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UCLA Football 2012

someday... we'll win a national championship...


Date  Opponent  Location  Time/Result/Record

08/30/12 at Rice; Houston, TX. 49-24 W 1-0


excellent start to a new season.

the freshmen made a'huge impact' tonight;

QB Hundley, RB Manfro, WR Davis, DC Adams, K Fairbain.

now lets see what's up...


09/08/12 vs. #16 Nebraska 36-30 W 2-0


first Home game of the season...

(and there were more Neb fans in the stadium than Bruins)

the UCLA Bruins are playing awesome football.

freshman QB Hundley is worth his weight in gold.

a 'very' solid performance against a very good team.

AP #22 USA #23 

09/15/12 vs. Houston 37-6 W 3-0


(more UCLA fans this time, still only 'half' filled stadium)

I was actually more impressed with the defense than the offense.

CB Sheldon Price had 3 interceptions. yes: three!!!

frosh place-kicker 'Fairbairn' is looking alot better.

AND... USC lost to Stanford!!!

AP #19 USA #19

09/22/12 vs. Oregon State 20-27 L 3-1


the biggest crowd of the 2012 season at the Rose Bowl

(counting the UCLA Fan base only),

and we were subjected to VERY lethargic team play.

*it was as if they were 'waiting' for something!!!

I knew we weren't going to go undefeated,

but shit; Oregon State? REALLY???


09/29/12 at Colorado; Boulder, CO. 42-14 W 4-1


as bad as the Team played last weekend,

they played just as well this game.

*still having issues w/the field goal kicker tho.

Coach Mora may have let them have coffee today.

the UCLA Bruins look good, sometimes...


10/06/12 at California Berkeley, CA. 17-43 L 4-2


this is the first game this season I did not watch.

I understand that there were a few turnovers,

and alot of mistakes that cost the Bruins.

a young inexperienced team will always make mistakes.

would like the Bruins to be a 'above' .500 Team.


10/13/12 vs. Utah Utes 21-14 W 5-2


very sizeable crowd today at the Rose Bowl.

and of course, there seemed to be just as many Utah fans as Bruins.

it is quickly becoming evident that this team is very young,

and possibly not as good as I had hoped they would be.

am wishful that coach mora can do some serious recruiting

this next year.


10/27/12 at Arizona State Tempe, AZ. 45-43 W 6-2


didn't start watching this game until after half-time.

*finding a bar in the Bay Area that would show this game was tuff.

QB Hundley, RB Thigpen, WR Rice Jr all had a great game.

the defense was tiring in the 4th, but hung-on.

this team is still trying to find themselves.


11/03/12 vs. Arizona 66-10 W 7-2


I have absolutely no idea what the team did this past week

to ready themselves for this game;

but whatever it was, they should continue to do so.

the ucla bruins football team played like a bcs contender. seriously.

the entire package was awesome:

the players were ready, the crowd was load and proud,

(announced attendance was 81,000+)

and the weather was perfect.

the offense was explosive, the defense intense.

coach jim mora had his team properly prepaired. kudos.

AP #17 USA #19

11/10/12 at Wash State Pullman, WA. 44-36 W 8-2


with the victory today

(which they apparently tried to lose)

makes next weeks game against cross-town rival USC,

very important.

the offense looked charmed in the first half scoring 37pts,

and then totally dismal in the 2nd half, scoring 7pts.

to be a serious contender not just in the Pac12 but for a real chance at football superiority,

this team needs to play for all 60mins not 20, 30 or even 40.

come-on guys!!!

AP #17 USA #16 

11/17/12 vs. USC 38-28 W 9-2


UCLA clinches the Pac12 South title with this victory.

watched the game on tv; it looked to be 'cold & wet'.

the Rose Bowl was packed today (att: 83,277),

and the Bruins established a 24-0 lead.

but then that 'other team' from LA decided to make it interesting.

a few unforced turnovers withstanding,

the UCLA Football team looked very prepared.

Coach Mora has this team ready to play in the post-season.

AP #15 USA #16

11/24/12 vs. Stanford 17-35 L 9-3


this was a very good game up until the end of the 1st quarter,

then it just wasn't.

(if your a UCLA Bruin fan that is...)

the Bruins got owned by Stanford the entire game.

I admit, I watched sparingly after half-time.

I was more interested in the 'chitter-chatter' on the

'discussion boards' concerning the game.

It's so apparent when 'intelligent' people have something to say;

the Cardinal fans make the Trojans fan-base look like idiots.

*wait, did I really just say that???

AP #16 USA #17

11/30/12 at Stanford, Ca 24-27 L 9-4

(Pac 12 Championship Game)


today's game was the complete opposite of last weeks.

(except we still lost)

our offense was better,

(minus the interception for 50+ yds)

our defense was better,

(minus the 4 penalties)

I was very proud of this team's heart & soul.

thank-you UCLA FOOTBALL for a great year.

*hey, you can't win them all... can you???

Congratulations to the Stanford Cardinal, 2012 Pac12 Champions.

AP #17 USA #19

2o12 Bowl Season


Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl


Qualcomm Stadium/San Diego, Ca

vs. Baylor Bears

Loss 26-49 9-5


tonight's defeat was 'self-earned'.

defense was lazy, offense was terrible.

it was like this Team thought they should be given the trophy to this bowl game for just showing-up.

well, UCLA didn't show,

but I'll be damned the Baylor Bears did!

Congratulations to the Baylor Bears, 2012 Holiday Bowl Champions.

AP #31 USA #27 Final Poll

once again,

the chant heard throughout the halls of

the campus of UCLA

will be:

"wait till next year!!!"

(I'm fucking tired of hearing this shit...)

the first to 100 National Championships...