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my thoughts.9:

(07 July 2011 - 25 July 2011)

*a place to say whats on my mind,

and in my heart...

7 July 2011

*yes, due to an abundant amount of emails, texts, tweets, voicemails, letters and carrier pigeons;

I've decided to continue this semi-boring web-site.

look for a complete update in the next couple of days...

should be posted nlt 10am thursday morning, july 14th... until then, cheers...


13 July 2011

well now, good evening all of you...

so; it's been a long time since I updated this site,

the only excuse I have is this:

being a 'new father' is much tougher and time consuming than I could have ever imagined.

even though I had a step-daughter for nearly 10 years,

I was never EVER the real parent or even the rule enforcer,

and my ex-wife's rules were law.

(I was the one who gave my SD permission to break them) but now, the rules have changed, literally...

I guess you should really think before you 'wish something' as it may just indeed come true someday.

and just one more thing before I begin my rants of updates for you all; I have dated and been with some beautiful women in my life, and even thought that I loved some of them more than life itself.

but nothing can even begin to compare to the beauty and the love I have for this precious little girl who has just recently come into my life; everything is different now.

and there is never enough time in the day to get everything done, and make 'everyone' in my life happy.

how you people do the double shifts, the multiple kids and all the little things: meals, laundry, time for yourself and so forth. all you single parents out there;

you are truly my hero... not kidding.

usually, I am very time efficient,

even with my ex-family I was able to manage my day accordingly... wtf happened?

sometimes there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to get all that I should get done... done.

I may not have a 40+hr work week any longer, but that does not typically indicate that I'm not 'working'...

my phones ring at all hours with opportunities from my past experiences to get back into the 'game'.

but I have decided to still follow my desire to express my thoughts and dreams to share with others.

alright; I realize this wasn't a real up-date,

more like a 'prelude' and my excuse as to the reasons why my ass hasn't been keeping you informed of my dailies.

will be posting throughout the day tomorrow,

trying to catch you up.

one special birthday wish, though it is belated: 

'happy 100th birthday'


agnes freeman

on 7 July.

thank-you agnes for your kind words, and for sharing the stories about your family in atlanta, ga.

14 July 2011

good morning...

the email/text/vm response to my semi-update above was mind-boggling to say the least.

I love you guys.

I am having to go back and forth between my last updates here and my twitter (@gahollywoodkiss) page to make sure I don't repeat myself and/or leave anything out that may be worth while...

ok, so let me 'try' to get things in order:


well to begin with; I am finially accepting the fact that this over-sized house/property is now my home,

actually 'our' home. have made alot of improvements/additions/changes

since the last time 'we've talked'.

*more like grandpa jack has done all the work,

I just enjoy the finished product.

the horse facility is now very professional looking and functions as it should.

the exercise arena is awsome,

and the pasture area has been re-fenced.

and as far as the house and the rest of the prop goes, everything is coming around nicely.

finially finished installing the security system throughout the house, property and so on.

cameras, motion detectors and sensors, global notification thru internet, wire communications and of course my dogs are always on the prowl.

why you ask that I have such a secured and fortified place to house my most precious life gifts?

I've been in the 'security biz' for nearly 30 years,

and have seen/heard alot of bad seeds.

no room in my life for any more pieces of shit;

I have more than enough to clean-up here everyday.

and knowing my prop is secure 24/7

is always a great feeling.


ok, so let me begin a brief summary/recap

of the past 7 weeks:

as I have previously stated, Ash's grandparents are visiting from australia and staying here thru the summer months, and have been helping me getting everything in order

at the agoura house.

I admit that I am not that talented as far as a

handy-man/home repairer/remodeler goes;

but I am a hell of an assistant and helper.

but grandpa jack is so damn talented in the home depot department. thank goodness.

so, because these elders have never been to the magic kingdom before; we decided to take a trip to disneyland for the memorial day weekend. we left on thursday morning and came back the tuesday after mem-day...

*I did have to come back here to the house tho the 1st night we were at the park,

had a un-invited visitor that was spotted by grandpa palacios in the rear of the property.

can't really comment anymore on this, as the incident is still pending in the los angeles county court system.

but I will say that the security oversight was dealt with.

