 'wronged you' is a proper pay-back.

questions continued:

23 Jan 2011

hello and good afternoon.

I am still in pensacola, fl in the rig w/my kidz and grandpa palacios, pending plans to be determined. we just had grilled t-bones, steak fries and corn cob. pops-p is out walking the pupz, and I am updating this site. will be adding a few additional pages within the next couple of days, again.

my up-coming plans for the next week are not set in stone, and I may be taking a few days off from my hectic schedule to meet/greet in washington d.c. leaving pops-p with my rig and the kidz. so, there is my up-date currently; will touch base 'after' the f-ball games today. not sure who to root for.


beautiful day today here in pensacola, fl.

tomorrow we will be enroute to mobile, al to continue our journey back to the left coast.

spent nearly 2 hours at the dog park with all my kidz.

all the while, pops-p was schmoozing with all the seniors and exchanging stories of the ill-forgotten golden age.

it's an amazin thing to have a large group of seniors together, and they all just start talking among themselves as if they have all known each other for years.

I wonder if it is going to be like that when I'm into the advanced years of my life? all the self-absorbed asses that are currently in my age group are just plain ass-holes that talk about everyone behind their backs, and have numerous affairs on their wives.

alright, I think I did enough 'brain-fart' conversation

the other night.

so, did your team win today?

I am about as excited about this super bowl as I would be looking forward to having to shave my genetial area.

I'd say something about one of the quarterbacks being a p.o.s., and maybe a couple fathers of the women he has taken advantage of being allowed to beat his arrogant ass with a 'steel' pipe up against his big fat head; but I won't. so anyway, I will continue my question/answer period during the next couple of days; some of you have sent 'more' questions, but I already have the rest picked out. sorry.

I have to get to bed; we are planning to depart at 5am, and its nearly 11pm. so happy monday to all you animals.




g. a. kiss