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my thoughts.9.2

(16 Sept 2012 - 30 Sept 2012)

last updated: 30 Sept 2012/8pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

16 Sept 2012/9am

good morning...

in fact, it's a 'fukin' great morning!!!

my UCLA Bruins beat Houston 37-6,

USC got beat by the Stanford Cardinals,

(I'm a 'closet-fan' of Stanford for private, secret reasons), and the SFGiants also beat Arizona.

the only 'drawback' was that the LADodgers won.

oh well, you can't have it all...

anyway, had an excellent time yesterday at the rose bowl. once again it was barely 'half-filled' with fans

of both teams.

I was personally responsible for 37 people in the stands cheering for the bruins, so I did my part.

it's been so damn warm here the past couple of weeks;

with todays forecast to be in the mid 90's, it may be a good day to stay insid and watch the nfl.

ah yes, a brilliant idea.

ok then, the girls just got up. time to make breakfast;

french toast, bacon and fruit...


just returned from an hour long ride on that sweaty beast that lives outside in a very nice building I paid for...

both girls and grandpa jack also decided to take-in

some fresh air.

such a beautiful day again today,

it would be a shame 'not' to get out and enjoy it.

I'm not really watching any of the nfl games,

I do have the direct-tv multi-game channel on,

but the sound is just barely audible.

will be having quite of few people over this evening for

the sf49ers game tonite.

I had actually thought about going to their first home game of the year, and then on monday go to the sfgiants game, but decided against it.

not being home for most of the summer has made me appreciate 'staying home' and enjoying what I have created to be 'casa-kiss'...

the palacios clan will be arriving in the next few hours, bringing a massive amount of food I'm sure.

I've been really getting into the 'chili-relleno' lately,

along with the

'jalapeno poppers filled w/cream cheese and pork'.

the day after though is a different story.

also, I've decided to 'cut back' on my alcohol consumption since the last party I attended w/l.g.

and since I'm nearing the 'big 50' in 434days,

I have also decided to re-commit myself to get my aging-ass back into pre-40 shape.

and with all this 'new' testosterone flowing thru my bod,

(my normal level was depleted back in the 90's)

it will be nice to 'work-off' the additional 'surplus' with weights and exercise instead of subjecting my poor girlfriend to a sweaty hour long session of

'the-old-fashion-way 3-4 times a week.

*or worse; 'handling-it' myself.

needles to say, I will try to recreate the infamous

'kiss-dances' of the 1990's.

l.g. has told me she enjoys watching me on tape,

but would like to experience 'it' live. so be it!!!

(and no, I won't post on you-tube)

ok then. I have a few calls to return to people who tried to 'hook-up' with us yesterday, but it never happened.

talk with you guys later.  

18 Sept 2012/12am

good morning kids...

just getting ready to crash.

after going to a neighbor's house tonite to watch

the semi-boring mnf, I decided to take my pack-of-mutts out for a little bit of exercise before going to bed.

after returning home tho,

I had a couple thoughts concerning a few of my projects I wanted to write down before I misplaced them.

ya, the memory is one of the first things to go.

sure, they can give you a little blue pill to make your 'member' cut thru steel, but your mind begins to turn to mush when you have so much your trying to retain.

how-about a pill for enhanced memory?

anyway, just thought I'd tell you guys good night,

and I'll check back-in tomorrow afternoon after I finish with my errands/shopping duties.

ok then, time for a shower and then bed.



morning everyone.

my day started-out kinda crappy,

but it can only get better, right?

anyway, getting ready to begin my

'running-around' and such.

the fridge and pantry won't fill themselves.

plus, these damn animals need more 'kibbles & bits'...

the weather today is 'suppose to' be less warm today,

so it will be just the 80% humidity to deal with.

ok then; I'm going to get my ass moving and get this day started, have a great tuesday everyone.


good evening.

well; my day did actually get better as it progressed,

as I knew it would. no worries.

anyhow, spent the entire day shopping for food for human AND animal consumption.

I'm not sure who eats/cost more; man or beast.

actually, when girl6 is is here, they devour fresh food like it grows on trees. LOL

but those 'beasts from hell' that live outside seem to eat their weight daily. so it's a toss-up.

so with today being

'national cheeseburger day',

did any of you celebrate? (who makes up this shit btw?) well, we did... Ash loves my cheeseburgers.

(see my 'kiss the cook' page)

tomorrow promises to be a new day,

(ya, I know... but it works)

looking forward to discussing some issues with someone who is important in my life.

I just have to remember that 'everyone' is different,

and that we all do things 'our own way'...

and sometimes I may not agree with the way 'she' does things, and she may not 'always' agree with 'my ways'... when did relationships get so damn complicated?

ok then, enough of that already.