(my daughter learned her lesson)

so after that little bit of excitement was over,

I left old-man palacios in charge of casa-kiss once again and headed back south to the over-crowded, money buster theme park we all just love.

going memorial day weekend was fun, just so busy.

if you ever have the chance to stay at the grand californian hotel which is adjacent to the california adventure

theme park, do it.

and even though it is a bit pricey, get the top floor on the park side with a balcony... very cool.

was crazy having early morning coffee and watching all the emps getting the park ready to rock and roll.

and of course you know we had dinner one night at the blue bayou and indulged in some seafood jambalaya.

after the holiday weekend, I had to head east to washington dc for a couple days to meet with some business contacts concerning the security convention later this month.

on my way to dc, I stopped in vegas for 2 days to conduct my interviews for a new personal assistant.

after all the process was complete,

I again have a 'pa'.

her duties will remain rather light for the time being,

but gakiss corp is getting ready to explode, AGAIN!

ok, did the dc thing;

was planning on visiting someone before coming back home, but decided that was not a good idea.

foot-note: was in attendance at the scripps spelling bee, damn those kids are smart.


alright, let me wrap this up:

spent my 1st fathers day with my daughter at the grand canyon. hiking, sight-seeing, donkey riding, and during the white water rafting part, Ash was bitten by a spider/scorpion and needed medical attention.

we all did still have fun though.

a couple weeks later,

we all went back up to las vegas for the 4th of july week-end and had a great time. even the palacios clan joined us for a fun-filled-weekend. I did buy fireworks for Ash, but was a little over-protective of her lighting them.

so besides all that I have listed above, I have gone shopping with my daughter numerous times, mani's/pedi's, lunches,

and just father/daughter stuff.

her grandparents gave me a new android htc evo phone for fathers day, and I have just recently got it going.

the damn battery seems to just get used all the time,

no matter if I'm accessing the phone or not,

I gotta figure this thing out.

my daughter and her grandparents will be joining me next week during my 10 day trip back to wash dc,

and wherever else we may go.

as some of you know me by now, my plans always seem to change, no matter what.

the palacios godfather and his sons will again be baby sitting the house and animals while my group

is on the east coast.

I also took Ash to catalina for a w/e and we had a wonderful quiet time.

she will be starting high school in roughly 7 weeks,

and we all decided that even though her test scores were thru the roof, she will be a sophmore to get her full experience of high school for 3 years.

I am so excited for her to go to school,

I loved my high school years. she just recently received some information about possibly being a cheer-leader/squad,

so we are also considering that.

oh, did I mention that we have 3 more dogs?

cali the siberian, and 2 german sheps (whose names have varied, but decided on 'jack & jill', they are siblings). alrighty then,

I think I have basically caught up my page here and will keep you all informed of any amazing/boring things. because my time has now become so varied,

I won't be up-dating every single day as I had done for nearly the 1st year,

but will try and hit this site at least a couple times a week. thank you all for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, and for also wishing my daughter well.

I love you guys. good night...

17 July 2011


*it will be a 'good afternoon' when this throbbing hangover has run its course.

so anyway, I decided to go out last night and visit a couple of the surrounding entertainment venues

throughout the los angeles area.

I may as well take full advantage of being single and having

my daughter's grandparents here.

after standing in lines at a couple different places that I did not get into; a security greeter at one of these very crowded establishments informed me of a little known 'hot spot' where people like to go to have fun without all the commotion involved with some of these other high profile party clubs.

so I decided this would be my 'last try' to have a night out. outstanding decision on my part.

very easy going place with people of all ages and an interesting variety of music playing.

the dance floor was crowded, and I barely sat for the first hour I was there.

I love it when women ask me to dance.

I still have to get accustomed to the 2am rule,

but was invited to a 'private party' afterwards where I met a new friend and watched the sunrise together.

afterwards, went to breakfast at denny's with her

(she is too young, 28.. but was interesting to talk with)

and then finially made it back home by 8am, took a nap for a couple of hours and now (11am) drinking coffee along with a couple of advils.

my daughter just came outside where I'm at and laffed at me as I am wearing sunglasses, and must look like a total mess. ugh, I am so way to old for this kind of stuff.

let me say something here; as I was growing-up, all my friends and acquaintances were always older than myself. even most of the women I dated and romanced

were older than I.

*hey, even before the terms 'milf' and cougars' were common descrips of 35-45yr old women,

I was having the time of my life in my mid to late 20's.

but now, my attractive scale is on the younger version than what it used to be, and I have no idea why.

