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LAST UPDATED: 30 July 2013/4pm

good afternoon.

it's been a long '11 days' since my last update.

and believe you me,

they all haven't been wonderful.

even though I don't plan on posting this page till

tonite sometime,

I thought I would begin to compose this earlier

than I normally do.

(it's 1:14pm right now, if you care to know)

so anyway. last tuesday I was involved in a traffic accident in downtown los angeles.

a motorcycle ran a red light and slammed

into my lexus suv.

totaling the vehicle, and causing a few substantial

injuries to me.

it was suggested to me not to mention the facts

of this incident,

(as I know them to be)

as it is still under investigation by lapd,

and review by both of our insurance companies.

so whatever.

*but I AM going to say this:

just because you have money,

and have HAD money your entire life,

does not entitle you (or your fucking family)

to think you can break the law any fucking time you wish,

and then if something BAD happens,

just conveniently blame someone else for your complete

lack of respect for

everyone else involved within the entire situation.

there. I actually feel a little better now.

speaking of feeling a little better;

I will apologize right now for anything I may say here

that seems to be a little biased, assholish,

or just simply 'fucked-up.

I'm currently on a few meds for pain,

not to mention something for a little depression I

am currently experiencing.

Jesus Christ. talk about mood-swings.

I don't even want to be around 'me' lately.

but I do have to give 'all my love' to my girls;

Ash & Elli have been nothing but 'awesome'

this past week+ and have done everything for me,

and all that I have asked.

*even getting in trouble for bringing-in KFC the

other day for my lunch.

HEY. I needed that fucking chicken.

not that others have not put-up with my belly-aching

and sometimes uncontrollable outburst

of temper-tantrums.

these fucking medications are making me fucking crazy. sometimes they dull the pain,

sometimes they make me sleepy,

sometimes they make me irritable as Hell.

and having this cast on my leg is driving me up the wall.

I knew that someday the possibility of a wheelchair could be in my future as I progressed upward of my aging years.


and fuck me,

with all the damn liquid I'm suppose to be drinking

(keeping my intake of caffeine to a minimum btw),

I might as well just sit on the damn toilet ALL day,

cause that's all I do now is piss constantly.

fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck.

I'm going to hobble over to the couch and take a nap.

(but not before I pee... again)

bye for now.

ok. I am feeling a little less hostile right now.

I slept a few minutes,

and then decided to 'crutch-it' outside and enjoy

the sun against my face.

plus. I needed a dosage of fresh air.

because of my 'erratic behavior' today,

I'm pretty much being avoided right now like herpes.

*not that I know anything about herpes,

but I just read that apparently kim kardashian does.

what a nasty-ass whore she is.

anyway. I need to get-off this 'pity-train' and stop

feeling sorry for myself.

it could actually be alot worse,

I could have ended-up like the other guy.

no comment.

so here I sit, pretty well doped-up, all alone,

trying to put some manageable thoughts together

to try and communicate to those of you

who are still interested in these pages.

I've been trying to catch-up w/my dvr'd shows,

and lost my 'train-of-thought' with this update.

I'll be back tomorrow.

good night everyone...

to be continued