I've been watching 'the cool tv' channel while typing this up. I so had a crush on madonna when she was younger,

even dated a girl for 5min because she looked like her.

ah; the 1980's,

when 'hair' was 'everywhere' and sex was guilt-free.

I miss those days so very much...

omg, 'heart' is playing 'these dreams'...

those chicks were so f'in hot.

hmmm, here is some movie trivia for you guys:

in the flick 'fast times at ridgemont high/1982';

there is a scene where 'judge reinhold's' character is dressed as a pirate (aargh!!!) making a food delivery in his car, when a hot blonde pulls up beside him in a convertible and laughs at his ridiculous outfit.

the hot blonde is 'nancy wilson' of 'heart'.

she was dating 'cameron crowe', the author of the book/screenplay at the time of filming.

how I know this 'trivial fact' is beyond me.

maybe that's why my nick-name has always been 'hollywood'.

*and I always thought my 'name' came from the fact that when I was 'with a woman' her head was always

bouncing-off the headboard/wall/floor.

causing her to see 'Stars'...

(ya, I know pretty lame. no email comments please.)

alrighty then, it's nearly 9pm, and the girls and I are going to walk the dogs down the road.

I'll see you guys in the a.m.

19 Sept 2012/7pm


and how was your day?

in another life, which I can barely remember;

today would have been my wedding anniversary.

sometimes I think about those past memories.

some were happy times, but most were not.

knowing she is now reading my updates will not influence my decision on what to post.

I'd rather 'not' tarnish her here for all to read/judge,

but would rather just say that my life is heading

in a positive direction without boundries

since our relationship 'grew apart'.

having knowledge that she is currently planning her

4th marriage gives me hope she is also moving in the direction that will finally bring her the true-happiness she has always longed for.

and I wish her 'newest beau', good luck...

(he will need it)

*what???, did you really think I wasn't going to

'get a dig in' ? fuck-it!!!

in other news;

now that my social-networking is starting to take up more and more of my daily time;

I am going to have to plan these moments of 'sharing' into my schedule accordingly.

someone today suggested that I 'hire' a 'ghost-tweeter' to share updates of my life throughout the day.

wtf?, people actually do this?

and I thought having Jessica update this site while I was in Australia was bad, jeesh...

people will never cease to amaze me.

speaking of which;

sometimes someone comes into your life,

and even tho you will never meet one another,

makes a huge impact.

this person has made me a better person, a better man,

and even a better father.

I'd rather not 'name' this woman

(too many 'eyes' here now), but she knows who she is.

also; her 'posse' deserves a huge thank-you,

especially one in particular. (thanks for caring A & L)

so, as I had posted a few updates ago;

since I am rapidly approaching my '50th' (431 days now),

I have decided to 'try' and regain my 'body of the 90's'.

not that my current 'body-status ' isn't bad for a

48yr 'old man'; it could be better.

better, faster, stronger, sexier...

*just call me the 'bionic-kiss'!!!

for those of you 'young-in's who don't remember

steve austin 'the bionic man' of the 70's,

I just borrowed the parody.

ok then, I've said enough. I'll see you guys later...

20 Sept 2012/6am

good morning everyone.

just a short note;

was up late last night talking with l.g. on the phone,

and she suggested we go to disneyland today.

now I know why I fell in love with this woman...

I hardly slept;

yes an 'old dude' like me can be excited

about going to disneyland.

so I will be picking her up at her office at 9am,

and then head south to anaheim.

both parks are open 10a-8p,

so we'll be having a little fun today...

also, she mentioned about possibly staying in one of the 'park hotels' tonight.

I love this 'lets just do it' attitude.

plus; her & I are having a 'no cell phone day'.


see ya guys.

I'm going to go back downstairs and do my

'I'm going to DisneyLand dance'

in front of the girls when they wake-up.

happy thursday...    

25 Sept 2012/9pm

hi guys, how is everyone doing?

ya-ya-ya, I've been 'kinda' busy these past couple of days.

so I have alot to catch you up on.

the last you heard from me;

I was a few hours away from stepping foot inside one of my favorite places of all time.

the weather was perfect, the company was fantastic,

and I smiled all day long.

l.g. (which are initials for 'loves greg', btw...)

and I decided to stay the night at

'the grand californian hotel' located right next to

California Adventure.

if you ever plan on going,

it's best to stay on the upper floors (between 3-5)

and request a room with a park view.

also, the rooms facing the park all have a balcony sitting area with a few chairs and a table;

which is so nice to 'hear' the kids screaming on

the rides 'from a distance'.

very relaxing to say the least.

and another tidbit of information for you;

request a late check-out, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the kids going into the park for the first time.

and have another cup of coffee;

their room service coffee in a carafe is the best,

the best Jerry, the best...