I still think a woman in her 40's is just so damn sexy;

but I seem to be attracting the younger girls all of a sudden. and except for the fact that some of these hard-body gorgous creatures have no clue about 'the real world',

they are quite entertaining to be around.

the age difference is so noticeable immediately just as soon as some of these 'girls' open their mouth.

most want to be a model, an actress, a reality star,

or a business owner.

(what business?, they don't have a clue!)

where are all the 35-40 year old women who realize what a real relationship is, knows how to be a mother,

and has a little bit of a dark adventurous side?

I will find you!!!

ok then, I just took a verbal thrashing from grandpa palacios on the phone for not coming to church

today with my daughter

(not a scolding, just an informative speech)

can't make everyone happy all the time.

alrighty then; I'm hungry all of the sudden, I'm thinking french toast, sausage links and a couple of eggs.

oh, and a huge glass of ice cold milk. see ya...


I'm guessing the tequila/jello shots from last night had something to do with the massive pounding in my head I was experiencing until just before dinner, and yes I took a nap. dinner tonight was smorgy style; whatever is in the house... grandparents: left-over chinese & ceasar salad,

Ashley: peanut-butter/blackberry jam sandwich & cheetos,

me: cottage cheese w/pineapple and beef jerky...

and then Ash and I each had a bowl of coco puffs.

will be eating takeout the next couple of days,

as we all are departing for washington dc on wednesday.

will be gone for a couple of weeks for business,

personal and pleasure.

and of course, the palacios army will be tending to

casa-kiss the entire time.

Ash and her grandparents are all so excited to be visiting the 'older' country of the states.

and considering the fact that my daughter is not entirely up to speed on the whole us history thing,

I feel that by her being exposed to 'history' first hand is much better than what she can attain from just a

regular old text book.

she has so much info in her pee chee folders copied from the internet; I think she has the notion that she is in charge during this trip. (truth be told, she probably

so there you go.

alrighty then, I'm going to get to bed rather early tonight as I have alot to do the next couple of days before we take-off. oh, and another thing about having my entire house/property covered with security cameras everywhere?;

I can look in on things via my laptop and/or my android from anywhere in the world... very cool.

ok guys, I'm tired so I'm going to crash.

one more thing;

again, thank you to all of you who have expressed such nice thoughts to me and my family; I love you all... good nite.

19 July 2011

it's 2am and I decided to get up after just laying awake since 1:30am; I have just got alot on my mind.

and because 'my bed' is the kidz bed, if I'm awake they all get restless and start to play among themselves.

and the kiss-twins (the cats) are the worse,

they both start racing around my bedroom area like it's the indy 500. and oh my god, if beverly the bassett starts yapping, well that gets the siberians going,

and then the germans start-up.

I'm surprised not only that the entire house isn't up & about, but that the neighbors aren't also.

(the neighbors are far enuff away, but still)

alright so I just bored you for 30 seconds about my early morning wake-up call, exciting life I lead, eh?

my alarm was set for 3am anyway as we have to be at LAX by 5:45am for our flight to DC.

thank goodness I have a coffee maker in my bedroom;

and that I can just let the kidz out my patio door and let them run down the rear deck stairs.

getting them to come back up this way is another story. well, I guess I should share some of my thoughts from my restless night sleep I just had to endure.

yesterday, while I was out with my daughter picking-up some take-out, I happen to make contact with a past co-worker from my vegas casino security days who was having dinner in the restaurant with his family.

(small fucking world? joke!!!)

the fucking back-stabbing/two-faced/ass-kissing prick had the nerve to run up to me from his table and tried to make nice in front of his family.

I literally ignored the piece of shit, which caused him some embarrasement; and after he finially got the hint from my lack of acknowledgement of knowing him, he decided to go back to where his family was eating,

giving me dirty looks over his shoulder the entire time.

after Ash and I got back into the car with our take-out,

she asked me what was that all about?;

I simply said... don't ask. her reply: ok daddy, I love you. boom... I was in a better mood immediately.

the person in question?; was a prior law enforcement officer from back east who relocated to las vegas with his family in '97 and was a total asshole security officer to employees/guests alike. I was the only one in our entire department who wouldn't take shit from this 'little man', sometimes causing abit of a riff.

