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Semper Five

the 'Journey to the Tourney'...


especially these days when almost everyone is looking to say or do anything to make themselves appear

better than others.

and yes, I admit I have done some things that can

be labeled as such.

sometimes you've lived a lie for so long,

you just start to believe it yourself.

forgetting for a moment that what you tell people at

'face value' they normally believe without

a hesitation of doubt.

and then if 'it' ever comes back and bites you in the ass,

you just admit your mistakes, learn from them,

and move on.


No need to judge the man for the choice he made. No one knows what was going on in his head. To say he didn't love his family because he took his own life, is paramount to saying the sun isn't shining because the sky is cloudy. R.I.P., troubled soul


2502 sherry dr, colville wa 99114


i really want to make passionate love to u... gently pumping my rock-hard cock into ur wet tight pussy, nibbling on ur neck, sucking ur stiff nipples, hear u moan when u cum. having those beautiful legs wrapped around me as u say; faster, deeper, fuck me baby, fuck me!!!

i can't wait to have an orgasm inside u...


I first saw this above video during the

2010 Pac10 basketball tourney on tv.

'fox sports west' was using the music as a lead-in

promo for the upcoming games.

they also performed throughout the

southern california area for a few years,

even singing the national anthemn at a few local sporting events.

Ash and I even watched them perform once

at 'the grove' shopping district in 2011.

as is with most bands with young vibrant entertainers;

they unfortunately 'did not' amount to much above a local fan base, and terminated their relationships during 'fall 2012'.

but not before being managed by the 'evil queen' of reality tv herself; kris 'kardashian' jenner.

I'm not insinuating that this

'poster child' for 'reality tv hell'/'publicty whore'

had anything to do with this particular groups demise.

but I'm willing to bet the bitch didn't help their chances

for success!!!


a friend of mine from vegas is thinking about selling her 2011 lotus elise...

*her 'ass-fuck-steriod-junkie' husband bought her this a

few years ago, and she's going to leave the 'wife-beater'. been thinking about buying it from her

for 'sentimental reasons'...


so after I told her it was me, she texted: we 'need' to talk.

and when we finally talked on the phone a few hours later,

it was like hearing the voice of an angel. seriously.

I know that sounds like 'bull-shit',

but it was so nice to hear her voice again.

I've missed this person so very much over the years.

I really can't explain it to you guys,

not that I ever would try.

or that you guys would wanna hear another story of

'what' coulda been.

anyway. it was just so awesome to hear her voice.

ok ok.... so, I shall stop fantasizing,

and get back to the realities that is now my life;


this pic was taken back 2 1/2yrs ago in Vegas

(Fall of 2011)

before I started growing my hair long.

*I actually look exactly the same,

except for the fact I am about 20-30pds slimmer.

because of not working-out & stress... 

"I've spent most of my life trying to

make other's happy.

Sometimes even making myself vulnerable during

a few embarrassing situations.

Even sacrificing my happiness at times.

But now as I've grown older

(and maybe a bit wiser),  


KissVidz facts/info...


is a singing group popularized on YouTube,

and signed to Universal Music's Island label.

Cimorelli is made up of six sisters,

Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani.

Their singing style is mostly using a cappella,

with occasional instruments.

They started posting covers of songs on YouTube,

before releasing original songs.

As of November 2014,

the group has released five Extended Plays.

In 2014,

their YouTube series, Summer with Cimorelli,

aired on the MTV network.

The Group has an international following,

and has played concerts throughout the United States,

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Philippines, and a few European locations...

remember the early days of MTV when music videos were fun

and enjoyable to watch?.

these girls remind me of those carefree days...