*from Seinfeld's 'Soup Nazi' episode.

ok then, after my 'very brief' but extremely 'needed' break from reality, (ya I said it);

we both headed back to our opposite ends of

the los angeles area.

her to work downtown, and myself back here to casa-kiss.

I came home to grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather enjoying some smelly cigars in the backyard near

the koi pond.

(no koi left; they died, were eaten or walked away)

they had just finished with the rear fence line,

and apparently were pretty satisfied with themselves.

Ash was home already, getting some 'snack bags' made up for the football game that night.

we ALL took a roadtrip to simi valley to watch the game,

the AHS Chargers lost a very close game to

a superior opponent.

the boys did give their best tho, but I don't think I can say the same about the coaches.

*terrible play selections on both sides of the ball...

I'm not a big fan of Coach Ass-Hole!!!

anyway, after the game the girls got a ride home with some of their friends while the old men and I visited 'hooters' in the moorpark area.

yes, I guess 'I am' now officially a 'dirty old man';

but those 20-somethings have the nicest tushies.

after a few dozen wings/fries,

and a few pitchers of liquid courage,

we headed back home and got a few hours sleep before leaving at 7am for the ucla tailgate.

ah, the undefeated 3-0 19th ranked ucla bruins,

I was very disappointed with the game.

not because 'they got beat', but mostly in the way they played as if they were all hungover.

I understand that 'everyone' has a bad day,

but this was just totaly ridiculous!

especially since the three previous games were

so well played.

the day wasn't a total loss though;

the sfgiants beat san diego, and the dodgers loss to someone meaning the 'boys from the bay' clinched the nl west.

I'm thinking a san fran trip in the 'soon-to-be-replaced' rv is just right around the corner. it's playoffs baby...

and THEN the sf49ers 'left their heart in san francisco'

and get beat-up by that inbred team on sunday.

*known fact that 'vikings' were inbreeders

back in the day.

ok, ok; I know a few of you are from the

'northern wintery states';

so calm down, just giving a history lesson is all.

this past saturday was also 'date night' w/l.g.;

she had received thru her work-connections a couple tickets/invites to a private showing of

'trouble with the curve'

at a new luxery theatre in westlake village.

pretty nice place, but they were still working-out-the-bugs on openning day.

how can you 'not' have freshly popped corn

at the movies all the time?

and here is something else to ponder;

there is going to be a corn shortage in the next 3-6 months which could effect everything from popcorn to bacon.

yes, the possibility for bacon shortages is

very real boys and 'girls'.

bacon comes from pigs, pigs mostly eat corn feed.

my opinion on this is buy bacon now, and freeze it.

you can freeze pork for up to 6months (or longer) if you wrap in freezer-foil and then place in a freezer zip lock.

we currently have 5 packages in the big freezer and will be getting more within the next couple of weeks.

also; sausage links, and nice thick chops.

oh, speaking of food; a few of you emailed me that you actually tried my

'avocado/bacon cheeseburgers w/kiss special sauce'.

yes, the sauce is good, I normaly make 2 avocado's worth.

and sometimes even place a pineapple ring w/hot sauce splattered on top on the bbq (on foil of course) to add a little something-something to the burger experience.

I'll try to post a new recipe 2-3 times a month at least.

just my favorites, or true-tested old family ones.

this week so far has been relatively 'normal';

grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather have been planning their next project these past few days, Ash and Elli are both doing well in school (I think, grades are a few weeks off) and except for me being up late last night with a sick cat

(DustBall had an upset tummy) I'm doing just great.

also; my relationship with l.g. is just as strong as ever. *been thinking of asking her if she wants to 'spice things-up' as I have a few potential prospects in mind.

(LOL, just kidding. maybe, maybe not...)

tomorrow is chores day; laundry, cooking, semi-cleaning,

a little shopping and some other errands.

I have some 'hired-help' starting next week,

that will be nice. just basic cleaning.

the personal chores, cooking and laundry will still be shared between by all of us.

I've never liked anyone else to do my laundry,

and Ash now feels the same way.

with ucla football playing 'away' the next few saturdays, I've mentioned to the 'girls' that maybe we should take a couple weekend trips in the rv.

they informed me 'they would think about it'...

hmm. maybe the dogs and I will go.

speaking of trips; l.g. wants to go to vegas again soon for some 'adult fun'.

AND she enjoyed meeting my 'former mother-in-law'

the last time we were there together.

(don't ask)

alrighty then, I'm going to post this and then the girls and I are going to take the dogs for a walk before bed.

tomorrow is 'hump day' everybody, so hump!!! 

27 Sept 2012/noon

good afternoon...

taking a break from 'straightening-up'.