I resigned from the venetian the day after 9/11/2001 because of his stupidity and some others blatant disgusting jokes concerning the horrible events as they were happening.

I wish nothing but terrible things for these people.

if I was a violent and revengeful soul, I would have handled the situation way back then.

but lady-luck smiled on my ass, and now here I am.

it's amazing the people that come into our lives, and make an impact, (bad & good) that we will never forget.

so as I lay in bed last night/this morning;

thats what I was thinking about.

I normally don't like to think of negative past memories which somehow affected my life,

but apparantly everything does indeed happen for a reason and made me who and what I am today. I am fine with that. but as I lay there early this morning, recalling some unpleasant thoughts of these particular ugly individuals,

I did not like how it made me feel.

so I started to think of others (mostly women, I admit) who gave me excellent feelings and wonderful memories.

not that the following names will mean anything to any of you, but I just feel it neccesary to list them,

as I still have these people in my thoughts, which basically means they are still in my life.

*even if I haven't seen/heard from most of these

people for many years:

william aitchison, patricia aitken, claudia baker,

michael bennett, michael campos, aaron childress,

barbara dominianni, janet enos, anna jane fox,

jeannie gammon, donald geary, brooke gerard,

lance glodowski, john hamberger, brad holtzinger,

elizebeth keely, paula kingston, stacey lambert,

dan mackey, joanne mcgraw, lisa missakian,

nina pagone, karen reggie, larry ruiz,

joeseph sabelli, laura schwartz, debra staub,

amy terrell, leann washburn, tracy waterman,

dennis wilson, jessica winnon, bart wortz.

*it's incredible how fast I just thought these

names up from memory; most of these people were just wonderful friends during certain times of my life.

and some of course were past relationships that

still mean something to me.

and a few are still in my heart and soul.

alright, I need to finish up some last minute 'things' before I wake my daughter; and I hear movement downstairs/outside that I hope are the grandparents.

so happy tuesday to you all, and I will be checking in from the DC area in the next couple of days...


hey ya... just wanted to touch base;

we arrived no worse for wear with getting thru the airports/connections and so forth.

I actually do enjoy the company with someone 'I know' to talk with while on a flight, but; I am so used to traveling by-my-self and not having to worry about others the entire time. especially my daughter; is she hungry/thirsty,

use the bathroom, have the right mag to read.

you know, the little things.

alright; so we here, and the weather is horrible. rain/overcast, 85' and 1000% humidity. you take a shower, get dressed for dinner, go outside and the humidity just drenches you.

I think I can handle this for a couple weeks though.

so listen, I'm beat. been going for almost 20 hours straight, and I I am going to bed. tomorrow is a light scheduled day, just have to make a couple contacts by phone, and then Ash wants to explore. I need sleep. good night everyone...  

22 July 2011

good evening my friends.

been a busy couple of days, I had a personal issue I had to deal with yesterday;

which put me behind my other responsibilities here in dc.

but besides that, lets move along.

today was the 1st of my 3 presentations scheduled during this conference. even though I had the slot directly before the lunch break (which is usually not that favorable),

I received a huge amount of very positive feedback concerning my material and information I had introduced.

I'm guessing that my 7 minute comedy act before my actual presentation was the correct way to do this.

normally, if you are the last speaker before lunch, you don't get a very favorable reaction from everyone.

as 5 hours of speakers starts to wear on all in attendance, plus the hunger-pains are crazy by then.

but starting off with; 'let me tell you about some things that really piss me off' was enough to keep all mildly amused during my info-talk.

and the lunch that was served today was fabulous:

shrimp cocktail, chicken breast w/mushroom wild rice, fruit medley, and carrot cake.

*maybe not that great of a meal if you are out-to-dinner;

but for a convention, I was impressed.

so after my semi-work day

(not 'working' again til next wednesday),

I took a cab and met Ash & the 'old people' at the international spy museum.

what an interesting and informative place,

I 'highly recommend' visiting.

I guess I should also mention, that on wednesday, our first day here, we took a private tour of the pentagon, guided by a good friend of mine that still works there as a civilian.

Ash loved it, and so did her grandparents.

me?, been there, done that.