I didn't exactly break-my-ass yesterday to

get everything done.

I did go shopping though and load-up on some

bacon, sausage and chops.

I think the butcher at the market thinks I'm a

'wierdo crazy fucker'.

while he was getting my order together,

I was talking with him about the possibility of the corn shortage affecting other aspects of the food chain.

at first I think he thought I was kidding with my overall seriousness, but after I kept talking about it he began to just simply ignore me.

and I can't be sure, but I think he rolled his eyes at me to another customer as I was leaving his counter. prick!!!

so I guess the next time I go to that particular store,

I'll have to buy off of the 'pre-packaged' meat shelf or make-up a story about being on some new medications.

or whatever...

oh, I guess I should mention that I had a 'parents-night' at Ash' school last night; to meet with her current teachers. and with the addition of Elli in the house,

meant I had 'double-duty'.

as the both of them only share two classes together, meaning I had to meet 6 more teachers instead of just 4.

*they do have 2 other common teachers tho.

and here's some news; a few of these new teachers are...

how do I put this...

young and sweet. (professionally speaking of course) anyway, both girls are doing pretty well w/school work.

maybe a hiccup or two with a few other issues;

but I will handle the 'texting during class',

AND the wearing of non-approved clothing to school.

*apparently, they change clothes in the school parking lot, using the Edge as a dressing room.

I told both these little jezabeles last night that this will not be tolerated from this moment on.


it was a little embarrassing being told that your daughter and our houseguest have been dressing like

standard call girls.

and because they told me the truth when I questioned them of this, no punishment will be forth-coming.

BUT... never again!!!

in other news;

I did not fall off during my riding lesson yesterday.

hey, I was happy about that.

ok then, the dryer just 'called me' for attention,

and I have to cut-up a few pounds of strip-steak and about a dozen green/red/yellow peppers..

tonights meal:

pepper steak served over cheese/garlic mash,

brussel sprouts (for Ash & Jack, I hate 'em),

broccoflower, and peppercorn green salad.

and for dessert;

nutella w/banana on graham crackers...

see ya! 

30 Sept 2012/8pm

hi everyone...

how was your weekend?

mine was rather very 'low-key', mostly spent at home.

I did have a little bit of an incident friday morning which led me to visit the vet w/Beverly the Bassett Hound.

her and one of my Siberians had a 'little' disagreement on some snack that was left-over from the morning treats.

Beverly sometimes puts her treats in her little pup-bed for later, and Elles apparently wanted it also.

there was a little blood and two bites (nips)

behind Bev's head. so I took her in for a look-see;

she received a shot, a few bandages,

and some 'special' vet treats.

Elles was put in her kennel umtil we returned,

and then she followed Bev for the rest of the afternoon. kissing her and laying next to her all day.

ya, the little Siberian bitch felt bad for acting like an ass.

so after that excitement;

I wanted to get outa the house that night.

and considering there was no high school football game;

l.g. and I decided to do the 'date-night' thing.

we had dinner at a hollywood bistro, (excellent cobb salad)

and then saw the movie 'Looper' at the Grove.

we stood in line for nearly 30min for tickets.


I had not stood in a line for a movie in almost 25yrs.

there is no standing in lines for movie tickets in Vegas.

shows on 'the Strip' absolutely, movies... not!

*speaking of Las Vegas;

a few of you have inquired as to when I plan on

updating my page.

well, l.g. and I are planning a trip up there within the month, so I'll get some 'up-to-date pics,

and then start to get it done.

I know alot of you have your own POA 'plan of attack'

as far as Vegas goes;

I just thought I'd give some personal insight and speak mostly to my overseas readers.

to wit; apparently I have quite a following in China, Japan, the Neatherlands, Germany, Australia, and the UK,

among other locations.

oh, by the way... the Looper movie is worth the ticket price. very well done.

saturday was spent watching college football in the little city known as west covina,

which I dare say the Bruins of UCLA

looked positively superior.

no alcohol for me; but did eat some 'really good brownies' that were made especially for me by a very special friend.

if I was 20yrs younger,

I would've given her a big thank-you... lol

and then today was a little mix of chores/tv/football and then out-to-dinner w/the fam and a couple of tag -alongs

to a local bbq restaurant. excellent baby-backs...

and now, as I'm typing this up watching the eagles-nygiants football game, I think I'll post this, take the pupz for a walk, and then get to bed a little early.

just normally dailies for tomorrow and tuesday,

and then a group of 10 of us are going to the sfgiants-dodgers game on wednesday afternoon.

not really sure what the playoff schedule is for the sfgiants, but we are all planning on going to at least one game.

maybe two.

ok then.time to walk these creatures. then shower. bed. nite...  

to be continued on 'my thoughts.10.1'...