*was very cool of mib-boy to take 4 hours out of his day

and shuttle us around.

this weekend we are planning on visiting some other locations nearby, even though it appears as if the weather is going to be a little wet.

we'll see what happens, nothing set in stone.

we will be doing the smithsonian all next week,

with me taking time out to finish up my presentations.

oh my goodness let me tell you this;

I got a email yesterday about my 30 year high school reunion in a couple of months.

(yep, 30 f'in years, wtf???)

I haven't seen/heard from anyone from my high school days in many, many, MANY years, but when I told Ash about this, she said 'lets go'.

so I promptly rsvp'd and will be taking my daughter to where I spent my last 2 years of high school.

I have to admit, I'm a wee bit curious as to the lives of some of the people I knew back then. I wasn't really associated with the 'in-crowd', but did have a few acquaintances/friends I would like to see again.

plus, there were a few 'girls' that always made my heart beat faster, I'd like to see them again also.

should be quite interesting to say the least.

the last time I was in the northwest was in the summer of '02 when I was playing/hacking the professional golf gig. usually, I like to drive up north, but with my kid in school, I guess we'll have to do the airport/transport thing.

hey, let me ask you guys something:

have you ever met someone for just a moment,

yet you can't seem to get them out of your mind?

oh, don't worry, there is no 'real story' here;

I met her 'very' recently when I was taking care of some business back in vegas recently, and boom there she was.

so nice, petite, and very cute. also; married with 5 kids.

but still, she is on my mind.

that's the thing about doing a 'turn-around' flight,

you're barely on the ground long enough to grab a meal and you meet someone who takes your breath away.

which even makes the whole thing more intense

than it actually should be.

dear god, I need to be in a real fukin relationship and forget about all this superficial bullshit!

anyway, let me talk about something more realistic;

like this damn weather!; the heat-index here is outragious, and the humidity is like 1000%.

it's times such as these that I miss the desert dry heat.

also, watching the local news here is like watching the political channel, everything is about the happenings of the president, congress, bills being considered and so forth.

just like vegas news talking about the casinos and

tourists all the time. oh, with a couple of homicides, and robberies thrown in for good measure.

I had to have a chat with my daughter the spend-thrift about room service/pay-per view and the charging of clothing to the room; which is 'comped' by the event organizers,

but lets be a bit more descreet. I think she gets it, I hope.

I think she thought 'everything was a free-for-all'.

ok, it's nearly 11p here and I am barely able to keep my eyes open, so I will be signing off for now.

keep the emails coming, I have 'help now' so hopefully I will be able to personally contact more of you back.

alrighty then; have a great weekend everyone,

I will try to give you updates thru-out the next couple of days to keep your minds fresh... good nite.

25 July 2011

hi ya.

just thought I would give you all a quickie,

and let you know what's been going on out here on the eastern side of the states.

let me begin by stating the obivious;

what the fuck is up with this damn humidity?

everyday, 80-100%

here is a business proposition for anyone living out here; start selling soap-on-a-rope, a squirt bottle,

and hand towels.

that way people can just bathe in this drenching humid cess-pool while they walk to work.

seriously folks; the air is so thick here,

you can jump in place and it will take 5 minutes to

land back on your feet. (just a little exaggerated)

we all spent the day at

the smithsonian: national museum of natural history.

had a wondeful time,

especially with Ash asking incredible questions

during our guided tour.

I'm coming to the conclusion that my daughter is so much smarter than me, that's just perfect;

another woman in my life who's brain is more powerful than my own. but I did have a part in the creation of this mega-mind beautiful little creature feature, so there's that. any who; the exihibitions were fabulous, the company was perfect, and the weather outside was shitty.

tomorrow our p.o.a. (plan of attack) was to be the national air and space museum; but because the weather is 'supposed' to be sunny, cloud-free and 90+,

I think we will be going to all the monuments for pictures and enjoy the outside version of dc.

looking forward to an outside non-precip day.

ok, so as far as this past weekend went;

the auzzie oldies visited the georgetown area,

and Ash and I took a weekender to annapolis, md and stayed at a bed & breakfast while possibly eating at every crab-shack in the immediate area.

we also took a tours of the navel academy, the 'old' barracks and a private boat tour of the chesapeake bay.

very cool stuff.

oh, I may never eat crab ever again,

best crab cakes in the world served at the chart house. alright, I'm getting tired.

so thanks for looking in on me,

and I hope you guys have a fantastic week.


**to be continued on 'my thoughts.10'...